Yi Jia International New York Branch Opening Gala Dinner in America

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Yi Jia International underwent ups and downs with glories. It is an extraordinary today, memorable and remarkable. On April 28, 2018, Yi Jia International spent a large sum of money to embrace the foundation of Yi Jia International New York Branch, United States and celebrate it with a gala dinner in Brooklyn Marriott Hotel. It is sacred and exciting that it is a milestone of Yi Jia cause rooted in North America. On that day, Yi Jia International (North America) continued to move forward like a singing song with remarkable results and achievements. Yi Jia people here have witnessed the hard work, growth, adjustment, dedications, and innovative career of our America partners. Today, permeated with big applause and music, under the leadership of Mr. Georgy Guo Bingting, Yi Jia International Group Founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors, together with VIP guests and Yi Jia people, witnessed this glorious moment!


Play American national anthem

In order to celebrate the opening up of Yi Jia International New York Branch, Mr. Georgy Guo Bingting, Yi Jia International Group Founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors, Group Vice President Bobby Chen, Yi Jia International North America Operations Center Vice President and Canadian Executive Director Jessie Ren, together onstage to hold the Champagne Toast Ceremony “in the name of love”.


Let’s propose a toast to wish everyone healthy, longevity, career promotion, happy family, boundless happiness!

VIP Guests introduction

On this commemorative night, we are honored to invite all distinguished guests from all parts of Asia and North America. There are also local dignitaries and people from all walks of life who have taken the time to attend the dinner. They are: Mr. Guo Bingting, founder of Yi Jia International Group and Chairman of the Board of Directors; Mr. Bobby Chen, Yi Jia International Group Vice President; Ms. Jessie Ren,Vice President of Yi Jia International North America Operations Center and Executive Director of Canada; Amy Zou, Yi Jia International American Double Crown Ambassador; Cherry Qi ,Yi Jia International Canada Double Crown Ambassador; Martin & Isabella, Yi Jia International American Double Crown Ambassador; Lu Jie & Liu Weiyi, Yi Jia International Canada Double Crown Ambassador; Lydia Tsang, Yi Jia International Singapore Crown Ambassador; Xiao Xue, Yi Jia International Canada Crown Ambassador; Edward Leung, President of East Ocean Enterprises Limited; Junzhi Li, Researcher of Ganoderma Lucidum Spore Powder; Ralph & Jodie, R&D Specialist of Yi Jia US Production Base; CEO of Sing Tao Daily; John Li, Robin Mui Marketing Director of Ming Pao; Nancy Leung, Founder of Aidan'sRed Envelope Foundation; Jing Li, Project Manager of ProjectSunshine; ProjectSunshine C.O.O Christine Lackowski; Margo Doolittle, ReadWorks operator; Kathy Bloomfield, CEO of ReadWorks; Katy Laird, head of communications of ReadWorks; Veronica Edwards, Senior Assistant of ReadWorks; Shantaa Foster, Community Partnerships Manager of DonorsChoose.

With warm cheers, Mr. Guo Bingting, founder of Yi Jia International Group and Chairman of the Board of Directors went to the stage and delivered a speech.


Distinguished guests, dear partners, ladies and gentlemen. Thank you all for being here. It is a big and an unforgettable day today. Yi Jia people from all over the world join together to celebrate the grand opening up of New York Branch Office, America. In fact, we have our market in America operated for a long time, but its opening up firmly promised our partners in America with a more solid business platform. I am very excited that our partner will have their business and realize their dreams in the platform. So many America experience filled with my head over the past few years. Firstly, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all my good friends who have been supporting us. Secondly, I would like to thank all of colleagues in North American, especially our American colleagues, whether it is LA or New York. It is the hard work and dedication of our colleagues that we gained what we had today. Here, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all our colleagues in North American: Thank you! Thanks to Bobby, Jessie, Ryan, Kyle and Brenda! There are many of you that I didn’t know your name, but you are all in my heart. Thank you very much! I would also like to thank partners who have made dedications in American market. It is your persistence and dedication, trust and support, that made America market thriving today. Just when I was sitting there, your smiling face was just like a movie flashing in my head. I would like to thank Teacher Yafang here. Although she did not come to Singapore for physical conditions, I would like to thank her for her contribution to America market. I would also like to thank Li Ying Liying for what you have done. You’ve been working very hard. And thanks to Cici, Amy, and Michelle. When I came to New York two years ago, there were just a few partners. In Boston, we only had a few people. Today we have more than 10,000 people in the United States. I was very excited. My partners, you are amazing! You are the creators of great miracles! I would like to express my deepest thanks to you. There are many of you that I didn’t know your name, we rarely meet and do not even have the opportunity to talk all over the world, but you are all in my heart, thank you again! The opening of New York Branch today means that Yi Jia International has taken root in the United States, and Yi Jia career will write another new chapter right here where our love cause will blossom. My originality to build this business is to help many people. We create a platform that allows ordinary people to grow up and be fruitful as long as he/she believes, persists, and dares to fight. It is exactly what we talked about: “To succeed and to help others succeed by building a dream platform.” This is the originality for the setup for the company. I want to do good deeds in this way to help more people change their destiny. I want to give back to the society public welfare when the company does better off and earns a lot. I am doing it for ensuring a promising future for us. This is the origin of our Yi Jia International. On March 28 this year, we embraced the 14th Anniversary Celebration of Yi Jia International. I told everyone: Do not forget your initial determination. Only one stay true to his mind can he/she find his/her orientation; only a company hold up its original mission can it thrives and blooms. So here comes our slogan for 2018: Stay true to originality and fly higher! We have already laid a solid foundation for our market in America and we are going to take off. What we need to keep in mind is that why we are keep going; do not forget our promises and expectations. Do remember that we carried on with the trust from our partners and there are still many people waiting us to help them. We are going to call for more elites to be successful and help them stand with love all the time, which is the mission and criteria of our company. Since we donated USD 1 to the charity upon a sale of a bottle of MAIONE Youth Original Essence, we are grateful to help our partners and more people to live a wonderful life. Here I take this opportunity to thank all partners and friends, and I sincerely hope that we our business can be known by more and with more charities as the charity shall no ending but beginning in Yi Jia. Let’s fly higher hand in hand in 2018!

