2018 Yi Jia International Australia Dream Tour

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Yi Jia International Dream Tour was officially launched in Australia from March 8th 2018 to March 13th, 2018. The company conducted some global travel activities to express its appreciations to the leaders who have worked hard and made great contributions to Yi Jia career. The first batch of partners from all around the world joined together for an unforgettable journey full of intellectuality and natural health, including partners from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia, Canada, and Australia.

Surrounded by sea with many unique flora and fauna and natural landscapes, the climate in Australia in March is comfortable and pleasant. Partners can get rid of the earthly life and regain the fresh and natural life temporarily by enjoying the beautiful scenery of the nature and feel the vigor and leisurely life of the Australians.


[March 8]

Warmly welcome partners for being the beautiful Australia

Colleagues of Yi Jia International Australia Branch Office were dressed up as Australian representative animals---kangaroo and koala to warmly meet the global partners arrived in Sydney Airport. Partners were pleased by the service as well as thrilled by the scenery along the way to the Sheraton Hotel situated in the center of Sydney, which is about 1 kilometer far away from Sydney Opera House and Sydney Museum. Everybody fell asleep with sweet dreams at night saying that they were grateful for the glorious and elegant rooms the company prepared.


[March 9]

Yi Jia Sailing Race

Greeted with the first rays of sunshine in Sydney, partners arrived at the wharf for a friendly competition by nice sailboats in groups. The America's Cup is a special sporting event with the longest history in the world. In addition, it is also a seafaring activity involved with high-tech which creates a speed myth in the ocean.

Yi Jia International prepared a magical experience full of speed and bravery for partners. It allows everyone to participate in this world-class extreme activity themselves and go through a unique sailing experience. They competed with each other, united and cooperated, under the command of the captain. And they stated the spirit of unity and struggle about Yi Jia people while enjoying the magnificent scenery of Sydney Harbor during the race. Finally, each partner was awarded the America's Cup sailing certificate with the LOGO of Yi Jia International. That is truly an unforgettable experience!


Fish Market

It is a large building printed in blue, giving people the illusion of being in the sea. Walking into the fish market, a variety of seafood that are exported or unknown, huge and plump, come into your eyes, such as Atlantic oysters, Australian-made king crabs, a row of fresh salmon, big lobster, shellfish, clams, octopuses... They are fresh or cooked looking so delicious that everyone can't resist the temptation to claim to taste all of them. It's quite envy for others to find you eat with a live broadcast.


Sydney Royal Botanic Garden, Australia

Royal Botanic Garden is a must to pay a visit apart from Sydney House Opera and Sydney Bridge. You can see large wild birds pacing on the lawn besides enjoying the natural scenery. Furthermore, it is also a good place for locals to picnic and chat in their leisure time.

Built in 1816, Royal Botanic Garden with the longest history in Australia enjoys a good reputation. Located on the east side of Sydney's downtown area and occupied a coverage of 30 hectares, it is home to over 1.2 million plants and plant specimens in Australia and around the world.


Partners with open arms lay down on the green lawn and bathed in the sun feeling the peace and leisure of life. Rested, they continued to visit the botanical garden on a happy foot and were immersed in the natural fragrance of the herb garden.


[March 10]

Blue Mountains National Park

Blue Mountain, also known as the climate of the watershed, is a long mountain range in the west of Sydney. It covers 2.4 million hectares with an average elevation of about 1,000 kilometers and stretches for about 2,000 kilometers, which functioned as a natural wall in blocking the hot air from the west and the wet air from the sea. Therefore, the climate in Sydney is spring all year around.

The name of Blue Mountains comes from the reason that it is covered with eucalyptus trees. The leaves of the tree will release a kind of blue misty haze once the sunlight shines, condensed and lingered in the air. The Blue Mountains where you can see vast cliff canyons, millions of hectares of tall forests, sandstone cliffs, waterfalls, jungles etc., and it cultivates many species.As Blue Mountains is a crucial world cultural heritage, you can not miss to feel its spectacularity and tranquility as well as its blue skies and various landscapes. When you climb on the top of the mountain, remember to make a promise as a Yi Jia people that helping more partners travel around the world and create more miracles!


