Yi Jia tonight

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On March 30, 2018 when the early light of dawn shone on the earth covering Yi Jia International Scentedwood Sharing Park with a bright glow, which seemed to be a beautiful poem like paintings. The rising sun in the mountains warmed up the earth where cheerful birds in the woods and the crowing roosters woke up Yi Jia people to go on their Dream Tour in Scentedwood Sharing Park.


Since its establishment, Yi Jia International has made tremendous breakthroughs and remarkable achievements both in market performance and product R&D and production. Meanwhile, Yi Jia has invested huge sums of money to build Scentedwood Sharing Park in Jianfengling, Hainan where thousands of precious Scented Rosewood trees have been cultivating in Yi Jia Forest. Scented Rosewood trees (Dalbergia Odorifera tree) in Yi Jia Forest are growing at the highest point southernmost of the country where negative oxygen ions is abundant. It is 18 degrees north latitude full of sunshine, warm climate, and good Feng shui. Its unique geographical environment and advantages are particularly suitable for its tree pith growing fast as Scented Rosewood trees began to grow "heart" at the age of 10. What makes Scentedwood precious and rare is its tree pith. A Scentedwood without pith has neither functions nor any value. Only the Scented Rosewood trees planted on Jianfengling, Hainan can grow tree pith, while leaving this unique geographic environment will put the tree in no value or even to death. Hainan Dalbergia odorifera tree, which enjoys the reputation of “Treasure in the wood”, is a treasure from treetops to tree roots. It functioned as medicines and health efficacy and effectively take precautions against diseases such as hypertension and coronary heart disease.As Hainan Scented Rosewood tree is on the verge of extinction, it became valuable collections as well as investment options. The older the tree is, the more valuable it is. In recent years, the price of Scented Rosewood tree continued to rise with updated records and it created a myth by increasing the price spiked to 500 times within 15 years. Increasingly, people are now investing in Scented Rosewood trees for pray, but more to accumulate wealth for the future generations and generation to come.


Hainan Lan Tian Hong Lin is an exclusive eco-agriculture project pertain to Yi Jia Group. In order to give everyone a deeper understanding of the Scented Rosewood Project as well as the development direction and plan of Yi Jia, a special lecture on Scented Rosewood Project was meticulously arranged.We invited experts to give a fully introduction to Hainan Scented Rosewood on its growth characteristics, unique advantages and precious value, current market conditions, and future market potential, etc. For an comprehensive recognition, related features and effects of Longjianfeng No.1 Hainan Scented Rosewood - Black Tea was explained to everyone as well. So that all members have infinite faith in Yi Jia as of its promising future and huge potential on Hainan Scented Rosewood.


After the lecture, everyone went to the “Yi Jia Forest” for a blessing by watering trees. On walking into this vast “Yi Jia Forest”, a sense of excitement and gratefulness filled with everyone’s heart, let alone seeing their names engraved on the shining board on Scented Rosewood tree. It is Chairman’s generosity and love that provided everyone with an excellent dream platform and career platform to realize their dreams and change their lives. Moreover, a precious chance was offered to witness the growth and share the achievements of the company.Countless gratitude turned a full force as everyone has been watering trees with dreams and blessings and fastened red ribbons bearing wishes on them. The bustling scenes of people back and forth to water trees stands for the booming and thriving of Yi Jia career, which shall cast a brighter legend upon the concerted efforts of all Yi Jia people.


Soon after that, members expressed their thanks and blessings to Chairman Guo and Yi Jia in social platforms like WeChat and Facebook and they are proud of being a member of Yi Jia. There are the highlights of Triple Crown Ambassadors: “We really had a comfortable and fine time in Scented Rosewood Sharing Park as we breathed full range of negative ions and oxygen for a few days, and we had farm vegetables, deep-sea fish, Scented Rosewood chicken and eggs. We recalled it after coming home. Most importantly we are very happy that we are the owners of Scented Rosewood tree.We are excited to select the tree we loved yesterday. Grateful to Chairman Guo and Mrs Amy Xie and Yi Jia for providing us with a wonderful and memorable journey in San ya as well as thanks to senior executives and staffs for their care and hospitable service. We promise to bring more partners for a fun holiday next!” “A Dream Tour to Hainan Scented Rosewood Sharing Park, a leisure resort restoring the ecological environment, and growing Scented Rosewood Species. Furthermore, Chairman Guo took us to water Yi Jia tree in person for a symbol that Genechain will prosper in the long run, passing from generation to generation!"It's so happy and meaningful to water the Yi Jia International Scented Rosewood tree with Chairman Guo this morning. The exuberance of tree is just the epitome of Yi Jia International rapid development and global conquest!" Yi Jia International exclusive Scented Rosewood Sharing Park – Lan Tian Hong Lin where brand-new rooms are elaborately served and 390,000 Scented Rosewood tree grow lushly. “Today we owned our tree in Yi Jia Forest, and the tree increased in value every day. Everyone selected more than ten trees on which carved their own name and number, that is our property!"

Excellent employees remarked: “Thanks to Chairman Guo for giving me the chance for being San ya with the family! In 2018, we will fly higher by staying true to the mission!” “Yi Jia International creates miracles by always standing with love! Thanks for the wonderful trip to San ya, Hainan. ” “This is a very plain township just like a beautiful paradise and everything here is really fantastic. ”Very grateful to Chairman Guo and Mrs Amy Xie offering me such an opportunity to enjoy the scenery here with you. You can not miss it!” “It was such a special journey, as a ordinary employee, I really didn’t expect to come to such a beautiful place and never expect to possess a Scented Rosewood tree of my own. Many thanks to Chairman Guo’s for his generosity, thank you so much!” “Appreciation to the company for helping me to be successful and fruitful! Yi Jia International is a platform for realizing dreams!”

In the evening, a grand bonfire was celebrated in the Sharing Park where Mr. Guo Bingting, founder of Yi Jia International Group & Chairman of the Board addressed a speech to give a warm welcome to all members and demonstrated the origin of the name and the purpose on Scented Rosewood Sharing Park. Remarks are as follows:


The reason why I name it Sharing Park is because I feel warm here and I want to share the win-win results with all of us. Everyone here are Triple-Crown Ambassadors and outstanding employee representatives, but I believe there will be more people to come here in the near future.We can say March 28 for the day when Ambassadors can water trees praying for blessings and have a relaxation with their family members. This is the goal for building the Sharing Park that Mrs Amy Xie and I has decided to invest in the long run and we expect more partners to come, okay? Thank you again for being here and let us enjoy the performance upon the Yi Jia 14th Anniversary Celebration, which can give you a fantastic experience. Let’s make a toast for the Yi Jia career and ourselves for bringing hopes to more people.


We burst into cheers when extending the fire to the woodpile as bright flames rising in the air. The bigger the fire is, the more flourishing the future of Yi Jia career is. We all dance and sing for celebration around the bonfire, drinking and full of expectations. All of us can not help cheering: Yi Jia International creates miracles and fly higher staying true to the mission. Colorful fireworks burnt in the sky as the bonfire faded, symbolizing the glorious Yi Jia in 2018.


This beautiful night in Hainan leaves us a permanent memory. We can truly tell the happiness and pride from the burst of laughter, sincere and sweet blessings, smiling face and meaningful pictures....My dears, let us work together to water the trees greener; Let us inherit the spirit of great love, share weal and woe with enterprises, and strive for the realization of the century-old inheritance as well as the development and glory of the Yi Jia career!