2018 Yi Jia International Taiwan Takeoff Awards Ceremony

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On May 19, 2018, Yi Jia International Taiwan Takeoff Ceremony was held at the Taichung International Conference Center. Mr. George Guo Bingting, Yi Jia International Founder & Board Chairman (hereinafter referred to as the Chairman), with partners, gathered together to attend the 2018 Taiwan Takeoff Ceremony.


The cheerleaders performed with the most passionate dance in the opening to boost themorale of our partners.


Themed as “Taiwan Takeoff Year”, it praised the leaders who promoted to be Crystal and above before January 6, 2018 and heroes of the tournament and Yi Jia International 14th Annual Anniversary.


Triple Crown Ambassadors Angel and Gingko from Hong Kong were invited to share their hard work and selfless dedication to Yi Jia Career. Triple Crown Ambassadors Angel depended on herself from debt to success in the Hong Kong market. She chose the right platform and did the right thing. Now she has successfully harvested her dreams and bettered off. The Triple Crown Ambassadors Gingko upholds the consistent spirit of Yi Jia International, restart, simply believes, and follows the team culture. It is her greatest achievement to cherish to help partners successful.


Today we are honored to have Chairman Guo to be here to take the opportunity to address for us.

Dear colleagues and friends, I can’t help recalling when we only have a few partners in Taiwan in the beginning, who touched me by their persistent pursuits. I said: Since the decision came to find me, man has a motto and a creed of life that to defend your life promises. The company will surely handle all legal procedures and take root in Taiwan.At that time, we had two plans. One was a 10-year market plan to win the industry championship; the other was a 10-year charitable plan. To make a charitable donation of NT$100 million in Taiwan, and it has already accumulated to over NT$10 million.Every time we sell a bottle of MAIONE Original Essence, we will donate NT $ 10 for charity. Furthermore, the nutrition products also have a percentage of sales for charitable fund in Taiwan.Taiwan has created two family Triple Crown Ambassadors, and Double Crown Ambassadors, Crown Ambassadors, Ruby and Emerald in less than four years. Whether Carroll and Hong chang these elders, or Xue Lin, Huai yi and Jing yi, we made Taiwan stronger, and a miracle. The front row of Carroll and Xue Lin, Hong chang, Huai yi, thank you for your ideal and faith to fulfill the mission of Yi Jia International.Yi Jia International creates miracles and Yi Jia Taiwan will take off. Under the leadership of all the leaders of the Taiwan market, and full cooperation of all partners, Taiwan is going to take off now; Taiwan must take off, and Taiwan are bound to take off. I sincerely hope that all the family members of Taiwan can join your hands together to help more partners. Taiwan will win and take off absolutely.


One of the legends of Yi Jia International, a hawker worker Chen Hongchang who changed his life because of Yi Jia International and MAIONE. Let us follow him find life, seize the opportunity for success.


To see is to believe, so the miracle needs witnessing. Today we invited the leader of Yi Jia Core Hong Ruyi and the youngest and cute Ahan to share their story with MAIONE. The real testimony of the product: How can a little girl feel happy and become youthful because MAIONE. And it is also a beautiful miracle of Yi Jia International.


When the LED lights flashed “Yi Jia International creates miracles.” The whole party cheered with joy.


She, Liu Xinyu, witnessed the growth of Yi Jia International as well as the development of Taiwan market. Today, she unveiled the mystery of Yi Jia International for the opportunities to embrace the future and success.


The growth and exhilaration of Yi Jia International in the past 14 years have turned into scenes deeply highlighting in everyone’s heart. Let us meet in Australia next time for realizing dreams.


Everyone is eager to succeed. Yi Jia International’s dream platform not only provides Yi Jia people with a sky to dream and challenge themselves, but also embrace a wonderful career in Yi Jia International. Every leader on the stage today is forging ahead with his progress, sharing and diligent to cultivate a happy future.

Taiwan miraculously witnessed leaders from all over the world and created an insurmountable career model yesterday.Today, it welcomes these heroes to the glorious stage.Taiwan will make every heroes dream come true tomorrow.Let us once again pay tribute and congratulations to all the heroes! And we would like to thank Chairman Guo, Triple Crown Ambassadors Angel and Gingko from Hong Kong to witness the takeoff of Taiwan market in 2018. Let us look forward to the wonderful future of Yi Jia International.