Yi Jia International 14th Anniversary Ceremony

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History blinks like a second, but for Yi Jia can be spectacular, we have gained valuable wealth, shouldered heavy social responsibility, suffered thistles and thorns and expected a bright future in the past 14 years. Yi Jia 14th Anniversary Ceremony was grandly held in Shenzhen on March 28, 2018. Yi Jia International Group Founder & Board Chairman Mr. George Guo Bingting (hereinafter referred to as “Chairman”) accompanying his wife Mrs Amy Xie and all Yi Jia members witnessed the historic moment.


Since its inception, Yi Jia International went global from a small size to a large one by conquering countless barriers and difficulties, with climbing sales growth on international markets as well as fluttering Yi Jia flags to wider places! A video of Yi Jia career spurred everyone, which displayed familiar scenes of every course and breakthroughs of the past efforts and struggles! All members at the climax of the ceremony congratulated the Birthday for Yi Jia International where love and dreams fostered!


At the ceremony, Chairman Guo delivered a speech deeply reviewed the initial aspiration and development of Yi Jia career in the past 14 years, and how he persuaded and influenced a group of like-minded people gathering in Yi Jia. We built the Yi Jia spirit “Yi Jia creates miracles” and “Go all out, and stick to it”. “My intention to build Yi Jia is to ignite the hopes of people and help them success. When I started my business, I didn't run it as a family one, I turned it into a social enterprise instead. As it gets expanded, it belongs to you all. True, I have been doing so for many years, as the company grows fast, I wish to make the company socialized, and so I did. Making others dream come true in Yi Jia is what I am always seeking for. More importantly, it is my value and impetus. This is also the soul and direction of our enterprise, that is “To succeed and help other succeed”. Only if we don't forget our original intention, can we remain a secure orientation and fly higher.” In Chairman’ speech, he pointed out that “Yi Jia creates miracles" is not only a reflection of the Yi Jia spirit and character but the behavior of Yi Jia people. It is just the guidance and driving force of Yi Jia spirit that makes the company stand firmly in the competitive market and had a far-reaching influence.At the same time, Chairman Guo also extended sincere gratitude to all Yi Jia people. "I'm glad that I've been persist building this platform in the past 14 years and make it better today. What I most feel fortunate is that your presence and colleagues and partners who have not been there stand with me all the way. Thank you again. Finally, Chairman Guo proposed a toast for Yi Jia’s prosperity and boom so that more contributions will be paid back to society!

Chairman Guo’s speech added momentum to all people that we are bound to create a more splendid future under his wise leadership!


Yi Jia has written a brilliant career legend since its foundation. It has gone through the hardships of starting a business, withstood all kinds of tests, kept the pace of the times, created the miracle of the industry, and dazzled the world. This achievement, which is pride in all people, is rooted in the dedication of the founders and his persistence to the dream. To reward all employees and partners for their contribution, Yi Jia set up a series of Awards, including Yi Jia University Award, Professional Award of Yi Jia University, Loyalty Award of Yi Jia University, Global Outstanding Employee Award, Global Outstanding Management Award, Global Outstanding Contribution Award and Global Loyalty Award. Winners, with their own practical actions, explained the spirit of Yi Jia “Go all-out, and stick to it”.

They shared their own experience to explain the charm of Yi Jia that as long as you have a willing heart you are sure to harvest on this platform. "I truly understood the value of being a mentor through Yi Jia International." said the mentors, Over the years, I have witnessed how Chairman Guo and his wife Mrs Amy Xie turned their dreams into reality and how Chairman Guo helps those who dreamed to change their destiny and family’s fate through this platform. Here I make out the idea on how to turn ideas into reality.

Touched by Yi Jia and Chairman Guo, employees who came to the stage tonight are not only the middle-level and senior leaders, but also the grass-roots colleagues. Some of the highlights from the outstanding employees “I would like to thank Chairman Guo and Mrs Amy Xie for creating Yi Jia, and thank you for your leadership and cultivation and the help from my colleagues. I will do my best in my future work.” “Honest to say, I have never been thought that I would have the chance to win the honor. And it is incredible to my friend when I told him it is a Scented Rosewood tree amount to 298,000 RMB. Yi Jia is really a dream place for creating miracles, thanks to Chairman Guo and Mrs Amy Xie. I will try my best to provide better service to you all” shared by an uncompiled security guard of Yi Jia.Global Vice President mentioned, “Yi Jia is a career full of love and opportunities. As long as you have a clear goal, there must be a harvest here! Thanks to the guidance of the Chairman and Mrs Amy Xie, I have gained a lot from Yi Jia. When I came to the company, I learned Love and Give from Chairman Guo and Mrs Amy Xie for their initial commitment, dedicating themselves to helping others to realize dreams and change their fate. Thanks for your trust and cultivation, support and tolerance, and thanks to the dedication and companion of global partners.” In Yi Jia, you are certain to reward with fruitful results as long as you are willing to make an effort.


At the ceremony, we celebrated Yi Jia’s Birthday by sharing cakes and singing songs. Flickering candlelight, sweet cakes, sincere blessings and affectionate expectations are as a token of wonderful expectation and ardent hope.


Yi Jia carefully prepared some programs for the day, beautiful song, graceful dance, affectionately elocnte intonation... They all did their best to give the performance to bring lots of fun to all!


The family enjoyed a delicious reunion dinner consisting of exquisite cuisine and lucky draw, which is a far more incomparable night full of love, affection, warm blessing, expectations, laughter and invariable passion and glorious dreams.


The celebration was perfectly rounded off as blessings drifted off. We contributed a refulgent Yi Jia industriously in the process of 14 years, and we will continue to bring out Yi jia spirit “Go all out, and stick to it”. Dear Yi Jia members, let us join together to fight a brighter future for Yi Jia!