Yi Jia Dream tour to Scentedwood Sharing Park

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The long-awaited Dream tour to Scentedwood Sharing Park situated in Hainan Province was launched from March 29, 2018 to March 31, 2108, involved the participation of top executives, global Triple-Crown Ambassadors, mentor group from Yi Jia University and representatives of outstanding employees. Bearing dreams and happiness, all of them flied to the scenic coastal city----Hainan.


Yi Jia outlined a colorful journey for all family members in a bit to appreciate their dedications and support to Yi Jia career. All family members were warmly welcomed when they arrived. Scentedwood Sharing Park is the place members accommodated where thoughtful gifts were prepared for them in each room. It was such a common behavior but leaving them a warm feeling of being home just at the beginning of the journey.


On the noon of March 29, all members paid a visit to the Scented library where all members were attracted by the Scented Rosewood tree with a good reputation of “Treasure in the wood” and they exclaimed its charming and more about its exotic culture and profound history. Meanwhile, the tour guide gave a detailed description of the value and peculiarities of Scented Rosewood tree to make Yi Jia members fully understood.

Located at the east coast of Hainan Province, Fishing village is the place where Yi Jia members had their lunch and observed a picture of the nature formed with sounds of crashing waves, remote mountains, clouds in the sky and clear water. Immersed in the marvellous place, Yi Jia members strolled leisurely on the soft sand while enjoying the blue sea and clear sky with relaxation and comfort offered by a gourmet of diverse seafood.


After the excellent meal, Yi Jia members continued to visit the Qian Guqing scenic spot covered by dense virgin forest to experience its unique folk customs and glamour where they viewed The Romantic Show of Sanya. A visual and acoustic feast was presented to Yi Jia people consisting of echoes from the Luobi Cave, heroes’ summon spirits, the exotic of the maritime silk road, the storming influence of Eastward Sea Voyage of Jianzhen and the touching legends of San ya. Again, a beautiful day was ended with a delicate dinner full of Hianan typical dishes.


Furthermore, the loving Yi Jia people prepared a surprise for the Triple-Crown Ambassador Ms. Liu xinyu for her Birthday in Scented Rosewood Sharing Park. In the flickering light of candles and fond songs, we wished her happy and dream fulfilled.


Everyone returned home with unforgettable memories left by Hainan stylish customs. For Yi Jia people, happiness points to, accompanied by family members, enjoy beautiful scenery and gourmets; and the best moments is to feel the world, and find the happiness with the companion of family members. My dear, let us wait and see our next dream tour.