Yi Jia GO for a closer heart hand in hand by Sending Love to Huei-Ming and making a Loving world

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Yi Jia International upholds the spirit of “Going forward in the name of love”, helping vulnerable groups and doing philanthropy. On April 22, 2018, staffs of Taiwan Branch Office together with colleagues from Taipei, Taichung and Tainan bring warmth and hope for students to Huei-Ming School for the Blind by sending them supplies and materials.

After arriving at Huei-Ming School, we were guided by the social workers and welcomed by the college students with performance. We could see that they are never feel regretful for losing eyesight at all upon seeing their serious and focused attitude in performance, and what they presented us were their passion for life and confident in never giving up.


Partners singing with children in Huei-Ming School

Happiness and Just Be Yourself Sang by children in Huei-Ming School was just like voices of nature fondling our ears that all partners and children couldn’t help beating time for the song. The last song was A Little Happiness, led by Vice-manager Zheng Lixin in Taiwan Branch, all partners and colleagues hand in hand, touched everyone’s heart.

Yi Jia International has been funding Huei-Ming School for the Blind for a long time, and Yi Jia Lions Clubs participation also donated money except the love materials from staffs in Taipei, Taichung and Tainan. In addition, there are passerby drawn by children’ songs opening their wallets generously. In return, Huei-Ming School also issued a thank-you note thankful to Yi Jia International’s long-term support and caring.

To demonstrate the spirit of activity “Yi Jia GO for a closer heart hand in and by sending Love”. We invited all partners leading children to paint their hands with colors for love markings on the drawing board for a Love image. We encourage partners and colleagues to do Charity cause through the interaction “hands prints with love”, which sprouts charity seeds in each partner’s heart and spread love to all over the world.


Love prints for Yi Jia partners and children

Partners understand that there is big love or small love in the world, sometimes a little love makes a great love. So there are many upper-level leaders led partners to Huei-Ming School for the Blind to do their small part to the child, for hope comes from love and care. Children in Huei-Ming School felt the love even if it can’t be seen.


Children draw the Love painting with upper-level leaders

During lunch time, Yi Jia International prepared pizza and Fried chicken hoping to give different taste for children who seldom eat outside. And the partners took the initiative to guide the children to pick up the meal. Every child was smiled with satisfaction upon tasting the gourmet.


Guide the children to pick up the meal


Preparing meals for the child

Yi Jia International knows deep down inside that only with huge potential and strong wings can we share and spread love to more vulnerable groups. To help those in distress is not just a spur of the moment, but a mission and perseverance. To build a love home in love is the core spirit of Yi Jia International; and we are going to make more contributions to the society by inheriting the love of Yi Jia.


Standing with love is not just a slogan but the efforts from Yi Jia people

Doing charity in the name of love, Yi Jia International shall always stand with love for hopes