Yi Jia International Grand Maritime Carnival - Finals of 2017 Universal Queen

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Organized by the Universal Queen Club and sponsored by Yi Jia International Group, the finals of 2017 Universal Queen was held at the Coral Theatre of the Royal Caribbean International - Voyager of the Seas on the evening of July 31, 2017. Yi Jia International Group Founder & Board Chairman Mr. George Guo Bingting and his wife Ms. Amy Xie, as well as the Group executives and partners attended the event.


The Universal Queen is in line with the corporate culture of Yi Jia International to spread beauty and love. The long-awaited beauty event was unveiled as Yi Jia International Group CEO Ms. Jiang Bo gave a passionate speech. As the melodious music sounded, 20 pageants from across the world began to step on the stage to show their charm in unique folk costume and cheongsam. Their confidence and elegance displayed on the stage were well received by the audience. In addition to champion and runners-up, many awards such as “Best National Glamour Award”, “Best Friendship Award”, “Glamour Award”, “Best Smile Award”, and “Glamour of the East Award” were set up to fully explore the strengths of the pageants. Each laurel was well deserved by the winners through just selection by the review panelist and audience.

The beauty feast rounded off. Each pageant on the stage is charming and graceful for us despite their rankings, because they are not trapped by daily trivia, but trying hard to spread beauty and love to the world. As female representatives in the new era, the universal queens are glamorous for their perseverance in pursuing self-improvement.