Embrace a bluer sky in 2018 --- Chairman’s Address at Global Strategic Committee Annual Conference

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On January 12, 2018 - the second day of Yi Jia International Global Strategic Committee Annual Conference, Yi Jia International Group Founder & Board Chairman Mr. George Guo Bingting looked back the great achievements Yi Jia International made in 2017 and set forth the development plan for 2018 at the conference.

While reviewing the development path of the company for the past year, Chairman Guo said, “2017 is a year for Yi Jia International to take off. We were expanding rapidly in the world last year. Now our business has reached out to 50 countries and regions worldwide, and we have set up 10 branch offices, 18 affiliated agencies and more than 100 service centers. Meanwhile, we saw explosive sales growth on global market, especially Canada and HK Branch Offices, which achieved over 400% growth. It’s amazing! In such a short time, we have seen emergence of over 40 households of Crown Ambassadors and 6 households of Triple Crown Ambassadors - the highest honor of Yi Jia International. All these remind me of what we often say that we were born to do only one thing, this is to create miracles. Now I will change it to keep creating miracles. In addition, numerous market elites and outstanding leaders were cultivated through our Yi Jia College and the Hengyi System. The past year is fruitful!” Then Chairman Guo expressed his gratitude to global partners for their trust, loyalty and dedications.

Yi Jia International has been dedicated to paying back the society while running business since it was set up. Chairman Guo also mapped out development path for our charity cause in the speech. He pointed out that our charity cause was carried out as planned in 2017. We spread love to every country and region which our business has reached out to. I set up the company to do good deeds and create a platform to help more people realize their dreams and change their fate. This is our original aspiration for establishing the business, and we actually did it!

Yi Jia International entered a new era in 2017. This year, Chairman Guo made the first three-year plan for the new era, proposing the “three operations”, namely, capital operation, product operation and project operation. Chairman Guo compared the “three operations” to an aircraft, with one wing being our capital operation and the other product operation, while project operation being the airframe.

Chairman Guo mentioned that our capital operation is running smoothly as scheduled, and believed that our goals in this respect will be achieved in the first three-year plan or ahead of time. Meanwhile, Chairman expressed his expectation on the company as striving to improve marketing ability of the team, making greater efforts to embrace the upcoming era when global capital strength should be needed to expand markets.

Products are the foundation for the development of Yi Jia. Yi Jia International has been dedicated to improving product quality since its establishment. The company made outstanding achievements in product operation over the past year. Chairman Guo addressed that product operation is carried out just as the way we wanted it to be. Over the past year, we upgraded our brand and enriched our product line into three major series, namely, MAIONE for skincare products, HEALTH+&LOVE for healthcare products and Vii for daily necessities. The company will increase investment in this aspect, especially in R&D. For example, we will invest more money in health industry for our LA production and R&D base by setting up a dedicated laboratory for MAIONE products. In 2018, we are planning to build an automatic production line featuring world-class technology and the most advanced manufacturing technique, which is expected to be completed in September. Besides, we will also inject more money in healthcare products, as the main force for us to tap into the health industry. Separately, we are going to launch more products in daily necessities by developing more strategic alliances. Many products are under development. We are strengthening our ability in R&D and storage. This is our plan for product operation and in-house products. Meanwhile, we are going to strengthen efforts in product integration, namely, to integrate our franchised products and e-commerce products. Some efforts have panned out, and we will continue to make greater efforts in 2018.


Briefing project operation as mode of combination of “skynet, earth mat and human network”, Chairman Guo made it clear that in 2018, the company will take full advantage of Internet technologies to build a high efficient global passage in combination with service points in branch offices, affiliated agencies and service centers, as well as global operators and consumers of Yi Jia International. Besides, Chairman Guo also mentioned that in 2018, we will increase investment in project operation, especially in the use of Internet. As for “earth mat”, we are planning to build more YJW service centers and branch offices; for “human network”, the company will roll out an array of policies to strengthen promotion and team building, as well as attract more consumers. Chairman Guo added that we are striving to turning our business mode into a brand new lifestyle so that every operator can start their career in a relaxing way. We will make it come true by virtue of our diversified product line and global service centers connected through Internet, as well as the extensive operators and consumers supported by our branch offices, logistics centers and service centers.


In addition, Chairman Guo also shared the importance of setting our mind at rest and finding our positioning, while pointing out that our desire is strong when we have a clear goal, and our future is decided by our positioning today. He wanted us all to find our positioning and make our dream come true with actions and perseverance. There is only something you cannot think of, but not you can do. We heard a lot of people say what I’m gonna do if I fail, but I was wondering why we do not think this way: what if I succeed?

The conference came to an end in the song of “Fly Higher”. Looking into the year new, Chairman Guo said, “we are going to fly high in 2018. I want you to hear a song which I decided to make it as the theme song of Yi Jia International in 2018, that is Fly Higher. As one of the lyrics go ‘I want my life to be more brilliant, I want a bluer sky, and I know the happiness I want is in the higher sky’. This represents the sky of Yi Jia will be bluer. Dear friends, let’s join our hands to fly higher in 2018. Come on!”