Yi Jia International Go with Love Charity Visit Day

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Yi Jia International is born for love and fights for love. Since Yi Jia International was founded, , Yi Jia International has always been adhering to its original intention of “doing good” and positively making contributions to the society, while at the same time putting efforts in managing career and helping others to realize their dreams. Under the leadership of president wife Mrs. Amy Xie, family members of Yi Jia International Hong Kong branch office sent their love and care to the community, bringing love to the ex-mentally ill of AEMIHK.


On the same day, the Yi Jia family members set off from the company and arrived at the meeting site of AEMIHK in the Shek Kip Mei Nanshan estate.


President Kuang Zhihui of AEMIHK expressed special thanks in a speech to Yi Jia International’s charity visit. He also appreciate Yi Jia International for their great support to AEMIHK, enabling them to more actively promote public mental health education, social understanding of the ex-mentally ill persons and survivors who take active part in the activities about mental health and social affairs.


Then, Mr. Zhen Denan, general manager of Yi Jia International Hong Kong Branch, delivered the speech. The full text is as follows:

Adhering to the great mission of " To help others succeed by nurturing the spirit of entrepreneurship; leaving a legacy of success for the next generation, always standing together with love.", Yi Jia International regards love as corporate culture and value, actively undertakes social responsibilities, and helps to support the disadvantaged groups in society. Today, on behalf of my colleagues and compassionate senior members, I would like to thank AEMIHK for giving us the opportunity to contribute and serve our society. Mr. George Guo, founder and chairman of Yi Jia International group, has been participating in and hosting charitable events in the name of love all over the world, including Taiwan, Malaysia, Canada, the United States and Macau. At the beginning of this year, chairman Guo even promised to donate HKD $2 to AEMIHK from March 28, 2018 to March 27, 2019. In the future, with the continuous expansion of Yi Jia International group, we will definitely do more good things to benefit the disadvantaged groups and contribute our strength. Thank you.


In order to practice the spirit of "self-help and mutual help, harmony and integration", AEMIHK specially arranged a number of activities, including interactive games and "real person library". The so-called "real person library" is actually the person of the mental rehabilitation. When you read books, you can learn about the stories and experiences of the rehabilitants and the importance of mental health. At the same time change the view of the rehabilitants through the interaction, loving and accepting them.

The interaction with the rehabilitators not only promotes the understanding of the ex-mentally ill people, but also reflects Yi Jia International’s intention of building community——promoting a society of caring and integration.


After the event, the chairman's wife, Amy Xie, made the following remarks:

I am very happy to come to the service center of AEMIHK with my partners and colleagues. As the group will hold the annual meeting on July 20, I am very busy. I did not have time to come here, but because it is a charity event, I must come to participate. After coming here, I think Yi Jia International can really learn a lot every time it hosts these charity events, especially here, I have a different view of people who are in psychiatric rehabilitation. Before the event, I wrote "poor people" to describe them. It was pathetic to experience such things. But after their share, I think they are actually very happy, why? Because, at least, they know they can recover. In fact, there are many people around us who do not know that they have this disease, and there is no way to receive treatment. For example, I think of Leslie cheung, who didn't know he had a mental illness and jumped to his death. As chairman Guo said, in this world, many things become less after divided, but only love becomes more. Yi Jia International is always with love, so let us spread beauty and love together!


Love is the core value of Yi Jia International. Although can’t be seen, love can be deeply felt by us and everything is the same in the world of love. We firmly believe that the discrimination against the ex-mentally ill will be eventually eliminated if we recognize the direction and stick to our mission.