Yi Jia International, as a successful and world-famous enterprise, has become increasingly stronger for the sake of the ideals and love by paying back to the society and help more people. Giving back public interest is one of Yi Jia International's mission and is also the original intention of setting up Yi Jia International by Chairman Guo. Therefore, we selected four different beneficiaries in the United States. We hope that we can do our best to help others and give back to society.


Chairman Guo handed the cheque of USD 10,000 to Shanta Foster, Community Partnerships Manager of DonorsChoose.

DonorsChoose introduced that: DonorsChoose was founded in 2000 and raised more than USD 607 million for classrooms equipment in the United States. Up to now, we have more than 1 million projects have been completed benefiting 27 million students, with DonorsChoose becoming the leading platform for public school in supporting America.


Chairman Guo donated a cheque of USD 10,000 to Christine Lackowski, Cheif Operation Officer of Project Sunshine Representative

Project Sunshine introduced that: ProjectSunshine hopes that all families know that we are behind you if your child faces medical difficulties. The organization helps pediatric patients to overcome psychological and physical diseases covering the whole United States and four other countries.


Chairman Guo donated USD 10,000 to Katy Laird, Kathy Bloomfield, Executive Directors of ReadWorks.

ReadWorks introduced that: ReadWorks is committed to solving the problem of reading comprehension in the United States and students’ achievement gap. Driven by cognitive science, ReadWorks has created a world-class comprehensive tool for improving teacher productivity and student achievement. Today, we have more than 1.1 million educators and 16.5 million students use ReadWorks for free.


Chairman Guo donated USD 20,000 to Nancy Leung, Aidan's RedEnvelope Foundation Founder of Aidan’s Red Envelope Foundation.

Aidan’s Red Envelope Foundation introduced: Aidan’s Red Envelope Foundation is a non-profit organization whose mission is to send “lucky red envelopes” to families of disabled children in Southern California. The establishment of the foundation was inspired by the founder’s eldest son, Aidan. Although he was in a wheelchair with disabilities, he have always been living a rich and enthusiastic life to help others.

Here comes the moment! To reward global partners for your contributions to Yi Jia business, we are here to grant them medals for recognition.

Pearl Level (Group 1)

Awards guests: Sasa, Toronto, Canada Marketing Manager

Winners: Monica Liu, May Yu, Manlin Lee, Lily Chin, Finna Tam, Lisa Li, Sam Zeng, Hannah Zhang, Marcus Yan, Shan Fen Xu, Meiling Tang


Pearl Level (Group 2)

Award Presenter: Lucy, Marketing Manager of Vancouver, Canada

Winners: Meilin, Amy Chow, Kim Hong, Eveyln Yip, XiaoYing Lin, Jenny Phoo, Shirley Chen, XiaoQin Liu, Ling Liang, Ada Lam


Pearl Level (Group 3)

Awards guests: Sasa, Toronto, Canada Marketing Manager

Winners: Lina Lin, Harriet Lee, JinLin Jiang, Eunice Ting, Jamie Trans, Jenny Chen, Yajiao Li, Amy Sun, Danny Ngo, Victoria Pudish

Pearl Level + Yi Jia Star:

