2016 Yi Jia New Year Party

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January was a season of happiness and peace in Shenzhen. The spring breeze was gentle, the flowers were blossoming radiantly and the atmosphere of spring season was getting more intense. For the family members of Yi Jia International, the Spring Festival's atmosphere was like the atmosphere of home; No matter where we were, with the lofty Yi Jia dream, Spring Festival's atmosphere was like the atmosphere of reunion. Yi Jia people from across the world brought their harvests home for reunion after the one-year hard work.

January 30, 2016 marked a special occasion for Yi Jia International as we celebrated the New Year Party, which was also our annual family day. On this day, we converged together to celebrate with songs and dances. We sowed the seeds in spring and summer and we harvested them in autumn and winter, whilst looking forward to the next year; on this day, we got reunion with passion, recounting the past and running after our dreams. It was the 12th passionate year; Yi Jia International set sail in 2016. In the new year, our Yi Jia people would inherit the past and usher in the future, and work towards Yi Jia ’s dream, namely my dream!


We have gone through the wonderful year 2015 and now we are embracing the passionate year 2016 with joy and happiness When the banquet began, a video of Yi Jia staff was shown and it had won a great round of applause. Next, Yi Jia International Founder and Board Chairman Mr. George Guo Bing Ting came onto the stage and delivered the New Year greetings. His words of wisdom have driven our momentum and motivation to strive forward:

Hello, distinguished guests, dear family members and colleagues!

I have a draft worked out in my mind, but I’m over excited and sentimental with the playback of Yi Jia ’s staff video. Therefore, instantly I have no idea how to deliver the draft. I saw many lovely faces in the video. Some colleagues have been working for the company for more than 10 years, while some have just joined the company. However, they are so cordial and I am moved. Though I have yet to know some of the colleagues in the video, I know that the success of Yi Jia International today depends on the joint efforts of all colleagues when I saw the names and the positions in the video. Thus, deep down in my heart, I’m moved and grateful. Thanks to you all. Thank you!

Particularly when I saw the title “It is the 12th passionate year; Yi Jia International sets sail in 2016”. 12 years has passed very fast. I was high-spirited and vigorous when I founded the company 12 years ago. I was so energetic that burning the midnight oil for 5 days was not a problem for me. However, I am getting old now and become less energetic because time and tide wait for no man. Of course, the other factor which is more important is that the future generation excels the previous one. All our colleagues, especially our old staff in Yi Jia are becoming more and more excellent. It dawns on me that I could unload the burden and life would be slightly easier for me.

The accretion of 12 years is not limited to cultural accretion, brand accretion and market expansion, more importantly, it is about our staff team. One of the three “responsibilities” of Yi Jia International is to be responsible to our staff. Thus, our staff could grow in 2 aspects in the company. One is the growth of income, and the other is the growth in ability. Throughout our developmental journey, the company has survived and continues to expand the business as well. It shows that I have fulfilled my promise. I mentioned in the meeting of Global Strategy Committee and Global Development Committee: though we are highly praised by the outside world, our positioning in 2015 is “excellence”. However, it is not enough and we have to be outstanding. Therefore, I set the positioning of 2016 as “from excellence to brilliance”. It depends on the joint efforts of all of you rather than me. It depends on your spirit of sharing weal and woe with the company and the responsible attitudes.

As the traditional Chinese Lunar New Year is approaching, I wish you and your family a wonderful and joyful Chinese New Year! Because of your families’ sincere support, all our Yi Jia colleagues could fully devote to work and achieve the good business performance. Please send my regards and gratitude to your families. Thank you!


A dance was performed by the colleagues of Yi Jia Human Resources and Administration Department and Training Department at the first beginning. Their vitality and harmonious dance steps have shown the vigor of spring and also the confidence of Yi Jia people. Next, the colleagues from other departments tried all means to present the performance. Wonderful performances were presented one after another. The family members were amazed at the number of talents in Yi Jia International! However, what touched the audience most was the dedication and hard work back stage. Besides being committed to the job duty, the colleagues also practiced hard to ensure the perfectness of performance. Their spirit showed the diligence of Yi Jia people and our enthusiasm in pursuing Yi Jia career.


That day, the brilliant performances and exciting prize presentations were performed alternatively. The complementarity left the family members with lots of feelings. All these years, 3 “responsibilities” run through the operation of Yi Jia International. “Be responsible to staff ” was fully shown in cultivating staffs with great efforts. Yi Jia International had gone through the excellent year of 2015. Great business performance was achieved in various countries because of the close cooperation among colleagues from different regions and their hard work and dedication. In order to thank and honor the family members for the contribution in the past year, the company was presenting many important honorary awards, including Excellent Employee Award, Excellent Management Award, Loyalty Service Award, Outstanding Contribution Award and Loyalty Contribution Award. The award winners were the best of the best among many hard-working workers. They showed the sense of ownership with real actions and proved that the gold would glitter wherever it was with actions. They were the role models for all our staff.


That day, the company had the pleasure to have Global Strategy Committee members to join the banquet. The family members enjoyed the luxury dinner with laughter and fun, while embracing the new spring. The good wine, delicacies and surprising lucky draw have pampered the family members so well and created a wonderful atmosphere that led to the climax of the day. As a world-renowned company, Yi Jia International had harvested great business performance and honor. However, the glories could not be compared with the joy of family reunion. The coziness, warmth and happiness shared among Yi Jia families were much appreciated.


Good time is always short-lived, but the happy memory is always so nice. The day of reunion is always so touching! It was the hard work of our staff that had contributed to the glory and great success of year 2015. We will be getting more passionate towards life and staying hopeful in year 2016. Dear family members, Let’s remember today and grasp tomorrow to realize Yi Jia ’s dream, namely my dream!