2018 First Wealth Ceremony in Yi Jia Malaysia

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An exciting Coronation Ceremony for the dream of Yi Jia people was grandly performed at the Convention Center of Maya Hotel in Kuala Lumpur on March 18, 2018---The First Wealth Ceremony in Yi Jia Malaysia, which attracted about 500 Malaysian partners crowded in a spacious house. These people who not only gained the affluence and freedom in Yi Jia career, but also realized dreams and life values and created miracles in such unique platform!


Zhuang Zhenyuan, Director of Malaysian Marketing Department delivered an inspiring speech for the gorgeous opening-up which greatly ignited the enthusiasm of the people. “Open, fair and just” as Yi Jia International insisted, it has spared no effort to help every person to realize their dreams and life values for a happy life. Therefore, the company put forward an unprecedented "Wealth Abundance Plan" on November 18, 2017 heartening partners dashing for their dreams and built a fast train for success.

There were 83 partners successfully qualified for being Wealthy Icons after three-month hardwork. They staged to receive honorable Awards distributed by leaders and celebrated with exhilarating music. Wealthy Icon representatives - Jesvin Gan, Jenna Hon and Ade Ong especially thanked the company for giving them a chance for a gorgeous turning point and living a different Life. What they said significantly impressed the audience and encouraged all of them to march forward steadfastly.


Yi Jia International can be a wealthy train, which some people doubt while they have no hesitation on fighting for tickets; Some people gave up and got off the train halfway, while they still held on to the last second and finally set their foot on the brilliant Australian Dream Tour. In addition, 38 qualified Yi Jia International Malaysian Travelers also continuously received Rewards and blessings from the audience and their families on that day. Moreover, Australian travel representatives - Carence Kong and May Lee shared their unforgettable memories in the Tour as well as their heartfelt gratitude to the company, team and families.


The celebration was propelled to the climax by the impassioned sharing from Crown Ambassadors. Crown Ambassador Elyn, Triple Crown Ambassadors Sun Jiajing and Lin Jiahua respectively outlooked the Yi Jia career prospect from the current situation to the growth in 2018. Their forcefully and firmly speaking quickly echoed everyone on the scene in excitement.

The on-site orders more like snowflakes than the staffs could attend to single-handed on that day. However, we clearly know that each order is not just the performance, but more importantly the hopes for partners to open the window of wealth. 2018 First Wealth Ceremony of Yi Jia International came to a joyful conclusion, and Yi Jia wealthy train remains leading every Yi Jia dreamers to a promising future!