Yi Jia International Dream Trip——Six Days and Five Nights in Australia Phase II

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From 23 June to 28 June 2018, Yi Jia International 2018 Dream Trip Six Days and Five Nights in Australia continued to spread love. Continuing the Australia Trip in March this year, partners praised highly of the itineraries arranged by the company. Thanks to the elaborate planning by the company, everyone had not only received VIP service and super five-star enjoyment but also a sense of feeling at home during the whole trip.

In June, Australia is just at the beginning of the Winter and has a scenery and landscape totally different from March. Partners from all over the world gathered together, having fun with each other.


Beautiful Australia is rich in geographic scenery, humanities resources, ethnic group cultures and precious plants and animals. Our Australia branch specially arranged koala bears and kangaroo puppets for partners to take photo with when they arrived at the airport, which promoted everyone to have a full expectation for the following journey.

【June 23th】

Global Partners Arrived at Australia Airport in the Gracious Welcome of Koala Bears and Kangaroos

Partners arrived at the Sydney Airport with incomparable excited mood. When seeing the Koala Bears and Kangaroos after walking out of the airport, they were so thrilled to take pictures so as to forget all tiredness of the journey and embrace the following days of Australia trip with fresh new spirit. Although Australia has entered into Winter in June, it’s still a very suitable place for traveling. Its city view showed a sense of literature and art, so different international recreational and sports events are held here. Coffee Bar and restaurant of local features, world-class fashion shopping center, and five-star Sheraton Hotel in Sydney…… All these add gorgeous charm to this country. Australia really deserves to be rated as one of “The most livable city in the world”.


【June 24th】

Sydney Royal Botanic Garden

Sydney Royal Botanic Garden is a spacious and elegant oasis near the Circular Quay and Hyde Park as well as a good place for local people to relax. Partners saw a large field of green grassland, and lied down on the ground happily, enjoying the cozy and pleasant holiday.

Founded in 1816, the Royal Botanic Garden is a world-class botanical garden of thousands of plants. It also contains wild animals such as colorful birds, flying foxes and striped iguanas. In the park, you can not only see the commercial center of Sydney, but also the famous landmark such as Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge. You can fully experience the tranquility of downtown, and enjoy different sceneries regardless of the four seasons. We left many unforgettable memories and photos with our friends!


St. Mary's Cathedral

Built in 1865, St. Mary's church took more than 60 years to complete in 1928. The main body is made of sandstone masonry. The sharp arch of gothic architecture can be seen in its imposing manner. Partners were amazed to take photos and the sceneries left a deep impression in their hearts.

Fish market


In addition to the magnificent architecture and beautiful scenery, partners who have attended the Australia Trip last time also shared another place named the Sydney fish market with everyone after they went back to the company. In the market you can see seafoods of different shapes and sizes. You can choose from a wide variety of juicy Atlantic oyster, super king crab, lobster, fresh salmon.... There are both raw and cooked food, so it is wonderful to have people's praise. It is not only satisfying to see, but also satisfying to eat.


Sydney Opera House

The Sydney Opera House is known as the most distinctive architecture of the 20th century as well as the world-famous place for New Year’s Eve firework. Nobody comes to Australia without visiting here. With the excitement of pilgrimage, everyone took turns to take photos in front of the specially designed opera house.


Being able to enjoy such precious chance of traveling in beautiful Australia, partners shared the moment of joy to families and friends through webcast and recorded their personal Australia travel diary. With plenty of dessert shops, jewelry shops, coffee houses and restaurants around the opera house and port, we could see a lot of tourists were enjoying their afternoon tea. It’s so cozy and full of holiday style!


Worth visiting, the University of Sydney ─known as " Oxford of the Southern Hemisphere"

Founded in 1850, the University of Sydney is a top historic university located in the center of Sydney, Australia. It has been praised as one of the most beautiful university campuses in the world by the media. It is the largest university in Australia, ranking 14th in the world, and has been praised as the "Oxford of the Southern Hemisphere".