Three Sisters Peaks

Three Sisters Peaks is also worthy to pay a visit after experiencing the fantastic blue misty of Blue Mountains. It is located between the cliffs in the Jamison Valley and is part of the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area with the height of more than 900 meters. You can have the best view from the Echo Point at Katoomba.

According to local Aboriginal legends, the three mountains were originally three beautiful sisters, named Meehni, Wimlah and Gunnedoo. It is their love story that triggered tribal wars and the tribal elders, who tried to protect them by turning them to stones died in the war. Therefore, the three sisters could only stand silently in the magnificent rock-like appearance reminding people about the past wars.It is true that there are diverse legendary in different aboriginal tribes, but there is one thing in common that is the description of the beauty of the mountain.

You can see different scenery of the Three Sisters Peaks as the changes of time and seasons both in daylight and night.


March 11

Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House is a must for you as well. Partners in a pilgrimage mood were excited to pose for a picture outside the unique sailing styling with the Sydney Harbor Bridge as a backdrop. The inside of the House is grand, solemn and sacred where you can find a so-called world's largest mechanical wood pipe-organ, which is mainly composed of two main halls, some small theaters, performance halls and other ancillary facilities.

Sydney Opera House is not just one of the most distinctive buildings of the 20th century, but the world-famous performing arts center and landmark of Sydney. It was included in the World Heritage List by UNESCO on June 28, 2007 and became minority of buildings that was completed in the 20th century only after 34 years.There are thousands of tourists coming to visit this charming building every day.Partners were grateful for the company for leaving them a memorable experience in Sydney Opera House where they were amazed by its beauty and spirit. And they promised to come back next time together with their family members and others partners.


Dinner Cruise

Aboarding a once-in-a-lifetime luxury cruise, Yi Jia family members seated in formal dresses enjoy dinner with ease. Everyone proposed a toast to thank Yi Jia International for its hospitality and Australia tour. The joy filled with the entire cruise which fully demonstrated that Yi Jia is a big family with beauty and love!That is a beautiful memory and an unforgettable experience with elegant music and sea breeze. Expectations is on the way for traveling with more partners and fly around the world with Yi Jia!


[March 12]

Opening Ceremony to Australia Branch Office

Australia branch Office held its opening ceremony on March 12, 2018 inaugurating a brand-new chapter for Australian market! It is a sign that the company will better support Australian partners to run a sustainable business. All partners who want to be successful, even without experience or background, can be success under the training of the excellent members on this platform. It is believed that we can spread the seeds of beauty and love all over the world!

The Australia Branch Office hall was crowded with guests at 11 o'clock in the morning. The dragon and lion dance kicked off the opening ceremony and then the founder of Yi Jia International Group & Chairman of the Board Mr. George Guo Bingting (hereinafter referred to as the Chairman), leaders of Yi Jia International executives and partners from all over the world gathered in the Australia Branch Office to witness the meaningful moment. Chairman Guo was grandly announced that Australia Branch Office was founded by drawing the eyes for the dragon!


Australia Branch Office Charity Dinner

The founder of Yi Jia International Group & Chairman of the Board Mr. Geroge Guo Bingting (hereinafter referred to as the Chairman), together with his wife Ms. Amy Xie, leaders of Yi Jia International executives and partners from all over the world attended the Australia Charity Dinner on March 12, 2018. It was the honor to have invited Australian leaders and friends from all walks of life to witness the inheritance of love.

Yi Jia International sells its products in the name of love in every country around the world, for we will allocate certain amount for charity cause upon sell of one bottle MAIONE Youth Original Essence. In Australia, we will donate AUD 2 to support local charity upon sell of one bottle MAIONE Youth Original Essence for charity in Australia. This is the philosophy and tradition to Yi Jia International, and it is also the core spirit of Yi Jia. We sell products to help people get beautiful, youthful and confident. Our charity in Australia will be no ending since we build a business platform to help people realize their dreams! It is hoped that all the partners will continue to uphold the Yi Jia spirit and jointly spread beauty and love in Australia.

Australian tour full of laughters was successfully ended at the night of March 12. Dear partners, let us work together to build a better tomorrow for Yi Jia International by spreading the love of Yi Jia to wider place!

[March 13]

Free travel and Return home

Travel is not only just for the relaxation of body and mind, but also for the experience of life, the collection of memories and the learning experience. Partners full of harvest return to team to share with everyone the joy of Australian tour.