Yi Jia International 2018 “Enjoy Luxury Life and Sparkling Change” Singapore New Product Launch

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On July 8 2018, Yi Jia International 2018 “Enjoy Luxury Life and Sparkling Change” New Product Launch was grandly held in Singapore. Yi Jia International vice-president Mr. Liu Tao (hereinafter referred to as Mr. Liu) and Singapore branch general Mr. Wang Shuncai (hereinafter referred to as Mr. Wang) attended this event and cooperated with partners all over the world.


At the beginning of the ceremony, Mr. Wang dazzled the stage to deliver a speech in Yi Jia families’ fervent anticipation. With the support of the company and the efforts of its partners, Yi Jia International Singapore branch has made remarkable achievements since its establishment in 2014. He introduced the remarkable effect of two new products and the huge potential business opportunities. Mr. Wang's passionate speech gave us a lot of anticipation and expectation for the new product.


In the hope of the aduience, Mr Liu, Mr Wang and VIP guests took the stage to host the launch ceremony of the new product, and announced that two new products, Yi Jia International Advanced MAIONE Youth Original Essence and Bluti Blueberry, were grandly launched in the Singapore market. MAIONE skincare series is the core brand of Yi Jia International. Since its birth, MAIONE has been loved by thousands of people, and has a large number of loyal users and beneficiaries around the world. Advanced MAIONE Youth Original Essence upgrade comprehensively in the process, formula and efficacy so that the skin releases natural beauty and can withstand the test of years. Bluti Blueberry is a blue wonder of subversive antioxidant energy for consumers with multiple nutritional benefits, using high-end American technology.


Amid the cheers of the whole families, Cindy, ambassador of global triple crowns, took the stage to introduce two new products to the audience. She explained the rare ingredients and remarkable effects of the products and more information about them. In addition, global partner Steve also demonstrated the experiment of light bulb, and let the family on site jointly witness the excellent advantages of pure natural, non-toxic, non-additive and high quality of Yi Jia products. The excellent product quality and remarkable product efficacy make everyone spoke highly of it. We couldn’t wait to have the magic weapon of beauty that makes people stay young forever. We wanted to share it with our relatives and friends.


At the event, the company also presented awards to wealth project winners for their continuous efforts and hard work. Accompanied by the passionate music, the elites went to the gorgeous stage, receiving the honor awards from the leader under the brightness of magnesium light.


The excellent quality and effect of Yi Jia international products have numerous witnesses and beneficiaries around the world. During the event, partners were eager to share with you the huge change Yi Jia products brought about for their own life, and to interpret the unique charm of Yi Jia career combining with their own practical experience. They told everyone Yi Jia International is the stage where people can have their dreams flying high. In here, as long as you are willing to believe, follow, and work hard, we will be able to harvest a different and wonderful life!


The conference concluded successfully. The launch of new products will create a beautiful whirlwind in the Singapore market. High-quality products will enter into thousands of households and lead them to experience a healthy lifestyle so that beauty will blossom and youth will remain forever. At the same time, it will also provide more help for global partners to start their own business and realize their dreams, making the brand advantages and efficient products a weapon to build a brilliant career. Dear partners, let us join hands with Yi Jia quality products, meet the opportunities, fear no challenges, march toward a more ambitious dream, and let Yi Jia career fly higher!