Thai Market Launch Meeting of Yi Jia International

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In the glorious 2015, we have got much honor; in the promising 2016, we are full of confidence! In a brand new year,Yi Jia International remains high-spirited and enthusiastic to achieve success. The first company’s launch event of the year has been held in Thailand, a country rich in natural resources and enjoys exceptional advantages in natural conditions, whereYi Jia people were driven to pay great effort for the career. The vitality ofYi Jia people will stay in the beautiful land of smiles.

On January 23, 2016, Thailand Market Launch Meeting was kicked off ceremoniously in The Emerald Hotel in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. This was an important day inYi Jia ’s overseas market because it marked the beginning of a new glorious legend ofYi Jia team in Bangkok, a city hailed as City of Buddhism”.


The bouquet was kicked off with <>, and graceful dance of Thai national characteristics, welcoming the business partners from across the globe. It was the night ofYi Jia in Bangkok, and it was the night of glory for MAIONE brand in Thailand. Right after the management team and VIP ofYi Jia International Group beat the drum of the launch ceremony, the new products of MAIONE, which is the flagship brand of the company slowly rose onto the magnificent stage. The applause and cheering on the scene resounded through the sky. It was unforgettable for us at that moment; we were full of mixed feelings at that moment. The inspiring scene of MAIONE brand filled every family members with passion and confidence.


The dreams started here and departed fromYi Jia ! After much hard work and perseverance, a batch of elites had won the incentive trip to Thailand. When the screen showed their dribs and drabs in the journey, they were full of emotions. Their efforts were paid off because they deserved the wonderful trip and the great memory. Next, the representatives of the fantastic journey came onto the stage one by one to share the unforgettable experience during the journey and the good harvestYi Jia career had brought to them. They owed their success to the company and looked forward to leading their team to constantly gain wealth and health in the future as well as sharing the unforgettable memory in the next journey.


They joinedYi Jia because of the trust; they started the fantastic journey because of the dreams.Yi Jia International Global Strategy Committee and Development Committee members came onto the stage and shared the tremendous changesYi Jia career had brought to them one after another. Their sincere speech had inspired every family member on the scene. Their belief of success and determination inspired every family member to strengthenYi Jia career and forge ahead in Thailand market withYi Jia dream.


Next,Yi Jia International Group Vice President, Mao Jian came onto the stage to host the Thailand Market Launch Ceremony with the company management team and senior distributors. They beat the auspicious drum 3 times hard and announced the launch of Thai market officially, wishing the market great success in the future! The resonant drumbeat resounded in the venue. The shouting of success lingered in the ears. The fierce passion was burning in the hearts. EveryYi Jia people believed firmly thatYi Jia International would have a promising future in Thailand.


Lastly,Yi Jia International Group Southeast Asia Regional Vice President, Mr. Quah Sin Eng delivered an exciting speech to the business partners: today we are launching our business in Thailand; it means that within 1 year we will have thousands of distributors in Thailand. In the past 3 months, the company has developed a series of market policies and plans for Thailand, which makes us firmly believe that the distributors ofYi Jia International will cover across 76 changwats. In the year to come, many elites will emerge in the Thai market, just like Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore in the past! The launch of Thai market means we have come to the new starting point. The audience at the moment will also be the heroes of tomorrow! I am grateful that this country has offered such a good environment forYi Jia International to succeed thousands ofYi Jia people with millions of income a year. The meeting to be held in same day next year will be attended by thousands of people and it will be very sensational in the market.


The Thailand Market Launch Meeting ended with the laughter ofYi Jia people. However, it was also a brand-new starting point forYi Jia partners. OurYi Jia people would inherit the mission to spread beauty and love in this beautiful land, implement the win-win developmental concept and promote the Thai market. Today, we make good preparation to have a good start; tomorrow, we will lead the team in Thailand to success.