When partners were walking in this world-class university with a profound history, a long-cherished admiration arose in their hearts. They were even awed by the beauty of this historic and cultural heritage gothic architecture. Except for the admiration, they also hope that they can keep learning, making progress in their career and gain more life experience and knowledge from tourism.


【June 25th 】

Blue Mountains National Park

Australia Blue Mountain National Park is listed in the great blue mountain world heritage area, which attracts millions of tourists every year. It is famous for its rich ecological habitat, magnificent natural landscape and aboriginal cultural assets, and is also one of the most popular tourist attractions in Australia.

The Blue Mountain National Park, with its vast cliffs, canyons, millions of hectares of tall forests, sandstone cliffs, waterfalls and jungles, is home to many rich species and diverse landscapes. Climb the beautiful blue mountain of this uncanny craftsmanship and enjoy the distant view. Don't forget ambitious speech you have made to Yi Jia Life. Hope to lead all the partners to walk all over the world, ascend the peak together and create miracle after miracle! Be famous in the name of Yi Jia!


Three Sisters

The Three Sisters stands between cliffs on Jamison Valley. After thousands of years of weather processing, its height is more than 900 meters. The scenery of Three Sisters varies with time and season so that partners can appreciate their various styles in the sun or at night sky.

The Most Beautiful Fairy Tale Town in Australia——Leura

Leura is a fairy-tale town at the foot of the blue mountains. The houses and shops in the town are all full of European style. There is no traffic, large crowds of tourists and busy shopping street. Everywhere are so quiet, cozy and beautiful.


Cruise Dinner

Luxury cruise dinner is a banquet for the guests who must come once in a lifetime. Mr. Zheng Lixin, vice President of Yi Jia International, invited us to raise our glasses together. On the one hand, he thanked partners for their hard work, on the other hand, he wished everyone will achieve their dreams. The partners also returned their respect to the company, thanking the company for hosting and arranging this trip to Australia as well as the considerate banquet hosted by Yi Jia International. The joyful atmosphere filled the whole cruise ship. The dinner party is held for those who were born in June and warm atmosphere touched every family. This is really a big family with beauty and love! Tonight with elegant music and romantic atmosphere, let’s have unforgettable memories and sweet experience. Let’s look forward to the next time traveling around the world with families and friends by Yi Jia wings!


【June 26th 】

Australian New Product Launch

“Enjoy life for a gorgeous turning” Australia new product launch event is no doubt the highlight of this Australia trip. The event was grandly held at Sheraton on The Park in Sydney, Australia. Yi Jia International CEO Mrs. Jiang Bo (hereinafter referred to as Mrs. Jiang), global vice-president Mr. Zhen Lixin (hereinafter referred to as Mr. Zhen), Australia former senator Shen Huixia and partners from all over the world attended the event.Two new products will be introduced at the event, namely, MAIONE Youth Original Essence and Bluti blueberry. Another event is that AUD 10,000 will be handed to the head of CPA under the witness of global partners of Yi Jia International. Yi Jia International wished to take its responsibility of providing continuous help to the growth of children.A Journey of one thousand miles starts with one single step. The beginning lies in the believe and action of the present moment.


【June 27th】

Australia Gledswood Winery Tour

The wine region of Australia produces more than 100 different grape varieties, so Australia wine is well known in the world. Gledswood, which was founded in 1835, is a winery with rich history and culture and is known as the best private garden in Sydney. The winery includes a grand ballroom, living room and wine cellar that can hold about 20,000 bottles.

After visiting the Gledswood winery in this grand and beautiful city, the partners had a after-party of wine barrel rolling and grape picking. It was followed by private wine tastings, an explanation of wine knowledge, and the classic grand luncheon of a winery experience that was very new and interesting to most people.


【June 28th】

Coming again to Australia in the southern hemisphere, except for returning back with full luggage, our partners have also opened another vision of life. With a cheerful mood, a humble attitude and a spirit of continuous learning, we continue to inherit the spirit of Yi Jia International, spreading beauty and love together. We create higher value and more brilliant life by sharing!