Make Your Dreams Come True in Yi Jia Australia-- Charity Dinner in Australia Branch Office

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Yi Jia International Group Founder & Board Chairman Mr. George Guo Bingting (hereinafter referred to as the Chairman), together with his wife Mrs Amy Xie, global executives and leaders from all around the world gathered in Australia Branch Office attended the event on March 12, 2018. It's also the honor for us to have the presence of friends from all circles to witness the transmission and the inheritance of love.


Chairman Guo addressed a speech in the expectation and applause of all Yi Jia members, and remarks reads as follows:


Good evening, Distinguished guests, Ladies and gentlemen! It is a special and proud day to be remembered by all Yi Jia members for the grand opening-up of Yi Jia International Australia Branch Office. It not only stands for that our Australian partners will have their own home and a better platform, but also means that Yi Jia will take root in Australia. I am fully devoured by touches and appreciations at this moment.Firstly, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all friends who have been caring and supporting us all the time. Thank you for your concerns and kindness.Secondly, I want to thank Australian colleagues for your hardwork, especially our Australian exclusive distributor Mr Shi. When I was in Shenzhen, staffs always told me that Mr. Shi came, so today I have to say to Mr. Shi, "I am coming to Australia." I promised that I would come to Australia, and I would expect there would be more partners to realize their dreams in Australia. Thirdly, I want to thank all of our partners and leaders from various countries around the world for your support to Australia market, all Crown Ambassadors in particularly. Today, our Australia market is quite splendid where we have gathered all top Triple Crown Ambassadors and many Double Crown Ambassadors. I would also like to thank our Australia market partners, it is who had chosen to believe and follow us with no platform in Australian market that time, that made us in Australia today. Thank you so much for your brilliant choice. Australia, here we come!


We come to Australia with two plans just as we went to any country in the world. One is to expand our market, and the other is our charity cause.We have come to Australia for “Go Forth with Love”. Yi Jia International has donated AUD 2 to support local charity upon sell of one bottle MAIONE Youth Original Essence for charity in Australia. This is the philosophy and tradition to Yi Jia International, and it is also the core spirit of Yi Jia. Today I come to declare that we will donate AUD 2 to support charity in Australia upon sell of one bottle MAIONE Youth Original Essence since we sell products to help people get beautiful, youthful and confident. We build a business platform to help people realize their dreams and here we provide the world's top training system. At the same time, we also want to spread our charity in Australia to benefit more people. That is both our mission and impetus to Australia.Our charity cause will never end! At this moment, I want to call on our partners adhering to the fine spirit so that we can bring our beauty and love to help more people in Australia. In the meantime, we also hope we can have a chance to cooperate with friends who just begin to know about our company in Australia. I believe that as long as we unite as one looking to the future, we can make people impressed and win their respect in Australia by creating one and another miracles!


In our theme song “Flying Higher”, Chairman Guo, together with his wife Mrs. Xie, Group executives and guests held a ceremony for opening champagnes for the dinner party. The sweet and luscious champagne became blessings and hope to Yi Jia people for a bright future in Australia. After that, Chairman Guo proposed a toast for congratulating the booming of Australia Branch Office of Yi Jia international.


From left to right: Representatives of Australian partners Mr. Shi Xucheng, Board Director of Yi Jia International Mr. Zeng Renguo, CEO of Australia China Economic and Trade Cultural Exchange Promotion Association Dr. Chen Xinghui, Honorary President of Teo Chew Association PDH. Zhou Guangming, Mrs. Amy Xie yuzhe, Yi Jia International Group Founder & Board Chairman Mr. George Guo Bingting, Vice-president of Australia China Economic and Trade Cultural Exchange Promotion Association Mr.Tan Kaixin, Representative of the Liberal Party JOHN CAPUTO OAM, Former Vice-president of the NSW Upper House Ms.Shen Huixia, CEO of Yi Jia International Ms. Jiangbo and Mr.Ernest Wong Guozhong.


Chairman Guo once said: “Our charity program has no end, and there are many things in the world becoming less and less through sharing while love is the only thing that can be multiply”. Beauty and Love is the long-term concept of Corporate of Corporate Social Responsibility to Yi Jia, who has been adhering to the core of a dedicated public welfare, and has spared no effort to various public welfare activities since its founding . On March 3, 2018, Yi Jia International Group Founder & Board Chairman Mr. George, Guo Bingting with his wife Mrs. Xie donated a check to the President & Honorary Chairman of Australia Chinese Parents Association (CPA) to give people there the courage and strength to fight for life! It also marks our love career will be rooted in Australia.


At the party, President of CPA also expressed sincere gratitude and admiration to Chairman Guo and all Yi Jia people for their love and generosity. As a token of gratitude, the children of the CPA equipped with simple instruments sang a song "Sweet Honey" in voice of nature. Everyone on the scene were deeply touched by their affectionate and outstanding performance. We hope that the love of Yi Jia will be cherished by every child in CPA.


Apart from this,Yi Jia International produce and sell products adhering to the original attention of love. And we always pursue high quality products under the premise condition of no hurting for animals with natural core value, so that we can keep the health and beauty of majority consumers. Meanwhile, Yi Jia held a press conference for the Advanced MAIONE Youth Original Essence on its elements and functions. Yi Jia's product tutor Ma Yafang gave a detailed introduction for the advanced product for its function of eternal beauty after the wonderful video exhibition.


The emergence of the Advanced MAIONE Youth Original Essence marks a higher level for Yi Jia"anti-aging" top brand. We firmly believe that this advanced product will march into Australia and become well-known.


There are not only many people raising their sail of life but also numbers of people becoming successful in the help of Yi Jia for a long time. They work day and night to share their careers and promote their products. To gratitude their firm follows, newly-promoted Diamonds, Pearls, Sapphires and Rubies are respectively were invited to be rewarded in turn and share on the stage. They all very grateful to Chairman Guo for creating such a platform for the ordinary people to realize their dreams and achieve extraordinary life success. They swore to achieve greater goals and lead partners to a better future.


In Yi Jia, we not only saw the countless ordinary people became successful, but also witnessed numerous families changed their fate for harvesting happiness and joy. We also invited "Crown families" from all over the world to share their valuable experience in the process of struggling, which not only shows people the power of a dream, but more importantly demonstrates the charm of Yi Jia career that Yi Jia can be a hereditary cause!


The joyful gala dinner has rounded off while our charity cause will no ends in Australia. The charity and public welfare is not just a sort of act from somebody or a special act in certain district but a spirit from a company. So my dear! Let’s join our hands, continuing to make greater efforts for a better tomorrow! And we will spread the seeds of our love to wider places.