Spread and Transfer Love——Donation Acception and Award Ceremony of Millions of Rolls of Public Welfare Funds

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It’s easy to do good deed for once, for a month and for a year, but it requires the inmost willingness for a lifetime. On May 29, 2018, the 2017/2018 Yearly Donation Acception and Award Ceremony of Millions of Rolls of Public Welfare Funds was grandly held in Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, and hundreds of social organization delegates dressed up to attend it.


This grand ceremony has invited deputy director general of Home Affairs Bureau Mr. Chen Jizhi as chairman of the guest. He expressed in his speech that public welfare fund and love from people has been converged into a magnificent Hong Kong warm current to help the old and weak in the society. This year’s Hong Kong Island and Jiu Long District Walks for Million has an aspiring achievement with 17,000 participants and donations of over 13,000,000 HKD. He claimed that all the donations will be donated to member public welfare institution subsidized by public welfare fund. The donations will be used to improve and develop family and children welfare service.

To help others succeed by nurturing the spirit of entrepreneurship; leaving a legacy of success for the next generation, always standing together with love. Yi Jia International has always been active in fulfilling corporate citizenship, supporting social welfare, caring about grassroot family and disadvantage group. This year marks the second year in a row of attending the Hong Kong Island and Jiu Long District Walks for Million, and nearly 400 families and friends are on the road of love, sending love, concern, warmness and hope to those in need in the society.


When Yi Jia International attended Walks for Million for the first time last year, Yi Jia International and its partners collected 182,259 HKD and was awarded the Outstanding Hiking Team by the activity organizer; just one year past, our donation amount created a new high, increased about 60% compared with last year. We were awarded No.5 highest fundraising institution and No.1 highest fundraising progress award with donation amount of 305,544 HKD. All this has embodied the great love of Yi Jia International of walking with love, never give up and not willing to left behind in doing good.


Spreading love is the responsibility of enterprise, but more importantly, it is the honor of Yi Jia people. Do good to the world in the name of love has always been the core value of Yi Jia International. We are born for love and fight for love. The primary stage of managing Yi Jia career and establish team is to build a magnetic field, create a good environment for everyone to accept our high quality product and get recognition from everyone. But for the next stage, we need to upgrade our magnetic field to the highest level charity field, which means that we come here for benefit, but stay here for love. Here, thanks again for all the active participation of partners. We believe firmly that Yi Jia International’s donation amount for Walks for Million must increase dramatically next year.