Yi Jia HK Heroes Return Gala Dinner

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On July 2, 2017, Yi Jia International Hong Kong Branch Office held the “Heroes Return” gala dinner to express gratitude to the hardworking partners in Hong Kong for their dedication. Yi Jia International Founder & Board Chairman Mr. George Guo Bingting and employees at Yi Jia International Hong Kong Branch Office, as well as Hong Kong partners attended the dinner party.

Hong Kong partners have been endeavoring to contribute Yi Jia cause for years. Behind the glory are their diligence and hardwork. They never hesitate or think of giving up on the way to success. Heroes, cheers!


Over the past year, Yi Jia partners in Hong Kong stood at the starting point of excellence every day, embracing challenges actively and passionately and making numerous wonders with their perseverance. The audience was seething as partners came to the stage to enjoy the supreme honor on the screen.


Then Yi Jia International Founder & Board Chairman Mr. George Guo Bingting addressed for the feast, pushing it to a climax:


Dear HK partners and fellows, Good evening! Today I invite leaders with Pearl or higher level here to express my gratitude to all leaders in Hong Kong for their trust and dedication. Thank you for your support! Thank you! Meanwhile, I want to reward you because under your guidance, we have achieved outstanding sales growth and seen so many high-income groups and leaders in HK market within such a short time. Above all, many people become more beautiful and confident because of our products, and our platform has helped many people realize their dreams. You are amazing! You are the best! I love you!

We may speak different languages, but we can understand each other because we are family, right? We are together to build a bigger empire and create a better future. Although I only invite Pearl or higher level partners today, I believe other partners are also worth acknowledgement for their dedication. I hope our leaders present can deliver my gratitude to all partners in Hong Kong. Thanks to them! I’m convinced that as long as we make concerted efforts, we will create more miracles in HK market, support more partners to lead an abundant life and help more people realize their dreams. I’m also convinced that the HK market will become a model and No.1 among the global markets. Thanks to all!


Representatives of partners with Pearl to Crown level shared their experience with all Yi Jia fellows as how they have stepped from being ordinary to be extraordinary. They expressed their gratitude to Chairman Guo for creating such a great platform for them to realize their dreams and to the team for giving them support and courage on the way to success.


Tonight, partners are sketching the blueprint for Yi Jia Hong Kong. Tonight is not only the end of a glorious past, but the beginning of another new magnificent journey. Dear HK partners, let’s join our hands to lead the team to make greater achievements in the Yi Jia New Era.