2017 Yi Jia International (HK) Product Launch Event

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Forge a brand with integrity and earn reputation with love. Yi Jia International has been dedicated to spreading beauty and love over the years, integrating the essence of corporate culture and striving to build a top anti-aging brand in the world. On December 18, 2017, the Yi Jia International (HK) Product Launch Event was held at AsiaWorld-Expo, gathering more than 1,000 Yi Jia members to witness the debut of a series of new products.


Themed the “Garden of Eden”, the venue looked fancy and elegant and the participants felt like they were in the world of flowers. The red carpet ceremony unveiled the Launch Event. Yi Jia International Group Founder & Board Chairman Mr. George Guo Bingting (Chairman) and his wife, as well as senior executives, experts, guests and partners walked into the venue with smile.

The ceremony began as the Flower Faeries showed graceful and soft moves on the stage, presenting the participants dreamlike visual feast, coupled with the colorful background and lighting effect. Then Chairman delivered a speech for the event.Here is the full text of the speech:


Distinguished guests, dear partners, ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon! Today we gather together to celebrate the debut of new products of Yi Jia International, which is a historic moment and a milestone for our cause. I feel touched at the moment at the thought of these new products that have taken painstaking efforts over the years, especially that our business has been supported by friends from all walks of life for a long run. Thanks to all the friends and partners who have cared and supported our business. Thank you! I’m also grateful to Mr. Zheng Weining, who is a respectable philanthropist and also the general counsel of Yi Jia International in charity. Thank you, Mr. Zheng! Thank you for your care and support. There are so many people that I want to thank, each being in my heart and the history of Yi Jia. These products can be launched because of the dedications of our expert team. Here I’m also delivering my gratitude to Mr. Chan Chak-yeung and all the brainstorming trust in Bright Future Pharmaceutical Laboratories. Thank you! Thanks to the counselors and experts from Malaysia. Thank you so much, Ralph and Jodie. These two people have given advice to our second generation Youth Original Essence, searching for the best raw materials all over the world, improving the formula and making samples for over three years. They’ve done tons of work to make it happen today. Thanks again to Ralph and Jodie for flying from the US to attend the event on your birthday - a significant moment for you to be with your family. Thanks to the experts from the Salt Lake City and Los Angeles who cannot make themselves to the event today.

The Product Launch Event is more than just an ordinary launch event for us, but an epoch-making event in Yi Jia history. We have been focusing on skincare products in the past. This time we have upgraded our MAINONE Collection, and now we have three major series of products including skincare and healthcare ones. And we have officially defined our Bluti and Q10 as in the healthcare series, meaning that Yi Jia International is tapping into the health industry. This is why we take it as an epoch-making event and also a milestone. Meanwhile, we have included a daily necessity series, even though we have only two products for the time being. Our lab is working on a number of new products including healthcare products. Our expert team are developing and testing the three major series of products for further improvement. Our brand upgrade today is product upgrade in the new era, which is of great significance to our business and global partners. Yi Jia International is dedicated to creating the best startup platform and helping more people realize their dreams. Improving our products can help partners better operate their business and provide clients and consumers with better services. The debut of the new products gives a big impetus for our business.

I believe that you have expected the Youth Original Essence Advanced for a long time, while you may just know little about other products. It doesn’t matter, anyway. I wanna tell you that our products were all produced based on our Yi Jia Basic Law, that is, extracting from herbs and never hurting animals. Meanwhile, we are always seeking the best raw materials and employing the best production process to achieve the best result. We have been doing this for like always. I personally participated in the test and improvement of the Youth Original Essence Advanced, which took a total of four years. I still remember last September when I met Ralph in LA, the experts there all believed that it was a success already, but I let my interpreter tell them that I appreciated their dedications, but I wanted another test. We have kept testing it over the past four years, and that is how we produced all the products with craftsmanship. I need to make sure all our products meet the legal standards of different countries and also my conscience standard. Me and my family are using the products too. So you can trust our products. Once we do it, we’ll do it the best. That is the spirit and aim of Yi Jia International.

