Yi Jia International 3 Years Plan and Strive towards Leading Enterprise-----Malaysia Senior Distributors Congress

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On October 23, 2015, Malaysia Senior Distributors Congress was held in Kuala Lumpur with great success. About 40 senior distributors from across Malaysia converged there with passion and excitement, which made Yi Jia International Malaysia full of power of dreams. Yi Jia International Founder and Board Chairman Mr. George Guo Bing Ting gave the lesson there in person, elaborating on the company’s plan and strategy. It was of great significance for Malaysia market.

Yi Jia International started its business in Malaysia from scratch. It developed very fast in just more than 1 year and became a much-told story in the industry. On October 21, Yi Jia International South Malaysia Branch Office was inaugurated officially. It not only provided better support and service for partners, but also it strode with mighty steps for the strategy of Malaysia 5 main“war zones”.Next year, Yi Jia International would complete the establishment of North Malaysia, East Malaysia and East Coast Branch Offices.executing its comprehensive strategy in Malaysia market, leading all partners to start our 3 No.1.

Accompanied by the warm applause, Chairman Guo delivered his keynote speech:

We divide Malaysia into 5 “war zones”. And now we have set up South Malaysia Branch Office, and we will set up North Malaysia, East Malaysia and East Coast Branch Offices next year. Why should our company do that? Firstly, we want to sustain our business in Malaysia. It is the best way to fulfill our missions. A company with social responsibilities should shoulder the responsibilities for the society, the distributors and staff. These are3 responsibilities I often mentioned. How do you fulfill your responsibility?In my concept, it doesn’t mean the company determined not to shut down within half year or two years;our belief is to develop healthy and sustainable business. What is more, the business should be hereditary and can be inherited by the future generations. Our belief system is not the same as others’, thus our actions will be different; our actions lead us towards developing a long lasting enterprise.his is not only a long lasting business for the company, but also a long lasting business for every one of you because it is a hereditary career.

Malaysia market ranks 6th in the global direct selling industry and its performance surpassed Taiwan last year.Its sales performance is twice that of Taiwan’s. The total population of Malaysia is nearly 30 million, among which 5 million people work in direct selling industry. The proportion of distributors is the highest in the world. 1 in 6 Malaysians work in the direct selling industry. It indicates that Malaysia is a fertile land, thus our focus is to sow the seed, take care of it, apply fertilizer and harvest it. In addition, it is a very mature market because the consumption per capita in this industry is higher than that of Singapore by USD 5. That is to say, the consumption per capita in the industry is USD1000. Therefore, the turnover of this industry in Malaysia is USD 5 billion. Firstly, Malaysia is a fertile land and its market capacity is very huge. Secondly,hen expanding our business from Malaysia, it has huge room for exploitation in both the southern and northern countries.he Indonesian market is in the developing stage while Malaysia has reached a mature stage, thus it has a broad hinterland at the south.When going north, it also has broad hinterland in Thailand, Burma and Laos etc. Therefore, its geographical position is very important. The reason to set up the headquarters of Southeast Asia in Malaysia is that its business share plays a decisive role in Southeast Asia., ranking first among all. Among the 10 ASEAN members,Malaysia market share ranks the first place in direct selling industry. It ranks the 6th in the whole world. Thus, we could see its great potential and huge room for development.for development.

There are more than 800 licensed companies in this industry in Malaysia. Let’s look at the top 10 companies, the weakest achieved sales of about USD40 million a year and the strongest achieved sales of USD 200 million a year. From this statistics we can know that, firstly 5 million; secondly he sales performance of the top ten companies reflected an issue that they recruited most of the new people (engaged in direct selling industry for the first time), while the old people (engaged in direct sales before) will no longer join in. Though population in Malaysia is limited, it gained great sales performance.Thus, we can conclude that the business performance is mainly from repetitive consumption of the clients retained by the old people and members. Yi Jia International has more than 10 thousand members in Malaysia, and we are faced with the market of 5 million old people. We could integrate them because we have the strength.We have advantages here and the company’s strength is not worse than that of the top 10. We have great advantages in products, models (training models, business models and our bonus systems) in Malaysia. Our comprehensive competitive ability is excellent, because our investment in Malaysia is at the top of list.

