Yi Jia International Sends Love to Canyou Group

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On February 8, 2018, employees from Yi Jia International Group paid a visit to the staff members of Shenzhen Canyou Software Company, Canyou E-commerce Company and Canyou headquarters led by Yi Jia International Vice Presidents Mr. Yang Ji’an and Mr. Liu Tao, sending blessings and love to them for the upcoming Spring Festival.


Set up in 1999, Canyou Group is a high-tech commercial company dedicated to assisting those physically challenged with their employment and realize their life value by virtue of Internet technology and platforms. The Group has helped nearly a thousand handicapped people find a job and make them realize they did not live for nothing.


We learn how to love others and being loved from charity. That “Helping others is our first priority” is our philosophy of marketing. Yi Jia International has been striving to fulfil its corporate mission that “To help others succeed by nurturing the spirit of entrepreneurship; leaving a legacy of success for the next generation, always standing together with love”, making “love” as core of its corporate culture, while taking actions to support more vulnerable groups. Last year, Yi Jia International helped the handicapped sell their products so that they could came home early for the Chinese New Year. After visiting the offices of Canyou Group, Yi Jia International Vice Presidents Mr. Yang Ji’an and Liu Tao, on behalf of Yi Jia, donated RMB 100,000 to the Zheng Weining Charity Foundation initiated by Canyou Group Founder Mr. Zheng Weining in the hope of sending love to the employees in Canyou.


At the seminar, Mr. Zheng Weining expressed his gratitude to Yi Jia International for its beneficence and strong sense of social responsibility. They still love their life and dare to pursue their dreams despite physical inconvenience. Everyone realized how great the strength of love is, and they should learn their spirit of never giving up from Canyou employees and fight for their dreams.


We run our business and sell products because of love; we are striving to create a platform that builds opportunities to realize dreams and an environment that builds our home around love for the same reason. Love is the starting point and destination of Yi Jia International, as well as the direction and source of power for the company to move forward. Giving always makes one happier than receiving. Everyone is determined to follow the pace of the company to pass down the career of Yi Jia and send love to more groups under the guidance of Chairman Guo. Dear friends, let’s join our hands to make Yi Jia a sweet home.