Yi Jia International United Strength to Achieve Singapore No.1—Singapore Senior Distributors Congress

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Yi Jia International Southern Malaysia Branch Office was inaugurated ceremoniously in Johor Bahru on October 21, 2015. Not only did it symbolize the expansion of the Malaysia team, but also it was of great significance to the Singaporean market. Johor Bahru is connected to Singapore via a bridge, its ideal geographic location makes it a hinterland for this developed country. Through this, our Yi Jia career would reach the whole Southeast Asia. On this significant day, more than 50 Singapore senior distributors converged in Southern Malaysia Branch Office in high spirits to listen to the lecture delivered by Chairman Guo. The lecture was focused on the marketing strategy in Singapore which prepared the Singapore team to launch their fight in the entire Southeast Asia.

Over a year ago, Yi Jia International started its business in Singapore from scratch. However, the superior fighting skills of the partners in Singapore gave play to the greatest potential with full support of the company. In a very short time, Yi Jia International had risen to top 5 in Singapore! Now we are sparing no effort to fight for No.1, the greatest honor.

Amidst the passionate cheering and applause, Yi Jia International Founder and Board Chairman Mr. George Guo Bing Ting turned up and delivered an important keynote speech and marketing strategy in Singapore.

I have been keeping an eye on the partners in Singapore because you are very important to me. You are important in my heart and Yi Jia career. You all will be Crown Ambassadors. It is only a matter of time. Maybe it is 1 year, 2 years or 3 years. If you have found the right directions, you will not worry the long distance of the journey. It depends on your attitudes. Firstly, you should dare to think and you should trust it; only you trust it can you see it and only you trust it can you achieve it.

There is another meaning for you all to come from Singapore. Why do we set up our first branch office in South Malaysia? Because its geographical position is very important and it could become the hinterland of “Singapore battlefield”. After all Singapore is an island country with insufficient depth.However, if it is connected via Johor Bahru, its depth could be extended. It is very important strategically. Meanwhile, it is an overall arrangement of the company in Southeast Asia.

As a leader, we have been solving problems all the time. Because we have to interact with people every day, we often have to sort out all kinds of relationship, with company, the surrounding environment, humans, objects etc. The most important factors are mentality and belief when we are involved with all these relationship. It is not the obstacles that knock us down but the self-restraint that we have in our belief. Thus, we go no further in front of it. In the end it will become an unsolvable problem and a barrier that cannot be crossed forever in our hearts. Thinking out ways and surviving is better than sitting still.Everything is possible. And these possibilities are from the beliefs. Therefore, I often say that knowing the reason of doing something is more important than the way to do it.

Why we do it is an issue of beliefs because beliefs are the source of impetus.he water is clear and flowing because it has a source.We can see two kinds of trees. One is the towering tree outside, while the other is the bonsai in the room. No matter how you fertilize the bonsai, it will never grow big because of its shallow root system and belief systems. Though the environment of the towering tree outside is not as good as indoors, it will not be destroyed be it rain, storm or drought. Because the towering tree has deep roots, they could grow big and deep. The upper part is called actions and achievements; the lower part is called belief. The belief of humans is like the roots of trees and the source of rivers. There are many ways to handle the remaining parts.It doesn’t matter though you are yet to achieve Crown Ambassador today. What is important is that you will become Crown Ambassadors in the future. The beliefs and actions lead to the results today. Whether we could become the Crown Ambassadors depends on our confidence.Our behaviors stem from this belief will ultimately lead us to become a Crown ambassadors, perhaps in one year, two years or three years.

Zhu Xi once said,Water in the ditch is clear due to fresh water from the source keeps flowing in. Zhu Xi is a top teacher and trainer. In training skills, there is a skill called ability to distinguish. Hence, The Great Learning, The Doctrine of the Mean both mentioned that “to study the nature of things and generalize the rational knowledge.” You should study the nature of things first, so that you could get to know the rational knowledge. Self-cultivation, family harmony, country management and world peace will only be performed after it. It is also a criterion, a step, a model for self-cultivation. This is the first thing I would like to share with all of you. Only with the hope will we have the future, and only with the trust can we have the possibilities.

From little things, we can look back our belief systems. So it is the case when we lead the teams. The team is the best mirror for us. Our downline and team is the mirror that best reflects our attitude.Many people often grumble and criticize others when problems arise, instead we should look back at ourselves, learn our responsibilities, review our attitude and behavior. As a leader you should always remember this “you will have the overall picture once you stand higher”. Don’t be blocked by the obstacles in front and don’t be hindered by the difficulties, success and failure. There is no unprovoked love and hate in this world. Therefore, we have to judge ourselves with our hearts. Do not keep on criticizing, complaining or passing the buck. If we do not change and keep on doing this, firstly we will never make any progress; secondly, we will never get the real recognition and respect from others; thirdly, we will not strengthen our career. If we want to develop our career, we have to win the hearts of people. Thus we will develop our career sustainably and make it stronger.