Our breadth of mind is not the same as others. We invested MYR 50 million in Malaysia when we came here years ago. It was the precedent in this industry in Malaysia, because no other companies had done that before. It was very convincing. It indicated, firstly the strength of the company; secondly, the company’s decision to manage business sustainably and take roots in Malaysia. Some companies have the strength, but they do not have the decision and confidence; some companies have the determination and confidence, but they do not have the strength. However, we have both confidence and determination. Thus, generally speaking we have great advantages. Lots of old people are waiting for the integration and the market of about 10 million new people are waiting for us to exploit. We have advantages on both the old people and new people because we could meet 2 demands of the new people. First demand is simplicity, people with no experience can master it in a very short time; second demand is: fast speed, fast development and earn money fast. Only in this way can we retain the people. People could hardly endure for the slow progress. We have lots of successful examples and role models in Malaysia and our company is full of credibility. We never make fake data, never lie and are always truthful to others. This has given us a great advantage in old people market.

Today, we are going to stretch out the leg of retail. We stood on single leg in the past, thus 99% of our sales came from sponsorship. We will put ourselves in trouble if we do not stretch another leg. Even if we enter top 10, we will not be able to keep it because we are weak in retail. Our repetitive consumption is low and accounted for very low proportion in total sales. This will affect the stability of our team. We know that the retail bonus is mainly for 7 kinds of people. They are Crystal, Pearl, Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald, Diamond and distributors. We give 20% to the distributors directly with the aim to retain them.5% each is given to the other 6 ranks. Three of the middle level groups, including Crystal, Pearl and Sapphire play an important role. The 5% is of vital importance, which could guarantee their stable income. We are talking about the power of channel and the career that could be passed to the future generations. What good is it if the channel passed to your kids is leaking? If the business you hand to them is not good, what good is it even if they inherit it; thus we have to give them the business network with great performance. Part of this business performance is from internal circulation. Therefore we have to work harder on this part. We are going to put forward the plans to cultivate the loyal clients in Malaysia. The criteria for loyal client is to consume MYR 600 monthly. Today, when the internal is formed and the retail comes into being,everyone including more clients will be consuming, thus you will gain a stable network. It is impossible for your Crystal, Pearl, and Sapphire to be passive, give up and transfer the membership to others. Income plays a very important role in making the team positive.Rewards determines mentality. He will be positive all the time when you help him to gain the income quickly.

Our state of development today is like a ball pushed by a person. He will not be able to endure for too long. He should quickly push the ball to a higher step and followed by the next. It is the same with our system. The first three levels should be passed quickly.The first is new members activation. We shall immediately activate the new members within 24 hours. If this part is not dealt with swiftly, all the following processes will slow down. The second level is Crystal and the third level is Pearl. When 3 levels are passed, they will become the Sapphire and will not be passive.After passing the three levels, good habits have basically been formed.Above are the more superior leaders who call on him and below are the people he should be responsible for.He has no way to retreat.He has to fight in order to realize his own value and missions. In addition, till then his base has got larger.It is a matter of time to be promoted to Ruby from Sapphire. Thus activating the new people is the most basic step. The first level is in the most important. When it is passed, it is very easy to pass the second and third levels. Therefore, the most important thing is to strengthen the activation of new members.

The BOM (business opportunity meeting) must be finished within 1 hour. People need not have eloquence, and they are only expected to share their successful experience.Next, you shall follow up and then immediately activate on the spot.The business we are engaged in has several characteristics. Firstly, people do not need to be eloquent; secondly, people do not need to be shrewd; thirdly, people do not need to have capital; fourthly, people do not need to have experience. The sticking point of our team is to activate the new people. There is a lot of room for improvement of the pre-conference meeting, and so are the conclusion of our post-conference meeting If the process runs smoothly during the meeting, then we could quickly activate the sponsorship. We have to move fast, because there is still a big gap between us and the top 10 companies in the industry.

Our plan in Malaysia is to enter top 10 in 2016. It means that we have to make MYR 160 million; our plan in 2017 is to become one of the top 5 in the industry. It means that we have to make over MYR 300 million in a year. By 2018 we have the take the lead and become the champion in the industry. That is No. 1. The only thing Yi Jia International could do is to create miracles! The value of No 1does not solely mean for the position achieved,but also the number of people we help to achieve the success. We are not only aiming for No.1 in business performance and bonus achievement, but more importantly the number of people we help to succeed is No. 1 and our concept and love spirit is No. 1. Only in this way can we become the leader of the industry in Malaysia. We have set up South Malaysia Branch Office this year and the business performance is rather good, and we are going to set up branch offices in North Malaysia, East Malaysia and East coast next year.In this way, we will have 5 bases in Malaysia to fight for better business! By year 2016, we will become one of the top 10 in the industry in Malaysia; by year 2017, we will become one of the top 5; by year 2018, we will become No. 1. The only thing Yi Jia International can do is to create miracles.