Yi Jia International Grand Maritime Carnival - Crown & Double Crown Award Ceremony

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On August 1, 2017, Yi Jia International Crown & Double Crown Award Ceremony was held at the Coral Theatre of the Royal Caribbean International - Voyager of the Seas. Today is an important moment for Yi Jia International and the outstanding leaders to be awarded. Yi Jia International Group Founder & Board Chairman Mr. George Guo Bingting and his wife Ms. Amy Xie, as well as the Group senior executives attended the ceremony.

The Award Ceremony was unveiled as the new passionate MAIONE dance began. The applause and cheers rocked the Theatre as the Crown and Double Crown Ambassadors walked into the theatre. Chairman Guo and Ms. Amy Xie, as well as Yi Jia International Group CEO Ms. Jiang Bo awarded the trophy and medal to the six households of Double Crown Ambassador winners, namely, Angel, Qiu Huaiyi, Sun Jiajing & Lin Jiahua, Xu Xiaoping, Ma Yafang and Bai Xuelin, and Crown Ambassador winner Lawrence, who won the Crown Ambassador in two months after the Heroes Award Ceremony at Kaohsiung Arena.


Over the years, the leaders have been integrating their personal dreams into the mission of the company, sharing the weal and woe together with the company while striving to approach their dreams. Behind the glittering medal and glorious honor are their great responsibilities and devotion. Meanwhile, they care for the team and growth of each team member while they are trying hard to realize their dreams. All these have made what they are today.


At last, Chairman Guo delivered a speech:

The cruise trip, especially the Signing Ceremony and Crown & Double Crown Award Ceremony today, are the best demonstration of the three “Threes” of our cause. The first “Three” is our pursuit of happiness in life: be a man of integrity, gather talents and make them play their best, enjoy family reunion. This time we chose to rent the cruise ship during summer vacation, when the fare is the highest, in order to allow partners to take their family members to enjoy the trip together.

The second “Three” is our responsibilities to our employees, business partners, and local countries and the society.

The third “Three” is our business operation. The first one is “product operation”. We build channels and expand markets via our in-house MAIONE Collection and Q10 products, from which allowing our partners to benefit. The second one is “project operation”, namely, to integrate more products via our YJW platform to better support our partners in market expansion, and ensure a sustainable and growing income for them. We are committed to creating a valuable cause that can be passed on to the next generation. The third one is “capital operation”, through which we are going to lead our partners to build a bigger empire, create a better future and let them share the fruits of victory together. Dear partners, let’s join our hands to create a brighter future.


The ceremony has rounded off, and we are deeply impressed by the excellent leaders for their great achievements and their personal charm. They are the heroes and role model of all Yi Jia fellows. We are expecting them to lead the team to make greater achievements in the future!