Chairman’s Address at Sapphire-Level Distributors Conference

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On January 17, 2018, a conference for Sapphire-level distributors was held at Yi Jia International Hong Kong Branch Office, attracting the participation of senior executives and more than 100 partners from HK market. Yi Jia International Group Founder & Board Chairman also attended the conference and made a speech.


Delivering his gratitude to partners from HK market, Chairman Guo said, “Success is measured by speed; you succeeding early means you can fulfil your filial duty earlier and have more resources to cultivate your children.” Success is generally measured by year, but success of Yi Jia is measured by month. The success speed of Yi Jia set a new standard of success for the organizational marketing industry, especially partners from HK. They created wonders! Chairman Guo went on to say that everyone should dare to dream and push their limit, while encouraging partners that nothing is impossible.

Meanwhile, Chairman Guo told the importance of choosing the right direction and platform to succeed, while inspiring partners to have a clear target and work hard to realize their dreams. He expected that all partners could stage to receive the honor at the 14th Heroes Award Ceremony.

Chairman Guo shared the charm and essence of Yi Jia business with the partners from beneficence and products, pointing out that beneficence is our original aspiration. Then he explained how we conduct charity from the vision and mission of Yi Jia International. He said that we are seeking to create a platform to help more people change their fate, realize their dreams and lead a better life, which is the biggest charity already. That is why our mission is “To succeed and help others succeed”. You are able and qualified to help others succeed only after you are successful.When talking to the American lawyer about corporate planning last time, I said I want our company bigger and stronger not because I am eager to earn that much money, but we can better help other people realize their dreams and the disadvantaged groups through our platform. The activities such as Australian Tour organized by the company are specific embodiment of our corporate vision. The company needs to have more strength and money to make the platform better so as to attract more partners to better explore markets. To help more people change and realize their dreams is what we call “charity”. We are able to help others only when we are able to, that is, to succeed. The purpose for us to succeed is to set a role model for others and follow suit. The more people we help, the bigger achievement we make. It is not a matter of how many money you’ve earned, but some kind of honor and value. This is the way how we should live, for wealth and nobility. A nobility is rich and respectable. You earn respect not because you are rich, but you helped others. The spirit of aristocracy is not measured by money, but a sense of responsibility to help others. We are no descendant of nobility, but we can be ancestors of nobility. You can help the vulnerable groups when you have the strength. Making donations is just one hand for doing charity. For a company, it means a lot more to help others succeed and train more excellent leaders. That is what we usually say choice is more important than hard work. It is of paramount significance what kind of platform and company you will choose. You will end up drifting farther even if you work really hard if you choose the wrong path at the very beginning.


In addition, Chairman Guo inspired partners to guide their team members to succeed and always keep in mind our philosophy of marketing “Helping others is our first priority; assisting our team to succeed is the greatest achievement”. Only by doing this can our business pass down to next generation. This is the spirit and essence of Yi Jia.

Yi Jia International has been dedicated to producing and selling products with love since it was set up, while striving to improve product quality to bring health and beauty for consumers, and provide fundamental guarantee for business partners. In his address, Chairman Guo pointed out that products are the foundation of our business. We create miracles not just because of our hardwork, structure and injection; more importantly, it is because of our integrity with our products. We cannot create any miracle if our products are defective. Integrity is the foundation for us to create miracles. Products are the foundation and guarantee of our business, and how we can conduct charity. Our success comes from sharing products and profits, spreading beauty and love and benefiting more consumers.Then Chairman Guo shared the importance of building a solid foundation and marketing channels to the development of our business. He also told the truth of “More hast, less speed”, saying “You may suffer a setback if you go the wrong way even if things move fast; but even if it moves slow at the beginning, you may end up succeeding if you choose carefully the right path. Our business can be passed down to next generation once we cultivate massive product followers”. Meanwhile, Chairman Guo added that we should strive to create a lifestyle of saving money by consuming while making money with no pressure and territorial limitation, so that everyone could lead a decent life and achieve financial independence.


Separately, Chairman Guo introduced the company’s plan for products in 2018. He said the company has never stopped increasing investment in products. Last year, we developed six new products, enriching our product line to three major series, including skincare products, healthcare products and daily necessities. This year we will continue to expand investment to develop more high quality products that are beneficial for health. For example, we are planning to build a dedicated laboratory in our production base in Los Angeles for our flagship brand MAIONE. Besides, we will invite some world renowned experts to conduct deep R&D for MAIONE series. Meanwhile, we will build another automatic production line for skincare products featuring world-class technology and the most advanced manufacturing technique, which is expected to be completed in September. Besides, we are intended to launch more targeted healthcare products featuring natural formula and no side effects. Separately, we are going to launch more products in daily necessities by developing more strategic alliances. To sum up, we will increase investment in R&D and production to build a more solid foundation for our business. With more high quality products, you will develop more consumers and make our sales volume bigger. Products are like the root of a tree or source of water. A tree can grow taller only when it is deep-rooted; likewise, our business can develop bigger only when our products are that good enough. I hope more people can live a happier life because of our products!