「Walk With Love and Never Give Up」 Yi Jia International Canada branch office has always been on the road of appreciation and dedication

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As a successful, socially responsible and internationally well-known enterprise, Yi Jia International has made persistent dedication, grown bigger and bigger gradually for dream and love to make contribution to the society and help more people. Making contribution to the public welfare is one of the missions of Yi Jia International and also the original intension for chairman Guo BinTing to establish Yi Jia International.

On June 7, after nearly one month elaborate preparation, under the leadership of Jessie Ren, vice-president of North America operation center and Canada Ceo of Yi Jia International, adhering to Chairman Guo’s original intension of charity, leaders of Yi Jia International and its staff members went to Oakridge Seniors Centre in Vancouver, Canada. They did voluntary work, visited the old and contributed their love. As the volunteer of this activity, leaders went to the site very early to make preparations. They provided services to the old, helped moving the table and chair, prepared exquisite dessert and comforted each other, which embodied the selflessness and great love of leaders.


Amid warm applause, the host of this event——CMO of North America Ryan Fang mounted the rostrum. He introduced this event: Today’s theme is Yi Jia Culture Day, and there will be performance of Chinese characteristic brought by our partners. In addition, he made a brief introduction of the company and highlight the strong willingness of doing public welfare. For the health of the old, volunteers distributed Bluti super blueberry and leaflets. The ingredients in Bluti such as blueberry, HIGH ORAC, Fucoidan, resveratrol ect. has antioxidant ability, anti-aging ability, heart protection ability, stroke-prevention ability. What’s more, it contains low sugar and has a sweet and sour flavor so that it’s very suitable for the old people to drink.


While putting efforts in managing career and help others to realize their dreams, Yi Jia International has always been adhere to its original intention of “doing good” and actively make contributions to the society. Jessie Ren, vice-president of North America operation center and Canada Ceo of Yi Jia International, donated 1 CAD check to Mary, making contributions to the public welfare and charity.


Oakridge Seniors Centre prepared the cake to thank the love and dedication of Yi Jia International Canada branch office. Jessie Ren, vice-president of North America operation center, Canada CEO of Yi Jia International and the head of Oakridge Seniors Centre Mary cut the cake together.


In Canada, we will donate 1 CAD to local charity institution after selling one bottle of Maione Youth Original Essence. Walk with love and never give up is not only a slogan, but also the dedication Yi Jia People has made.