To create a platform that builds opportunities to realize dreams , 

 and an environment that builds our home around love.


Underneath the deep blue sea, Poseidon’s daughter, MAIONE was a greatly adored princess. When she was grown up, Poseidon presented two treasures to her: a crown and a magic mirror. MAIONE was so beautiful and charming after putting on the crown……


Q10 Mirikel is a vegetarian multifunctional fruit juice supplement. It is produced with all-natural plants. It combines stem cell of roses and grapes imported from Switzerland, CoQ10 and nearly 20 types of natural fruit extract ingredients.

Welcome to join Yi Jia International coaching style leadership system course.

Coaching technique is the successful secret of the uniqueness and success of Yi Jia International.


Core advantage of the training-individual growth oriented. It’s not just about cultivating professional skills and tactical experience, but more about focusing on elevating a person’s overall qualities.

To help others succeed by nurturing the spirit of entrepreneurship;
leaving a legacy of success for the next generation, always standing together with love.