Yi Jia International possesses a simple and effective operation system, excellent leadership, highly competitive business model and the utmost perfect educational and training system, creating the most promising career platform, assisting more people realising their dreams.


Corporate Advantage

Corporate Advantage

1. Great vision and mission

Vision: To create a platform that builds opportunities to realize dreams and an environment that builds our home around love.

Mission: To help others succeed by nurturing the spirit of entrepreneurship; leaving a legacy of success for the next generation, always standing together with love.

2. Strong capability and great reputation

3. Perfect servicing platform

Yi Jia Business’s “Triple of Three”

Three Happiness:

First happiness: Gather the talents of the world and interact with them

Second happiness: Living with a clear conscience

Third happiness: Enjoy family bliss together (Three kinds of health - physical, financial and mental)

Three Responsibilities: Responsibility towards employees, partners and society

Three Brands: Product Brand, Career Brand, Charity Brand


Business Model

Yi Jia mode:

To turn spending to earning through sharing our products with your friends. You won’t get any profit from your friends’ purchase at shopping malls. However, you can make money by sharing our products with your friends under the Yi Jia mode as our profit is shared globally. You can gain profits as long as your sharing generates spending.

Feature of the profit sharing mode:

• 24-hour income

• Automatic income

• Continuous income

• Global income

• Hereditary income


Legendary Leadership

Yi Jia International is led by an outstanding sales and marketing practician cum management guru Mr. Guo Bing Ting who leads a group of ambitious elites of the industry who share common beliefs and goals. Upholding the vision “to create a platform that builds opportunities to realise dreams” and the mission “to succeed and help others succeed by nurturing the spirit of entrepreneurship from one generation to the next, ensuring continuous success and wellbeing for all”, he intends to create the best platform for entrepreneurship, to help more people to realise their dreams.


The Utmost Perfect Educationaland Training System

From elementary level, intermediate level to advanced level, hierarchical training method enables individuals to achieve not only financial growth but also fruitful harvest in terms of spiritual wealth. The successful experience can be duplicated easily, effectively and fundamentally, leading its business partners down to the road of success.


Do good deeds in the name of love

It’s not difficult to do a good deed and keep doing it for a month or a year, but that’s not the case for maintaining the deeds throughout our life, which is in need of our spontaneous willingness. And that is how we promote our charity cause. My original intention to start the business is to do good turns and create a platform that help more people realize their dreams around love.

The group has donated over USD 10,000,000.