Opening Ceremony of Yi Jia International Southern Malaysia Branch Office

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October is a harvest season filled with happiness for Yi Jia International. On October 21, 2015, Yi Jia International officially celebrated the opening of its Southern Malaysia branch office. Looking back the past year, Yi Jia International started its overseas journey first in Malaysia. The opening ceremony not only symbolized that we have taken root in this fertile land, but also indicated Yi Jia International’s determination to sustain its business in Malaysia.

In that morning,Southern Malaysia branch office was stunning with all the colorful banners and flower baskets, the atmosphere was filled with joy and excitement. More than 100 partners from across the country converged in Southern Malaysia Branch Office to witness the wonderful event. At the beginning of the event, Yi Jia International Founder and Board Chairman Mr. George Guo Bing Ting dotted the eyes of the dancing lion, added radiance and vigor to the dancing lion which symbolizes good luck. Accompanied by the drum cadence, the exciting lion dance which reflected the new glory of Yi Jia International and a new milestone of Southern Malaysia branch office was being performed and it has led the event to the climax.

Chairman Guo delivered a speech with great passion amidst the gazes of all Yi Jia people:

Good morning, dear Yi Jia partners and families! Today is a day that all Yi Jia people should remember, because it is a festive day which makes us excited. More than one year ago, our Malaysia Branch Office started its business in central Malaysia. At that time we had made a comprehensive deployment. We planned to set up 5 “war zones” in Malaysia. They were central Malaysia, South Malaysia, North Malaysia, East Malaysia and East Coast.

Today is the day for us to host the opening ceremony of our second “war zone”, Southern Malaysia Branch Office! Its opening shows a greater development of our business in Malaysia and indicates that we could provide a better entrepreneur platform with greater service and support for our partners in Malaysia, especially those in southern region. The new opening also signifies the determination of the company to sustain our business in Malaysia, and the confidence of Yi Jia International to become the top and leading enterprise in Malaysia.

The opening ceremony of our Southern Malaysia Branch Office indicates that Yi Jia International is going to launch its business in Malaysia comprehensively. It also means that Yi Jia International is going to create more glories in Malaysia; I believe that we will create miracles one after another in Malaysia with the joint efforts of all partners and colleagues.

Amidst the deafening and passionate cheers, Chairman Guo cut the ribbons with the senior management. At 11:18 am, Chairman Guo opened the door of Southern Malaysia Branch Office officially and unveiled the plague of the new branch office. Here came a new journey and a new chapter of Yi Jia International in Malaysia.

Yi Jia International is located in Wisma SP Setia, Bukit Indah, Johor Bahru. The office covers over 2000 square feet of space, comprising staff offices, reception room, conference room and training room. Setup of the Southern Malaysia branch office plays an important part in the development of Malaysia market. It not only improves our career platform, but also helps us to better serve our clients and support our partners. Yi Jia International is full of confidence and strength for the market prospect in Malaysia; Yi Jia people are full of good morale and passion for the development of Yi Jia career. We firmly believe that Yi Jia International career will be more glorious in Malaysia.