Yi Jia Charity Dinner & Sharing Session“Go Forth with Love”

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Yi Jia International is born for love and fights for love. In order to promote the charity cause, we held a Charity Dinner & Sharing Session “Go Forth with Love” on March 6, 2018 in the Aberdeen Marina Club, Hong Kong where we discussed with social celebrities for charity issues to pass down love seeds to more people.

That night, the following characters were invited to the stage making remarks on charity, they are Yi Jia International Group Founder & Board Chairman Mr. George Guo Bingting (the Chairman), together with Miss Hong Kong champion Tang Xiaohuan, Former Deputy Director of the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) Chief Mr. Xu Jiajie, Representative of Ebenezer School & Home for the Visually Impaired Mr. Fang Tianda, and Chairman of Aillance of Ex-Mental Illness (AEMI) HK Mr.Kuang Zhihui. Here are some highlights:


Host: We all know that Yi Jia is an international company, what I want to ask is what is your objective in building Yi Jia International?

Chairman Guo: A decade ago when I set up the company, I was wondering to study and produce effective products benefiting the consumers and we can also help more people employed and start a business. We know that we should run a smooth company so that we can have the capability to do more charities. That are the mission of our company.

Host: When talking on charity, Chairman Guo, is there any deeper experience you can share with us?

Chairman Guo: Yes,of course. In fact, there are many touching moments happened in Charity affairs. It seemed to me they are all unforgettable as we fully put our heart and soul to it, for it was not a kind of donation.I think it was an event in Huei-Ming School in Taichung where children are blind and visually impaired. I was shocked when they asked me to appreciate their works. “What kind of works?” I asked, They replied, “It was photography, for we organized a photography competition.” I was amazed when I went to their conference room and saw the works they exhibited. How can they finish them in the condition of being blind and the works look so beautiful. So I asked the principal about the answer. He said: "It was from a kind people who donated the cameras for those who love photography, and they all practiced to feel the sunlight with their heart for at least two years. Then in my later speech, I quoted the lyrics from the song called “Xin Tian” compiled by those children in the school. That is “there is always a field in everyone’s heart, so long as you sow hope, there will be no darkness in our lives.” This sentence impressed me and inspired me a lot as it was a true feeling from my inner heart. If everyone sow the seeds of love in our hearts, the world will suffer less, and there will be more light and joy. So is the charity cause!


Host: Hello, Miss Tang. It is well-known that you are keen on charity event, would you mind sharing your feelings with us?

Miss Tang: I started sponsoring rural kids for school since several years ago. I raised money for them every month until they grew up, and it was 10 years from now. They will send me some cards, paintings and grades, and I kept them for 10 years for I felt touched. For me, it is a rare opportunity for them to absorb knowledge. All these feelings can only be experienced in the process of doing charity.

Host: What do you think of it since it is your first time to attend the charity event of Yi Jia International?

Miss Tang: What I feel is why people here are so beautiful tonight, did you all do good deeds and buy the products of Yi Jia? I can not tell your age but what I find you are radiant.

Host: I knew that you used the MAIONE series product “Love and Beauty”, can you say your feeling after using it?

Miss Tang: For me, MAIONE is a kind of product that can be quickly absorbed, sweep winkles and firm skin. As a woman, we can not be lazy, so I use the product every night.


Host: Mr. Xu Jiajie, how do you feel since it is your first time to attend the charity event of Yi Jia International?

Mr. Xu: I was impressed today by the entire strategy, training, philosophy and operation of “love” to Yi Jia International. The most powerful thing in the world is love. What did Chairman Guo say can be imperishable. Society cannot be remained integrity without love, while Hong Kong is ruthless in particular today. I see all events today are surrounded by love and the core of society—family, parents, mother and daughter and couple. These are the most important units of society and they are just like healthy cells in the body, for only have a healthy society can we have a great country. I wish that Chairman Guo and Yi Jia International will sail for a glory future for our people whether in inland or Hong Kong and bring us more benefits.


Host: Chairman Guo, Do you agree with what Mr. Xu Jiajie said?

Chairman Guo: Quite agree, it is also the mission to the company, our orientation and our impetus. What we wish is to make the public and the government have confidence in us that our products are good and we will do more meaningful contributions to help others and the society.This is also our culture as well as the values we have been promoting.


Host: As you see, all earnings of the tickets to the charity dinner will be donated to AEMIHK. President Huang Zhihui. Can you tell us what would you do with the money?

Chairman Huang: We will take full advantage of the donation to promote the importance of spirit education in District 19 Hong Kong to care for people have mental disease, social vulnerable groups and abandoned ex-mental patients. We supposed that taking drugs can not help patients recover from the disease ,as the help and concerns from the family and friends is quite essential as well. So we will make a sharing session in District 19 Library.


Host: Fang Sir, Yi Jia had been cooperating with Ebenezer School & Home for the Visually Impaired to help the blind and child have serious amblyopia. Is there any goals that you want to achieve with Yi Jia International?

Mr. Fang: The disadvantaged or visually impaired children do not worry about their food or accommodation as it is safe enough in Hong Kong. What they need are recognition, love and respect. In this regard, Chairman Guo and Mrs. Xie did a lot, including both money and materially, they come to visit and praise them, let them feel beloved and respected, which is of great importance to them.


"Go forth with love around the world" is the core culture of Yi Jia International. Running a business all over the world in the name of love and doing good deeds to build a dream platform to create the home of love. Yi Jia International donated a total of HKD 201,600 of the dinner tickets to AEMIHK for the inheritance of love.


We enjoyed a splendid dinner with more than 500 guests and took the advice from the social celebrities. In addition, we prepared a series of excellent performance sharing the warmth and love of Yi Jia International.


Yi Jia Charity Dinner & Sharing Session “Go Forth with Love” was rounded off with all guests scattering petals to the sky to spread the seeds of love.There is no end in the way of spreading love! Yi Jia career cultivated the brand in the reputation of love, and we believe that we can converge the individual love into a big one as long as we continue to work hard to do more good deeds.