The 3rd Anniversary of Yi Jia International HK Branch

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On October 28, 2017, the 3rd Anniversary of Yi Jia International Hong Kong Branch Office was held. Yi Jia International Group Founder & Board Chairman Mr. George Guo Bingting (Chairman Guo) and his wife Ms. Amy Xie, as well as group executives attended the event, celebrating the significant moment with more than 1,000 partners in Hong Kong.


From 2014 to 2017, Yi Jia International Hong Kong Branch Office has grown from nothing to where it is right now. Guided by Chairman Guo and due to the efforts of all HK partners, our products have enjoyed a widespread reputation, and we have trained a lot of outstanding leaders as well. The leaders with honor of Yi Jia Star, Yi Jia Core, Crown Ambassador, Double Crown Ambassador and Triple Crown Ambassador, and group executives walked into the venue to accept blessings of all Yi Jia members.


The anniversary was unveiled in the wonderful dragon dance performance. The venue was awash with festive atmosphere as the dragons performed leaps and somersaults, highlighting the spirit of struggle and fearlessness of all Yi Jia members and symbolizing Yi Jia HK will embrace a brighter future.


Then Chairman Guo delivered a speech as follows:

Today we gather together to celebrate the 3rd birthday of Hong Kong Branch Office. Three years is just a short moment throughout human history and also a short time frame through our lifetime. However, for our HK Branch Office and all partners and members grappling on the HK market, it is more than 1,000 sleepless nights, accumulation of countless perspiration and dedications. It is because of your hard work and struggle that have pushed HK market to new highs time and again. Here I will express my gratitude to the friends who have been supporting our business and the employees from HK Office. Thanks! I’m most grateful to the leaders making contributions to the HK market, especially our HK partners. Because of your trust and support, dedication and perseverance, as well as the spirit of fearless fighting, our HK market can go this far today. Thank you! You are the best! You are the model of all Yi Jia members, we are proud of you!

Deeply touched by an HK partner - Barry - for his dedication and perseverance, I made a decision on October 10 three years ago. I said since you were so determined to expand HK market, the company would support you and be there for you in spite of sales volume or profit. Then we opened HK Branch Office, with only a few members including Barry. At that time, everyone was downbeat about HK market, saying investing in the market would loss money. I thought it had nothing to do with money, what really matters is our commitment to build a platform to help partners realize their dreams. So I chose to support them without hesitation. Thank you! Barry, Rome and Michelle! Thank you for your perseverance that has seized such a great opportunity for HK market, and the past three years have seen so many market elites. Over the years, they have been communicating with the company, growing up with the company. This was never a smooth path and we have suffered numerous setbacks, but we united as one, side by side, to conquer the challenges one by one, making our HK market bigger and better. The course of struggle has seen pioneers and a historical figure in HK market, that is Angel, the first Triple Crown Ambassador across the global market. Angel has changed the HK market and made it flagship and benchmark for global peers. Thank you, Angel! You are the best! And the market has seen more elites afterwards, including the famous “8.1 Team”, Marco & Tianmei, Martin Wu & Isabella Chan. Thank you all!

Three years of hard work and struggle have made where we are right now. As I always said, all Yi Jia members worldwide should learn from our HK partners for what they have in themselves. We call it Yi Jia Spirit of HK - that is struggle, dedication and advance. Thanks to the spirit, we created miracles on a market that seemed not so promising at the very first.

The sales high we achieved on HK market is not only a miracle in HK, but also No.1 in the world regarding HK’s population. Despite the limited conditions, they recorded such amazing sales growth, cultivated so many leaders and benefit so many people. You are amazing! You earned the honor and respect with your own perspiration and dedication. Your stories will be written into the history of Yi Jia, and you will be the model and idol of all Yi Jia members. Today is a conclusion for HK market. The past achievements and glory have been past. Don’t be complacent on yourselves. Today is the 3rd birthday of HK Office, and also a brand new beginning for our HK partners. Standing at a new starting point, we will lead our partners to create more miracles and help more partners realize their dreams. For partners who have realized your dreams, please focus on your team and teammates who are vowing to follow you. To help others succeed is your biggest achievement now. Our goal is to be successful. To succeed is to set up an example for others. Help more people succeed when you have the ability. Only by doing this can we pass on the cause through generations and continue to set new highs in HK. Only by this this can we be a real hero and a leader truly respectable. Therefore, I hope the leaders who are going to be rewarded soon can continue to work hard and those who are yet to earn any honors can take these heroes as models and objective. You will become them someday. Only by doing this can our HK partners unit as one to create a better future. As I said before, at the beginning, we fought for victory; now we fight for bigger victory to help more people win.

At last, I wish all the best to HK market. I hope we can expand the market bigger with the support of our HK partners, guidance by HK leaders and concerted efforts of all Yi Jia members. I hope you can be No.1 forever. Thank you all!


Chairman donated HKD 200,000 to Dr. Alice Yuk - principal of Ebenezer School & Home

Chairman Guo said our charity cause will never end. Yi Jia International has been staying true to its original aspiration, promoting corporate culture of love. In order to share the benefit of public welfare and further promote charity, student representatives from Ebenezer School & Home for the Visually Impaired, one of the subsidized groups by Yi Jia, were invited to perform for the event. That day, Chairman Guo and his wife donated HKD 200,000 to Dr. Alice Yuk - principal of Ebenezer School & Home for the Visually Impaired to purchase materials for its Noir Music. Meanwhile, they donated HKD 100,000 to the Food Angel, expecting to send delicious food and warmth to more special groups. We believe our charity cause will take root and benefit more people all over the world.


Chairman donated HKD 100,000 to the Food Angel

Yi Jia Hong Kong has made outstanding achievements over the past three years. The perseverance and fighting spirit of Yi Jia HK members have contributed to the glory of Yi Jia Hong Kong today. The partners who were just awarded with honor of Yi Jia Star, Yi Jia Core, Crown Ambassador, Double Crown Ambassador and Triple Crown Ambassador went to the stage to accept their honors and congrats from Yi Jia members. Besides, Crown Ambassador, Double Crown Ambassador and Triple Crown Ambassador were also invited to share their experience. They were grateful to the company for the cultivation, to the team for loyalty and to themselves for never giving up.


The event rounded off in blessings and expectation. It is a brand new beginning for Yi Jia Hong Kong. We are convinced that we will create more miracles in Hong Kong as long as we join hands to work harder with stronger determination and confidence in the new era.