2018 Yi Jia International Taiwan Branch Office Award Ceremony cum New Product Launch Event

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《Light up hope with heart, and spread love throughout the world!》

On January 6, 2018, employees and business partners of Yi Jia International had a reunion for love and the same dreams. We not only create miracles, but also send warmth and hope to the people in need. Yi Jia International has been dedicated to caring for the children and disadvantaged groups since its establishment. Apart from the Award Ceremony and the New Products Launch Event, the company also inspired all partners to take the initiative to pay back the society so as to build a brilliant and peaceful World! Yi Jia International has been focusing on the disadvantaged groups for a long time, especially the children in remote areas. As Yi Jia International Founder and Board Chairman Mr. Guo Bingting said: "we should be thankful to the society and the country for making who we are, since there are so many disadvantaged groups needing our help and support nowadays."


Love is like the sun in winter sending out warmth and hope. This year Yi Jia International continued to make donations to An Shuo Elementary School in Taitung County to help the children there with their study and broaden their horizons. We invited 27 children from An Shuo Elementary School to attend the event, and they brought wonderful performances for us. The guests and partners were all deeply moved by the song they sang, which just showed the spirit of Payuan people.


Then Yi Jia International Taiwan Branch Office General Manager Mr. Zheng Lixin awarded the donation cheque of NTD 300,000 to the principal of An Shuo Elementary School. The principal and students were then interviewed by ETtoday. The kids were smiling like angels.


The principal was grateful to Yi Jia International for the donation and giving him an opportunity to show the kids around. The children were shy and thrilled in front of the media, saying that they seldom came to the city and were very happy that Yi Jia International gave them this opportunity and helped create a better learning environment for them.


《Create a better environment with hope and dignity for children 》

Yi Jia International has been striving to inspire partners to participate in public welfare activities, making contributions to the harmony of the society and caring for the children and disadvantaged groups. Today entrusted by Yi Jia International Chairman Mr. Guo Bingting, Yi Jia International Taiwan Branch Office General Manager Mr. Zheng Lixin donated NTD 200,000 to Huei-Ming Shcool for Blind Children.


Chairman Guo said money will become less by sharing while love will multiply. Huei-Ming Shcool for Blind Children, a private school in Taichung for the visually impaired and blind children with multiple disabilities, was set up to cultivate their ability of independent living and create a better environment with hope and dignity for the children. Yi Jia International has been making donations to the school since 2014, striving to fulfil its corporate mission - “To succeed and help others succeed by nurturing the spirit of entrepreneurship”. Chairman Guo even led partners to experience the life of blind people. The company expected its charity move could arouse the public’s awareness of paying back to the society and helping those in need.


《Winners shine at Award Ceremony》

On January 6, 2018, Yi Jia International Taiwan Branch Office Award Ceremony cum New Product Launch Event was held at Wagor International Convention Center, Taichung, gathering more than 1,000 Yi Jia employees and business partners.


《Fortune Comes with Blooming Flowers》

The event was themed “Fortune Comes with Blooming Flowers”, and the Center was decorated with blooming flowers in red or golden, meaning wealth and luckiness will always be with us. All the partners are expected to spread business of Yi Jia by delivering beauty and love to every corner of the world!


Meanwhile, a large delicate signature wall and Polaroid photography zone were set up for partners to take photos. Journalists from Eastern Broadcasting were attracted to make interviews for the event, while followers of Yi Jia International Taiwan Branch also had a live broadcast on their Facebook pages. ETtoday focused on Yi Jia International’s charity activities, interviewing the disadvantaged groups that have received donations from the company for a long time. Both the outstanding leaders and partners who have been up to sales standards were rewarded at the event.


《Yi Jia International Group Vice President & Taiwan Branch Office General Manager Mr. Zheng Lixin delivered an address 》


The address by Yi Jia International Group Vice President & Taiwan Branch Office General Manager Mr. Zheng Lixin marked start of the event. Here is the address: I wish you all can have an improvement in your career, life and health in 2018. Thank you all for your support and dedications so that we can make this far today! I hope you can work harder to explore more markets, trying to fulfil the original aspiration that Yi Jia International Founder Mr. Guo Bingting out forward when setting up the company at the very beginning - “To create a platform that builds opportunities to realize dreams”. Thanks again!

He also mentioned that Yi Jia International has donated a combined amount of over US$10 million worldwide since it was established. The company will donate NTD 10 upon sell of one bottle MAIONE Youth Original Essence in Taiwan. Similar donations are also made in countries and regions where our branch offices are located. This is because of the efforts by all partners so that the love can pass down to next generation.

A product launch event was also held that day. In 2018, Yi Jia International will launch MAINONE Youth Original Essence Advanced, as well as healthcare products and daily necessities. These new products are all produced with best raw materials and the most advanced technique after years of experiments and improvement. We are dedicated to providing consumers with healthier, pure and safer products.

Belief is the starting point while perseverance is destination. Let’s work harder to embrace hopes and challenges in the new year, and create more miracles together! Com on!

《Wonderful Performances》


《New Products Released》

Yi Jia International is popular and well received for its distinct image and competitive products. It aims to bring consumers with high-quality products, while sending beauty and hope to the whole world. All the components of our products are extracted from plants.


Crown Ambassador Lin Yunceng introduces MAINONE Youth Original Essence Advanced to the guests.


Triple Crown Ambassador Bai Xulin introduces the Wuxing Balanced Meal to the guests.


Reward Yi Jia Star and Yi Jia Core


Reward Newly Promoted Crown Ambassador Fu Hongwei


Reward Newly Promoted Double Crown Ambassador Chen Hongchang and Huang Jingtang


Reward Newly Promoted Triple Crown Ambassador Bai Xuelin