Yi Jia International Fantastic Journey to Thailand

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Yi Jia International fantastic journey set sail once again! From January 19 to January 24, 2016, Thailand which is renowned for its tropical ambience and unique traditional culture welcomed Yi Jia elites from across the world with open arms. A fantastic journey began in the city of charm, Bangkok.


No pays, no gains. In order to thank and encourage the partners who worked painstakingly, the company had arranged the fantastic journey and courteous reception for Yi Jia people. On that day, a privileged passage was offered at the Bangkok airport for the partners from different countries, and the tour buses were escorted by the local policemen who cleared the way for the tour group, which manifested the honor and respectable standing of Yi Jia International. In addition, the company arranged the concierge-like luggage hosting service for family members, so that they could enjoy the coziness of the trip.


It was a relaxing and tranquil cultural trip as well as an exciting beach vacation. The tradition with long history left the beautiful country with indelible color and increasingly filled the ancient land with interesting mystery. The Grand Palace was the best maintained and largest palace in Thailand which was rich with the ethnic uniqueness. The Temple of the Emerald Buddha showed the art treasure of the architecture, sculpture and the painting featuring Buddhism in Thailand. Its representative works were gilded pagoda, roof tile painted with green and mosaic pillars. Walking in the antique buildings, one would greatly admire the wonderfulness of its uncanny workmanship and feel the pious beliefs for Buddhism in Thailand.


What Yi Jia family members appreciated most was the perfect combination of tradition and modernity in this land. The Thai revered the past, worshipped Buddhism and kingship. However, the life beyond the Buddhist temple and palace hall was carefree and passionate. The family members sincerely felt the passion of Pattaya which was known as “Oriental Hawaii”. The waterside landscape scenery of artificial lake in the Nongnooch Tropical Garden was breathtaking. The rivers flowed around the pavilions and the trees were luxuriously green. The birds twittered and flowers gave forth fragrance. It was picturesque. There was a cultural village inside the garden, featuring the ethnic culture of Thailand. The wonderful elephant performance won the admiration of all.


KOH SAK was a scenic spot in Pattaya that could not be missed. The crescent-like beach, the blue sea water, the white and soft grains of sand, the bright sunshine and the blue sky made the picture. Some family members enjoyed the quiet and carefree vacation in the island, while others could not wait to experience all kinds of exhilarating water activities. The colorful KOH SAK was an escape from the worries and work temporarily for the tourists and people were intoxicated with the sceneries of the island.


What was more, the family members had the chance the try the Thai cuisine and enjoy “Tiffany Show” and amazing traditional massage in Thailand. This fantastic journey had enriched the experience and broadened the horizon of Yi Jia family members. All had an amazing memory.


The unique and indelible romantic memory would be remembered by every Yi Jia family member. It would inspire the family members to forge ahead continuously. We are looking forward to the next fantastic journey of Yi Jia dreams.