Yi Jia International Canada Toronto Branch Successfully Held Its Opening Ceremony and Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony

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In 2018, Yi Jia International comes to the most competitive multi-cultural financial city——Toronto, Canada. On June 18,the opening ceremony and ribbon-cutting ceremony of Yi Jia International Canada Toronto branch were successfully held.

Accompanied by the beautiful flowers and festive decoration, Canada senior manager, crown ambassador, leaders and partners presented at Toronto branch office and started a new milestone for east area market development. The opening ceremony of Yi Jia International Canada Toronto branch also kicked off in brand new office accompanied by flowers. Nearly 300 partners have witnessed this grand opening ceremony.


Yi Jia International Canada Toronto branch is located at the Northeast of Toronto with convenient transportation. (Address: Unit503, 50 Minthorn Blvd, Markham, ON L3T7X8 ) The branch office is located at the headquater of Bank of China with an area of 500 feet. The office has the biggest training room in North America, which can accommodate hundreds of people. The office is bright and has a professional product display area.


Yi Jia International features three major product lines, namely, MAIONE for skin care, HEALTH+ for nutrition and Vii for daily necessities. All products are produced based on the principle of never hurting animals by adopting plants as raw materials instead. Yi Jia International is equipped with a professional team combining R&D, production, sales and service. While striving to run business and help others realize their dreams, Yi Jia International adheres to its original intension of “doing good” .There is only beginning but no end for our Canada branch to do charity. In Canada, we will donate CAD 1 to the local charity upon a sale of a bottle of MAIONE Youth Original Essence

Good news keep pouring in at the opening ceremony: there are rising number of partners reached the standard of enjoying Hawaii journey! From 2018 to 2019, luxury Hawaii journey worth of USD 3000 is about to start! Free of five-star luxury hotel plane ticket! A lot more surprises are waiting for us and just enjoy the beautiful journey of sunshine, sea wave and beach. Realize dream in Yi Jia International, realize dream in Hawaii.


The lion wakes up with eyes open, spreading happiness and auspiciousness, implies prosperity and wealth, and business is thriving. This is also the blessings the awaken lion sent to Yi Jia International, which congratulates that the Toronto branch will have a brighter future in the following years. Festive music and colorful fireworks showed a jubilant warm atmosphere, because this is a grand ceremony of Yi Jia International. When the ribbon-cutting ceremony starts, Yi Jia International vice president Bobby Chen, Yi Jia International North America Operations Center Vice President and Canadian Executive Director Jessie Ren, North America Marketing Director Ryan Fang, Canada Director of Operation Hank Yan, Taiwan Triple Crown Ambassador Carroll, Canada Double Crown Ambassador Cherry married couple of Lu Jie & Liu Wei, Canada Crown Ambassador Xiao Xue, Singapore Crown Ambassador Lydia went to the stage together and cut the ribbon for the opening ceremony of Toronto branch.


During the nameplate unveiling ceremony, company senior managers and partners unveiled the four big, red, and splendid words of “Yi Jia International” in front of us. Yi Jia International Canada branch opened a brand new page under the cheers and thunderous applause of our partners.

Everyone cut roast pig and prayed for good luck and happiness, which indicated the thriving and flourishing of our Canada branch.


During the lucky draw, company prepared luxury Hermes scarves, in the name of love pearl bracelet, Maione series product and Bluti etc. as presents. North America senior manager sent the good fortune to partners by drawing the lucky lottery.

The opening of Yi Jia International Toronto branch is another major breakthrough for Yi Jia International in North America market. As one of the most populous cities in Canada as well as the core city in the east, Toronto enjoys a huge market share. We will definitely further expand market and realize the growth of North America market under the arduous efforts of everyone.

Our Toronto branch will welcome the coming of Yi Jia International partners with a brand-new appearance, warm and considerate service. “Never forget our original aspiration but jointly forging ahead”, and let’s create a better tomorrow for Yi Jia International with joint efforts.