Yi Jia International 2015 Global New Product Launch and Singapore 3rd Quarter Awards Presentation

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A brand tendered with love. A brand built with with integrity and wisdom. It is MAIONE, the soul of Yi Jia International and The company integrates corporate culture into brand image, whereby both are mutually reinforcing and they play the pride of all Yi Jia people around the world. Yi Jia International has always been promoting the love culture and spreading beauty and love. The company integrates corporate culture into brand image, whereby both are mutually reinforcing and they play an indispensable role in the anti-aging market, creating miracles one after another in the beauty career.

After going through innovation and research for the past five years, Yi Jia International had finally launched 3 new products; MAIONE Youth White Reveal Facial Cleanser, MAIONE Youth Moistening Protective Cream and MAIONE Youth Moistening Mask which have took the brand to new heights. In October, the company had hosted 3 rounds of grand new products launch in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Malaysia respectively, which were sensational. On October 31, 2015, last round of the new products launch was held in Singapore Marina Bay Conference Centre. More than 1000 partners in Singapore converged there to witness the great occasion.


At the very beginning of the product launch, Yi Jia International Founder and Board Chairman, Mr. George Guo Bing Ting delivered opening speech:

Today, we are converging here to witness the launch of our new products. At this moment, my heart is touched and filled with gratitude. First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to the people of all circles for the support and recognition; secondly, I would like to thank the pioneers of Singapore market because she came to our headquarter in China thrice to call on me and the senior management to exploit the overseas market and brought the information back to Singapore. Without her, we would not have come to Singapore so soon and our business in Singapore will not expand so fast. She shipped the products and exploited the business by herself without any support of the company. She is our Emerald Ambassador Cindy Xu, the member of Global Strategy Committee. Thank you, Cindy! At the same time, I want to thank the first batch of the pioneers in Singapore for the trust and support you have placed on the company. You guys helped us to achieve the success we have now. What is more, I would like to thank all the partners and clients in Singapore who have helped us to create miracles one after another with the support and trust. Words couldn’t express my gratefulness, but it will always stay in my heart and being recorded in the developmental history of Yi Jia International. More and more people will remember this group of partners, pioneers and heroes. My heartfelt thanks once again go to all partners and heroes in Singapore. Thank you!

Today we grandly launch our Youth Eternal Line products here. At the first beginning, we only had Youth original Essence. I refer it to Sole finger Skill, which is very simple, safe and effective. It could help us to exploit and expand the market very fast. It only took us over one year time to achieve the business performance which others may take up to ten years or even longer in Singapore. Not only did we achieve good business performance, but also we have won over the hearts of all people with our products and brand. Lots of heroes and role models have been developed throughout this process. We have come out on top in the industry, thus I’m proud of all partners in Singapore. And then we launched Youth Awakening Serum, thus forming a combination: Yes, victory, victory, victory! We have won victories one after another. But that was not enough. I was inspired by the way god creates humans. Each of us has 5 fingers in 1 hand, but the length of the fingers is not the same and each one is indispensable. Therefore, we position our Youth Eternal Line products as our 5 fingers. They have different strengths and form a perfect combination with invincibility; especially our mask, it is revolutionary among the products of the same kind. The reason is that we have made 3 breakthroughs as follows: firstly, it is made with all natural silk; secondly, it’s pure fresh product; thirdly, it’s a handmade mask, we believe that personal experience is very important. Thus when our 3 new products are launched, our 5 fingers are complete to form a strong fist. It is also the tool we provide to our partners to exploit the market and integrate the resources. It is going to be our invincible “thunderbolt palm”. When we take out our palm, it will become “thunderbolt palm”. It will be invincible when we take it out. It is only a matter of time for us to achieve No. 1 in Singapore because we are now equipped with these 5 invincible products and we have a lot of Singapore partners who are willing to cooperate and follow us. I firmly believe that Singapore is not only the first overseas market of Yi Jia International, as well as the country with the most leaders and senior distributors among the first batch of distributors. It is always the first of Yi Yia International and it will be NO. 1 in the world. NO. 1 belongs to Singapore and Singapore is born to be NO. 1.


Yi Jia International keeps abreast of trends in the development of new products to excel in the highly competitive market. It adopts the best raw materials and the most advanced production technology to achieve the best results because the company shoulders the responsibility to spread beauty and love. Now MAIONE Youth Eternal Line is the best promise from Yi Jia International to the clients; MAIONE is the best answer to the keep age as a secret.

Today, we are sharing the glory of Yi Jia International and celebrating the development of MAIONE. We still have a long way to go in the future. Let’s create more enormous miracles for our career of love with more enthusiasm and passion.