Yi Jia International Global Strategic Committee Annual Conference

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Yi Jia International Global Strategic Committee Annual Conference was held at Yi Jia Shenzhen International Management Center from January 11 to January 13, 2018, attracting the participation of Yi Jia International Group Founder & Board Chairman Mr. George Guo Bingting (Chairman Guo), the Group management and committee members from around the world to map out development plan for Yi Jia in 2018.


2017 is a year for Yi Jia to take off and also marks a significant milestone in the history of Yi Jia. Yi Jia made great achievements and created numerous miracles over the past year because of the guidance of Chairman Guo and concerted efforts by all Yi Jia members. In 2017, Yi Jia business reached out to over 50 countries and regions worldwide; the company opened three more branch offices in New York, Australia and Macau respectively, and set up distribution centers in more than 20 countries and regions in the world. Furthermore, Yi Jia International launched six new products, enriching the produce line into three series. Meanwhile, we have seen emergence of 13 households of Crown Ambassadors, 17 households of Double Crown Ambassadors, and 6 households of Triple Crown Ambassadors. A number of large activities were presented as well, such as the 13th Yi Jia International Heroes Award Ceremony, Yi Jia International Maritime Carnival and Yi Jia International Maple Trip to Canada, etc. At the same time, we opened various training courses to help our global partners improve their abilities. The success of Yi Jia is the result of dedications, loyalty and contributions by all Yi Jia members.

Looking into the new year, we will continue to uphold the product-oriented policy, striving to improve the credibility of Yi Jia under the guidance of Chairman Guo. Let’s join our hands to make the future of Yi Jia more brilliant!


The meeting kicked off in a welcome speech delivered by Ms Jiang bo, CEO of the Group. She extended her welcome and greetings to the participants, while reviewing the past days and looking into the future with them.


Then senior executives of each department reported their work for 2017 and outlined their work plans for 2018. With the approaching of 2018, each department adjusted their plans to be line with the group’s development guideline, while adhering to the aim of "management generates benefits, service gains popularity" to improve their work efficiency and service quality to better serve the company in the new year.


In 2017, Yi Jia International saw a number of sales highs and its business blossoming around the world. On the second day of the Conference, the leaders of Yi Jia International Branch Offices reported the results of all branch offices respectively in 2017 and set up new plans for 2018 in accordance with the special situation of the local market. Partners were all excited when they announced the targets and activities in 2018.


Chairman Guo gave a speech on the afternoon of January 12, outlining the development direction and plans of Yi Jia in 2018. The Conference was pushed to a climax by the inspiring speech of Chairman Guo, making everyone realize that one should keep pace with the times so as not to be ruled out by the society amid rapid development. We firmly believed that we can make greater achievements in 2018 under the lead of Chairman Guo and the joint efforts by all.


As the New Year bell rings, we are entering a year full of hopes and challenges. We all know that time waits for no one, and the journey of pursuing dreams has no stop. Dear friends, let's unite as one to continue our journey and always keeping our mission in mind either when we suffer setbacks or are successful. Believe in your choice, and cherish what we have now! Stay true to our original aspiration despite challenges and difficulties ahead. Dear all, let us join our hands to fly higher in 2018!