Yi Jia International Gala Dinner

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On January 12, 2018, Yi Jia International held a dinner party during the Yi Jia International Global Strategic Committee Annual Conference to deliver gratitude to global partners for their dedications and contributions over the past year. Yi Jia International Group Founder & Board Chairman Mr. George Guo Bingting attended the event.

We made great achievements over the past year, which is the result of wise guidance by Chairman Guo and dedications of all Yi Jia members. Whatever difficulties and hardships Yi Jia people went through, they never gave up pursuing their dreams. While striving to realize their own dreams, they also kept in mind our corporate mission of sending health and beauty to more people. It is the concerted efforts by all Yi Jia members that have made the year of 2017 fruitful and memorable.


Chairman Guo gave a toast to thank all Yi Jia members for their support and dedications. Here is the full text of the toast:

Hello, dear all! Tonight we arranged the dinner party for three purposes. First, to welcome you guys home! You’ve had a long day. Second, to celebrate the outstanding achievements we made in 2017. Third, to thank all the partners and employees for their trust and loyalty. On behalf of Yi Jia International, I thank you all! Just as our theme song in 2018 “Flying Higher”, it means Yi Jia will have a brighter future. Let’s join our hands to fly higher. Let’s toast for a better future! Cheers!


Partners from different markets came to the stage to release their mission statements, pushing the event to a climax. They are just like the shining stars in the sky. We are convinced that under their guidance, more partners will realize their dreams through our platform in 2018.


Meanwhile, Chairman Guo also threw a birthday party for partners born in January. All the partners were deeply touched by the sweet move. Wines and laughters became blessings and hope for the new year.


Then partners enjoyed the delicious reunion dinner. Partners from Yi Jia International Branch Offices across the world brought wonderful performances for the event. The elegant dance and melodious songs depicted the blueprint for Yi Jia International in the new year!

The joyful gala dinner has rounded off. Standing at the new starting point, we are delighted that we have made this far and have the courage to climb new mountains. No pains, no gains. Running is always more powerful than just wait on site. Let’s join our hands, continuing to make greater efforts to create more miracles in 2018! Come on!