We vow to spread beauty and love. Without love, your outer beauty cannot last. Beauty is because of love, and using good skincare products on your face doesn’t make you beautiful. It is love that makes your beauty different. Our products are exactly the manifestation of such spirit. I want to tell you that our products are excellent and our business serves as a wonderful platform for personal startup. Why should we have such high standard for product quality? Why so harsh on it? The answer is to secure our business. Products are the foundation of our business. The business can run a long cause from a remote source. I truly hope that you can understand our products, get familiar with them, use them and love them. Only by loving them and accepting them from your bottom heart can your business thrive. Our business is product-oriented, so products are our root. If we want to help more people realize their dreams, we have to make our products accepted and liked by more people, and making it a habit to use our products. That is why we spent so much time and money improving our product quality. As I always say, never forget why you started and your mission can be accomplished. I set up the company to help more people change and realize their dreams, and the partners come to join us for the same reason. That makes our products the primary way for them to do that.

The Product Launch Event is a brand upgrade for Yi Jia International and also a mark for Yi Jia International to take off. I wish that all the partners could take the opportunity to help more users and consumers improve their life quality and help more partners realize their dreams. We were born to create miracles! And the upgrade of products and launch of the three major series of products will help our partners create more miracles! Blessings! Thanks You!


The Chairman and his wife presided over the launch ceremony and unveiled the MAIONE Youth Original Essence Advanced, Broken Ganoderma Lucidum Spore Powder Capsule, Wuxing Balanced Meal, Black Cumin Seed Oil, Guo’s Medicated Balm and toothpaste. The upgrade of the products and brand will give consumers a comprehensive care for their body health. The six new products not only expand the product line of Yi Jia, and also make it a shining star among global peers. Let’s stride towards a brand new era - a glories era for all Yi Jia members.


A number of experts from our US production base were invited to introduce the new products. MAIONE Youth Original Essence Advanced adopts the pioneering Matrixyl™ 3000 technology to wake up the essence extracted from plants as an all-round anti-aging formula tailored for skin. MAIONE used the best raw materials and production process to achieve the best result. Compared with the first generation, the Advanced version features more natural plant extracts and anti-allergen ingredients, which can better facilitate growth of collagen and improve synergistic effect to slow down skin aging.


Adopting the pioneering extraction technology, the Broken Ganoderma Lucidum Spore Powder Capsule can effectively boost immune system, conditioning the body to improve the adverse symptoms and boost resistance, with one capsule equivalent to 300g Ganoderma lucid. Wuxing Balanced Meal originates from the ancient Chinese wisdom “Wuxing dietary therapy”, corresponding to coordination of the five organs with extension to foods of the five colors - white, black, green, red and yellow. It can balance the human physiological activities. Black Cumin Seed Oil contains microelements necessary for human body such as iron, magnesium, zinc and potassium, as well as rich vitamins and amino acids, able to suppress tumor growth and boost immunity, and vitalize the body.


The debut of the new products today is the result of hardwork by Yi Jia International over the years, manifesting its responsibility to partners worldwide and fulfilling its commitment to consumers by providing them with high-quality products. Since the opening of Yi Jia Hong Kong three years ago, Hong Kong partners have achieved remarkable results while realizing a double gain both in material wealth and spiritual wealth. The newly-promoted Yi Jia Star, Yi Jia Core, Crown Ambassador, Double Crown Ambassador and Triple Crown Ambassador staged to receive the honor. Meanwhile, Crown Ambassador, Double Crown Ambassador and Triple Crown Ambassador shared their experience in direct-selling.


The stage extends as far as your heart goes. People who aim at the top of the mountain won't be greedy for hillside scenery. Yi Jia International offers a platform for those who dare to dream; work harder and we’ll make your dream come true here.