YJ International 2015 Global New Product Launch and Malaysia 3rd Quarter Awards Presentation

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On October 24, 2015, Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre in Kuala Lumpur was as magnificent and grand as usual. However, the jubilant atmosphere of YJ International has made a great difference. The assembly room was bright with shining lights and embellished with the boundless passion of YJ people. When it was 1:00 pm, the foyer of the conference center was bustling with people. Right, it was the 3rd round of the 2015 New Products Global Launch and Malaysia 3rd Quarter Awards Presentation after Hong Kong and Taiwan. More than 1000 partners across the country converged there to witness the charm of MAIONE brand in Malaysia and to share the glories of YJ career.


When the grand meeting started, YJ International Founder and Board Chairman Mr. George Guo Bing Ting delivered the opening speech to the audience as follows:

Good afternoon, distinguished guests, dear partners, colleagues, families! Today is a jubilant and unforgettable day. Today is the day to launch our new products of MAIONE Line in Malaysia. The new product launch is beneficial to all our partners as it is a powerful weapon to drive the market development. Apart from that, it has injected new vitality into the business we have started up. For me personally, I would like to describe my feelings with3 kinds of sentiments. Firstly, it is touching. Though our new products are launched today, however preconditions are required to launch new products, including earning the recognition of consumers and building reputation and trust in the market. Today, our career has built a very good foundation in Malaysia due to the hard work and dedication of the colleagues in Malaysia throughout the year. We have such a solid platform in the Malaysia market due to their contribution, thus I am quite moved. Today, a batch of Malaysia colleagues are present at the venue, thus I would like to thank all the Malaysia colleagues who serve for us with the applause from our partners. Thank you!

The second is “thankful”. I would like to thank all the partners who trust and follow us. Two years ago, when we came to Malaysia to conduct a survey, many people told us that fierce competition in the market has added difficulty to the industry in Malaysia. We had worries indeed. We considered how to start our business and how to invest in Malaysia. Luckily we had a batch of leaders in Malaysia who chose to trust and follow before any initiatives being taken by the company, especially Lucy / Lim Kup Fah, Chris Chee and other pioneers. The company made the decision because of your trust. Therefore, I would like to thank these pioneers and leaders with applause from all of you.

Lastly, it is “gratitude”. We could develop well in Malaysia due to the recognition and support given by the country and society. The government has also given us the opportunities by authorizing us the license.. Thanks to the trust and support from Malaysians, our career is expanding step by step in the country. I also owe a lot to many partners who come to exploit the market from others countries. Let’s give a big round of applause to the government, the people and also the partners of Malaysia. Thank you!

We decided to set up 5 service centers in Malaysia when we first came here. Several days ago (October, 21), our second service center, Southern Malaysia branch office was inaugurated. Next year, we are going to set up 3 other branch offices in North Malaysia, East Malaysia and East Coast. This shows our determination to take roots and sustain our business in Malaysia; it also indicates that we have the confidence to develop our career and make it to the top enterprise in the industry. In fulfillment of this aspiration, we are going to invest more manpower, material and financial resources in product development to better support and safeguard the market so that we could provide a better entrepreneur platform for our partners.

We are accountable to 3 responsibilities when producing a new product. We have to be responsible to the society and the country, to guarantee the quality and the safety of the products. Secondly, we have to be responsible to all partners. We have to guarantee that our products are effective and competitive. Thus, all of you could have a better entrepreneur platform to achieve your dreams. In addition, we have to be responsible to the clients. We shall ensure the cost effectiveness of the products, delivering products of high quality and high value to the consumers. Thus, we utilize the best raw materials, best technology and formulation to obtain the best effect.

Today, the emphases of these 5 products are different. Their combination resembles a mighty fist, which is known as the invincible “thunderbolt palm”. No words could adequately describe the depth of my pride when a big crowd anticipated the launch of our products after testing. My pride intensifies as these products form a perfect combination which brings joys to the customers by turning age as a secret and helping the partners to sustain their business by providing them a powerful weapon. Our mission “to help others succeed by nurturing the spirit of entrepreneurship; leaving a legacy of success for the next generation” will be fulfilled when all our partners create miracles one after another with our 5 products, succeeding oneself and other people at the same time. Next, we could lead all partners to further promote the career of love, spreading beauty and love, helping more and more people to realize their dreams, creating a platform that builds opportunities to realize dreams and an environment that builds our home around love. Today we have taken our first step towards success. There will be second step and third step coming up next. We will stride towards the right direction and achieve success in the end despite the distance. We will surely lead more people to realize their dreams, lead to a more promising future and create miracles one after another!


Coming up next, Chairman Guo came onto the stage and hosted the new product launch ceremony with the company of the senior management and guests. He unveiled the MAIONE Eternal Youth Line and officially announced the launch of MAIONE Youth White Reveal Facial Cleanser, MAIONE Youth Moistening Protective Cream and MAIONE Youth Moistening Mask. At that very moment, all family members were very excited because it is comprised of the painstaking effort all YJ members and MAIONE brand is known as he lifeblood of the company. The launch of these new products not only equipped our partners with new weapons but also enabled the company to stand out from the competition among all the global brands.


The dazzling miracles created by the company stemmed from the strength of the company and more importantly the hard work of the partners. When the senior management of the company presented the awards to the elites, the focus was on the first diamond distributor in Malaysia, Lucy / Lim Kup Fah. The trust and persistence not only bring them monetary rewards, applause and honor, but more importantly they have helped many people to change their lives and realize the dreams on YJ platform.

YJ International is the home for people with dreams. “We are united as a family to drive for everyone’s growth and contribute to the nation” is the best interpretation for us. Let’s keep our dream in sync with the family’s goal, together we spread beauty and love, and share the glories