Winners: Lina Lin, Harriet Lee


Sharing and performance from American member Belinda


As we all know, MAIONE series anti-aging products have a magical effect on our face. Here is the user experience from an American member. “I grew up in the small town of Oklahoma, and my mother took me and my brother to swim every day. I didn’t do the sun protection to protect the skin, so I left a lot of freckles on my face. In July 2012, my husband and I had a serious traffic accident, which made me depressed in the following two years as my facial freckles turned worse. I tried different concealer and ointment formula prepared by the doctors, but unfortunately it did not help at all. On February 2016, my father know about Maione through Mitch. I know that Maione is a magical treasure I have been looking for after I conducted detailed research on its products and ingredients. My left face was immediately lifted in my first time using Maione Youth Original Essence and the effect was very obvious. So I decided to join Maione as a partner. Not only did I raise my cheeks, my freckles that had troubled me for years also gradually disappeared. The wrinkles on the forehead began to disappear, and even the skin of the bags under the eyes was tightened. I love the products snice there are many of you witnessing the change of me. I thank you all and thank Maione grant me youth and beauty! Maione make my face brand NEW!!”


Awards guest: Kyle Lei, Marketing Manager, America

Winners: Tiffany Ngo, MeiMei, Qingzi, Jessica Zhao, Christy Yu, Lily, Shirley Chen, Lien Nguyen


Sapphire + Yi Jia Star (Group 1)

Winners: Maggie Ngo, Yoyo Li, Cindy Lin, Choon Lan Wai, Brenda Tai, Joan Li


Sapphire + Yi Jia Star (Group 2)

Winners: Su Xu, Christine, Xin Chen, Cyndy Zhou, Kitty Ng, Rena Liu


Ruby + Yi Jia Star

Awards guests: Ryan Fang, Marketing Director of Yi Jia International North American

Winners: Michelle Ngo, Cici Liu, Bin Bin


Ruby + Yi Jia Star + Yi Jia Core Award:

Winner: Cici Liu


Sharing from Crown Ambassador

Yi Jia International has established a perfect recognition system in commending the excellent performance of our partners. At this glorious occasion, the Crown Ambassador and the Double Crown Ambassador were invited to give us a splendid speech to share their stories.

Xiao xue, Yi Jia International Crown Ambassador of Canada


“I harvested freedom and wealth under the guidance of Chairman Guo, do as the company says and ling to the end heart and soul!”

Lydia Tsang, Yi Jia International Singapore Crown Ambassador


“Today I stand on the stage of glory for the recognition. I am very excited and very happy to witness Yi Jia International’s take-off in North America. I am not winning at the starting line, but a turning point! We must work hard, trust each other and keep going. Thanks to Chairman Guo and all partners.”

Cherry Qi, Yi Jia International Canada Double Crown Ambassador

億嘉國際加拿大雙皇冠大使 Cherry Qi


Yi Jia International’s products are excellent. I have gained wealth in sharing products. Thanks to Chairman Guo, thank all the guests presented here, thanks to all staffs in North American, you do help me a lot in my growth”

Martin & Isabella, Yi Jia International American Double Crown Ambassador


“Hengyi System is a very good training system in Yi Jia International. We have come here to study again and keep replicating it. We really thank Chairman Guo for Yi Jia’s Love.”

Award Ceremony for Double Crown Ambassador

First winner: Lu Jie & Liu Weixi, Yi Jia International Canada Double Crown

Ambassador Awarding guests: Jessie Ren, Vice President of Yi Jia International North America Operations Center and Executive Director of Canada

Double Crown Ambassador Lu Jie & Liu Wei from Canadian whose bonus amount: USD $210,890


“I understand that it is the age of Wealth 4.0. The platform changes your life, the system changes your fate! Believe in yourself and the company, you can create miracles!”

Second winner: Amy Zou, Yi Jia International American Double Crown Ambassador


Awards guest: Bobby Chen, Vice President of Yi Jia International Group

Double Crown Ambassador Amy Zou from America whose bonus amount: USD$236,583


“All the efforts and dedications are deserving. Thanks to Chairman Guo for your love and generosity. Gratitude to those partners once led on line, thanks to the team and colleagues in the company, especially to the partners who have been supporting me. we all can be better off and fly higher under the Chairman Guo!”

Thank all Crowns and Double Crown Ambassadors for sharing so many valuable lessons for us. I wish you every success in Yi Jia and help more partners realize their dreams.


Yi Jia International Group was founded on March 28, 2004 and now has over 30 subsidiaries around the world. Create a dream platform to create a love home. Every Yi Jia partner struggles in the same platform for a dream like a family. We have to support each other, help each other, love each other, and build a relationship of mutual trust and love. Our time together is always short. We are grateful all the way in Yi Jia International. Time never dies, we never part. Let’s wish Yi Jia International a better tomorrow, hand in hand, side by side!