In the layer of belief, when our team meets difficulties: firstly, we should know our responsibility; secondly, as a leader, you should have the magnanimity to stand higher and look at the overall situation even at the cost of losing some people. When I exist, the whole team will exist. The team and we coexist together! We are certain to stage a comeback as long as we do not lose heart. The biggest tragedy in life is losing heart. When our team members leave us, we should face this with common mind. We should neither be happy nor discouraged because it is very common for people to come and leave from the laws of nature. People are with grief at separation and joy in union, and the moon waxes and wanes. It is good for people to move. Thirdly, we have to see what kinds of people are leaving us. If those are mentally unstable, opportunistic and unmoral person, we will have teaching material by negative example. From the point of competition, we should not slander others no matter how they attack us. Because firstly, it is the fundamental ethical principle; secondly, it is also the demeanor of a winner.

Next we are going to talk about our business plans in Singapore. The population of Singapore is 5,300,000. The number of people working in direct selling industry is 410, 000. Its turnover is USD400, 000,000 and the output value per capital is about USD1000. That is to say, every 1 in 12 to 13 Singaporeans works in the direct selling industry. Some work full time, some take it as part time jobs and some probably just register and purchase the products. We call them old people. 410, 000 is a very big number, and it proves that direct selling is not rejected in Singapore and the consumers recognize the products in the industry. Nowadays we have 10,000 members or so, so there exists a very big development space. However, our business performance is Singapore is very good, we have entered top 5 in the industry in Singapore.We could only enter top 5 in Malaysia and Taiwan two years later. Our business performance in Singapore is the first to rise to top 5 among all the branch offices, and the gap between it and No. 1 is not big. We started our business in Singapore from scratch and its velocity of development is not bad. We have achieved it in 17 months while others take 17 years.

From the point of the entire team, we depend on solitary heroes and have not formed the team tactics. Thus, some disturbance from harmful competition makes all depressed and nervous; it seems the doomsday has come when you do not comprehend some issues of the company. It means that there are some problems in the training of the team. The reasons why you think it that way are mainly from 2 aspects: firstly, it is our belief. You do not have enough confidence in the company, the team and future. It means we should stress more on our training system; secondly, it is about methods. It means that we do not communicate well within the whole team. The internal friction is too much, such as mutual suspicions, complains accusation and old grudges etc. In Singapore, our solitary fighting skills are very strong. That’s the reason why we could achieve such excellent performance. We have surpassed our companies that are engaged in this industry for more than 10 years, 20 years and 30years and rise to top 5. It is so amazing. However, when we celebrate it we should be alert. We should introspect and notice that there are lots of things that need improvement. For example, we should improve our training and management system.The real education and training are not limited to the lecture delivered in the classroom, but they should be practiced in your routine work and team management.

Singapore is an island country with limited hinterland. If we only rely on sponsoring, we will be stuck in it. Standing with one leg consumes more energy than walking with two legs. In the end, the consumption of the team will get larger and larger while the production with get lesser and lesser. So now it is the right time to stretch out another leg, retail.Sponsoring and retail are of equal importance. Singapore is a market with great consumption. Its output per capita is 5 time that of Thailand and 10 times of Indonesia. Because the whole country is very developed in economy, its consumption power is relevantly strong. That is to say, retail is very promising because of excellent consumption market. If we can do the job well, we will make a difference in Singapore. In addition, our business performance will keep rising and we will create a bigger miracle. We will not only be No. 1 in the industry but will always stay as No. 1 in the industry. We reach top 5 with only “single leg practice”. Who can be our rivals if we stretch out another leg? We will achieve great success and stand out among all the rivals. Singapore is our first launched overseas market. It is the first to launch and also the first to win No.1 among the global markets.

We want to win the real champion in Singapore.We do not only win the first place but also to maintain the first place in future.If we want to maintain the position, we should rely on retail. Because the population of Singapore is limited and it is very difficult to achieve the goal if we sorely rely on sponsoring. Thus, we will have to walk with 2 legs in Singapore from next year onwards,stretch out the other leg, namely “retail”. In the industry of direct selling, sponsorship and retail are of equal importance. We should promote our advantage. Our sponsorship capacity in Singapore is superb and our individual fighting capacity is far better. We will have more room in sponsorship because we have the cake of 400,000 people. If we could integrate 5 %( 20,000) of 400,000 old people, we will be No.1 next year.We have sufficient market base in Singapore, more importantly our products have won the hearts of Singaporeans and we have a batch of role models in Singapore.

