Spreading and Always Standing Together With Love

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Yi Jia International Australia Branch visited Chinese Parents Association – Children With Disabilities Inc.

After visiting Chinese Parents Association – Children With Disabilities Inc. for the first time on March 3, 2018, we visited CPA again on June 23, 2018, gathering the love of people and delivered it to those in need. Under the leadership of Yi Jia International's Global Executive President Mrs. Jiang Bo and Global Vice President Mr. Zheng Lixin, all the staff of Yi Jia International Australia branch, together with enthusiastic partners from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia and their families and relatives, visited the company with love and care, and let children feel the warmth of society.


Partners from Hong Kong attended the charity event


Partners from Taiwan actively attended this meaningful charity event

Upon arrival, the community staff took us on a tour to visit a non-profit, non-religious charity named Heep Hong Society which firmly believed that all special groups should be treated equally and enjoy a rich and meaningful life regardless of their color, race or belief. Their value coincide with Yi Jia International’s mission of " To help others succeed by nurturing the spirit of entrepreneurship; leaving a legacy of success for the next generation, always standing together with love.” Through a second visit to Heep Hong Society with actions to support the promotion activities, the visit had not only adhered to Yi Jia International group founder Mr. Guo Bingting’s persistence of "money, people and heart should all be together when doing good things”, but also led more love flow into the hearts of children in Heep Hong Society.


Partners of Australia branch dedicated themselves in charity with joy

Partners couldn’t help to open their hearts and arms to embrace the children at the first sight of their cheerful and enthusiastic eyes. At that moment, everyone linked their hearts together regardless of age and race, and together they had completely sincere communication. Then, we enjoyed the delicious cake prepared for kids whose birthdays are in June and also invited the chairman of CPA to attend the Australia New Product Launch on 26th June.


Australia branch prepared the birthday cake and pizza for children at CPA.

After the event, everyone enjoyed the pizza, fried chicken and Yi Jia fashionable product Bluti at CPA. This Bluti magic is full of nutrients and has the effect of antioxidant, so everyone will be more healthy, young and beautiful. It harvested enthusiastic praise at the event.


We prepared the Bluti juice for everyone to experience this blue magic of anti-oxidant and multi-nutrient.

Partners were all deeply moved by their second visit to Chinese Parents Association – Children With Disabilities Inc. They were grateful for being able to contribute to the weak and poor of the society and rewarded with the gratitude from the children. We should stick to our original aspiration of helping others, motivating others and facing the world with a brave attitude. Today’s charitable event is unforgettable and happy for global Yi Jia partners. Just as Chairman Guo has said, money reduces but love accumulates by sharing. To help others one should start from trivial matters. No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted. Achieving self-actualization while helping others is the biggest happiness in life.