Yi Jia International Southeast Asia 2018 Award Ceremony cum New Product Launch Event

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White is a symbol of purity, just as the MAIONE brand and Health+ series products in Yi Jia International, which promotes pure natural, zero pollution, zero additives. Gold is a symbol of glory, which is an epitome of the Yi Jia people in pursuit of their dreams, vast and brilliant. On May 6, 2018, the Putrajaya Marriott Hotel was crowded with people where Yi Jia International Southeast Asia 2018 Award Ceremony cum New Product Launch Event was celebrated by Yi Jia people to witness sailing of Southeast Asian market!


Mr. George Guo Bingting, Yi Jia International Founder & Board Chairman, kicked off the event with an inspiring speech:


Distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, dear partners, it is the Southeast Asia 2018 Award Ceremony today, especially for Malaysian partners, which can be a glorious moment for them. The theme “Blooming and Glory” honors to all of our Malaysian partners. Malaysian performance has achieved 500% growth in just a few months. That’s amazing! It is because we have a number of outstanding leaders in Malaysia with their commitment and persistence that we can gained such good performance. One of the glories that has brought us has allowed us to create one miracle after another in the Malaysian market. Yi Jia International is born with only one thing that is to create miracles! And you Malaysia is the miracle of Yi Jia International! You are the best! I was also very happy and very comforting when I saw the charity film in Southeast Asia, because it means the spirit of Yi Jia International has been passed down in Malaysia and Southeast Asia. Here I would also like to thank all Malaysian leaders and partners, thank you! We sell products in the name of love to help partners. Today we are spreading our love and promoting our business with love. For love, we are motivated, and we can never lose the direction. You have done a very good job in Southeast Asia!

It is an Award Ceremony as well as a New Product Launch Event. We are going to release several new products. We select raw materials and make formula research from the very beginning, which were the efforts from our research staff’s cooperation and hard work with our partners. Before the products came out, we were very cautious about our products and uphold the basic law of products research and we do not harm animals. All of our raw materials are natural as we go after the three “Best”: Use the best raw materials; The best manufacturing technique; To achieve the best effect. We repeatedly tested and finally determined the formula. Here I would like to express my gratitude to all R&D personnel for their dedications, and thanks to our partners who have been supporting our products. Thank you!

The reason why we are so cautious about products is because of the spirit of Yi Jia International, which was also the initiative of the company. I started this company for doing good deeds. To make a good product in a platform to help others healthy youth and beauty, where more people can be helped, so that they can be changed and realize their dreams. This is what we say to create a business platform, a dream platform. We are doing great things when we help more people with our products and our career opportunities. We took out a portion of our profits to help the country for doing good deeds. This is the initiative for building the enterprise, which is also the soul and motivation of our Yi Jia career.

Therefore, we themed the 14th Annual Anniversary “Stay true to the mission to fly higher” on March 28th, 2018. Only we remain initiative can we find our direction and motivation to fly higher! So today we had a good situation in our Southeast Asian market with so many partners and customers benefit from our products and our business opportunities. I hope that all our Malaysian partners stay true to the mission. Don’t forget why we started and why we want to run this business. Only in this way can we continue to create miracles and our partners grow stronger, so as to help more people.

Today, “Blossom of Glory” is a summary a commendation of the outstanding achievements made in the past. We should not lie on the books, but we should be far-sighted and keep the mission and responsibilities in mind. We need to help and support people that we can help others succeed by nurturing the spirit of entrepreneurship; leaving a legacy of success for the next generation, always standing together with love. I come to Malaysia is because our partners have achieved outstanding results and never forgotten the spirit, the responsibility and the mission of Yi Jia. It is your attitude deeply appealed me that drove me to America. Furthermore, I have always been worried about Malaysian partners, so I have always told me to tell myself that I must come to Malaysia to thank you in person. I would like to commend you all and it is very important since I place great hopes on you. I hope all of you whether from Malaysia or Singapore here today will not forget your initiative in 2018 and lead all their partners to fly higher! Yi Jia International will create miracles! Malaysia is another miracle! Glory will belongs to Malaysia! Come on! Do your best! Malaysian partners, let us go forward for our dreams and success! Thank you all!

In the magnificent course of Yi Jia International behind are our partners’ night and day, who share their careers and promote their products so that Yi Jia’s flag can wave in the blue sky of Southeast Asia! Therefore, the company specially held an award ceremony to give awards and recognition to them. We invited the elites of Crystal, Pearl, Sapphire, and Ruby came onto the stage one by one to receive the honor granted by leaders of the company. Audience suddenly fell into turmoil and felt proud when the Triple Crown Ambassadors - Sun Jiajing, Lin Jiahua and Xu Xiaoping - received the highest glory from Chairman Guo.


Yi Jia International has been cultivating its beautiful business and the star brands MAIONE and Health Plus series products, which have created a beautiful life for countless people around the world. After many years research by the company’s research team, our latest product, the Advanced MAIONE Youth Original Essence, Black seed oil and Wuxing Daily Meal were finally officially unveiled. Audience was extremely excited about the debut on three new products. A healthy body is the basic of our lives, and the external beauty is the source of our self-confidence. We firmly believe that with the companion of the three products applied internally and externally, we are bound to have a healthy and beautiful life.


The Wealth Abundance plan launched today in the Southeast Asian market has received a sound effect. Partners actively forge ahead. Not only did we have a large number of partners who won Wealth Abundance Plan Awards, but we also had a number of partners who had won Australian Tour Achiever and Yearly Tour Achiever Awards. In addition, Jesvin won a luxury RV that everyone claimed in the 168 luxury car program. The entire venue permeated with an atmosphere of glory and joy and everyone came to stage to send their congratulation to the heroes. What we saw in award-winners is not only the material wealth, but also the spiritual wealth! They embrace their dreams with actions, perseverance and performance!


Yesterday, we wrote a splendid chapter with excellent results in Southeast Asia market of Yi Jia International. Today, we harvested the highest glory of the Yi Jia people with fruitful harvest; Tomorrow, let’s sing the song of victory to the world with our unremitting Yi Jia spirit!