We have many members of high income in Singapore,which have surpassed other companies. The other companies focus on the long term goal, and it require you to make preparations for the protracted war.Their strategies complement with their goal which is impossible to help you gain quick success. However, success is measured by speed and time.The faster you succeed, the more attractive it is.Role models with infinite power play an important role in this industry. In addition, our entire business model is very simple, simplicity ensures fast progress.The habits of humans can be changed in simple situation,The truth behind simplicity is to meet his demand and benefit him.

There is a law in this industry called the stronger get stronger while the weaker get weaker. Because firstly,large base figure; secondly, there are many role models and many examples to be shared. For excellent people: I believe, I see and I get. For most people who have yet to undergo our formal training or achieve any accomplishments on our platform, they start with “I believe”, followed by “I join” and finally “I get what I believed”. For new people, they will only believe it after they have seen it; it is also the same case for old people. Today we are in Singapore. We have to unite the old and young people together, and we have very good role models to prove it. All of you should know why there is retail plan.Our sales performance comes from external circulation. Sponsoring is external circulation, sales are generated when new members join in. There is another kind of circulation, namely internal circulation.This is the law of the industry, the excellent companies are always supported by internal circulation which resembles an active network comprising consumers who constantly purchase.In our retail plan, the most important policy is to divide the income into 9 levels. The most important level is the consumers. We place 20% income there because we are going to earn the money together. It could help you lock the consumers.

In sponsorship plan, I have always resolutely opposed you all to run multiple membership.. Firstly, it is not duplicable; secondly, there is no case of success. Humans are of kindness and evilness. If you open the door to hell for him, he will walk towards it. sometimes, the attraction of Satan is more powerful. It will make people busy with his community selfishly. Thirdly, the system itself is of mutual benefit, our sponsorship plan is about speed.We adopt the advantages of two-way system because speedy activation leads to more successful examples and the members make more money.In simple words, attractiveness promotes faster progress and fosters active engagement.The rewards decide the mentality. People tend to become passive when they do have the income.A person with sustainable high income could neither be passive nor give up his career. If you initiate a fast activation, the whole team will be positive and active. Then more and more people will get the income. Thus it should be speedy in sponsorship, and we should help each other and achieve a win-win goal.

South Malaysia is a strategically important area, and it has the potential to become the broad hinterland of Singapore. Thus, our partners in Singapore could develop the business in South Malaysia in addition to Singapore. There are 5 million people who work in this industry in Malaysia and it is the sixth direct selling market in the world with more than $5 billion. Therefore,it is a fertile land with huge potential. When we are developing our business here in Singapore, we can extend it towards Malaysia because of the broad hinterland. When we connect Singapore with Malaysia, we could reach Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Burma and Cambodia. And next is the biggest global market. You could also go south and reach Indonesia, a nation with 250 million population and 10 million direct sales practitioners.Thus, the geographical position of Singapore is very excellent. I sincerely hope that Singapore market will be our No.1 next year, not only No.1 in business performance but also No.1 in Singapore. It is epoch-making and what I have been dreaming of.

The next plan of our company is to cultivate the loyal customers. What are loyal customers? We have a criterion here, and it refers to the people who consume SGD600 monthly.We will be cultivating 20,000 loyal customers through our efforts within one year. Our strategies in Singapore are replacement and integration. We should change the brand, replace it with MAIONE and perfect our service. The big strategy in 2016 for us is to cultivate loyal customers. We need a group of loyal customers in order to achieve No.1 in Singapore.Not only do we fight for No. 1, but also to sustain the position, otherwise we will be considered as a flash in the pan.This is definitely not a feature of Yi Jia International. Our tradition is creating miracles, constantly creating miracles. The only thing we can do and would do is to create miracles.

We will gain more revenue within shorter term if we execute the sponsorship plan by duplicating with single membership.If we stretch out another leg—retail and manage the team well, we are able to stand firm. In this way, we can walk, run and jump, and we are going to create miracles all the time. And the miracles we are going to create is getting better and better. In the end,none of our team will become the martyrs, but instead we will become the legendary figure, the respected seniors and the “big men” in Singapore. Our ancestors will say the only thing they could do is to create miracles. Yi Jia International creates miracles and Singapore creates the miracles of NO.1!