Yi Jia International Grand Maritime Carnival - Heroes Banquet

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On August 1, 2017, the Yi Jia International Heroes Banquet was held to reward partners for their continuing support and dedication to the company. Yi Jia International Founder & Board Chairman Mr. George Guo Bingting and his wife Ms. Amy Xie attended the event. All Yi Jia fellows gathered together to share the joy of success and draw the blueprint for the future.


For the 13 years, Yi Jia fellows across the world have joined hands to overcome numerous difficulties and set new highs one after another. They have kept in mind mission of the company and their own dreams, striving to climb the peak of the honor hall with perseverance.


Chairman Guo gave a speech at the exciting moment, expressing his gratitude to the partners worldwide for their dedication and contributions to Yi Jia cause. The great success of Yi Jia International today is the result of their trust, support and perseverance.

Then Yi Jia Stars Fish Wong, Lu Xuwei and Xiao Xue, Ruby Lu Shanshan, Jiang Weiru and Amy, as well as Crown Ambassadors Cherry, Elyn and Ye Jinhong shared their glory and experience with all the participants. Partners were all grateful to Chairman Guo and Ms. Amy Xie for creating such a great platform for them to realize their dreams, and organizing such a wonderful trip for them to be together with their family members. They also thanked their team members for their follow and support so that they could have today’s achievements.

At the banquet, Yi Jia fellows from all over the world brought wonderful performances for the partners, showing the spirit and passion of teams from various markets. The light moves and sweet melody sketched the bright future of Yi Jia International.


The festive Heroes Banquet has wrapped up, but the sweet memories will be kept in our mind forever. The glory tonight is as bright as stars, while the laughter is even sweeter than nectar. Tonight is not the destination, but beginning of another journey. Let’s join our hands to create a brighter future!