Dare To Soar The 14th Yi Jia International Annual Heroes Awards Ceremony

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On July 20, 2018, The 14th Yi Jia International Annual Heroes Awards Ceremony--- “Dare to Soar” was grandly held in AsiaWorld-Expo, Hong Kong. Under a gentle and pleasant breeze, guests and partners from all over the world gathered together to witness the coronation of Yi Jia heroes. To witness the no higher honor from ordinary to legendary, the ceremony are professionally filmed and broadcast live on FB page.


In the past 14 years, under the leadership of Yi Jia International Founder & Board Chairman Mr. George Guo Bingting (hereinafter referred to as Chairman), the enterprise training and efforts from global partners, our businesses spanning across over 50 countries and territories worldwide. In 2017, we had promoted 36 Yi Jia International Crown Ambassadors with global dividends. Among them, 14 Double Crown Ambassadors and 11 Triple Crown Ambassadors have reached the pinnacle of their careers. Brilliant achievements have proved the powerful strength and charm of Yi Jia International.

Heroes return


The ceremony began with a grand drum performance. “Ten drummers and ten drums” carries the meaning of the peak of perfection, echoed in the heart of Yi Jia members. An atmospheric heroic hymn ignited everyone's burning desire for dreams, which opened new chapters of their careers in Yi Jia International. Welcomed by imposing Royal Amy, Yi Jia Heroes who bearing glories and dreams, walked onto the stage for recognition and blessings.


With a round of applause and cheers, Chairman Guo onstage remarked as follows:

Distinguished guests, dear partners, ladies and gentlemen! Good afternoon. It is the 14th Yi Jia International Annual Heroes Awards Ceremony today, which marks another milestone to Yi Jia and it is a big day to you all as well. First of all, I’d like to express my gratitude to my friends all over the world for your concern and support. Besides, I’d like to thank my staffs for their hard work and efforts in the past year as well as their family’s support, which surely takes a commitment to Yi Jia Career. I would be especially grateful for the trust and dedications from our heroes and leaders, it is the time for you to take your honor. You create countless miracles, you are real heroes, and we take pride in you. Welcome back, I love you all! In the past year, we yielded great results with joint efforts. We set up our branch offices in Vancouver, Los Angeles, New York and Toronto. We marched officially into the Australia market and established branch office there. Our businesses spanning across over 50 countries and territories with over 100 service centers. With the sustainable growth of global performance, especially fourfold rise in North American market, we never forget our original aspiration to do good deeds. Yi Jia International has spread love to help people in need and also doubled its partners to share “Beauty and Love”. For all these achievements, I would like to express my sincere thanks to all our staffs and partners! In 2018, we intend to optimize service and advance products, the health-care field in particularly. To better implement the concept of Comprehensive Health, we plan to expand the manufacture and research base located in Los Angeles to strengthen R&D for better products, so that we can help more people in need. As far as we are concerned that progress will not be easy in running business. Who has gone through some setbacks, is learning to grow, disappointments can be taken as challenges and it will go away whatever it is. As a member of Yi Jia, what we should bear in mind is put away the frustration and complacency to keep going. In 2018, let’s never forgot our original aspiration but jointly forging ahead.

Go faith with love


Yi Jia does charity with no disparities on nationality, color, language and cultural barriers, “For Love” is our common language. Led by Chairman Guo, all Yi Jia people positively engaged in charity welfare for the vulnerable groups worldwide. At the ceremony, Chairman Guo and Amy Xie handed the cheque HKD 10,000 to AEMIHK, giving them the courage and strength to fight for their lives and dreams.


Then, the whole family passed the banner and the love balloon, and everyone was immersed in the atmosphere, which symbolized that the love of Yi Jia will be passed on from Yi Jia members all over the world and the seeds of hope would be spread. As long as we all extend our fraternal hands, the love of Yi Jia will be turned into a burst of fragrance, which pervades every corner of society, nourishes the soul of every angel.

Love heritance

Time flies and the stars change in positions over the last 14 years, the only constant is the spirit of “Perseverance and original intention for love as ever” of Yi Jia International. For a long time, not only social groups can feel the warmth from Yi Jia and gained a renewed sense of hope for the future, but also let the seeds of dreams into reality.


With the spread of love, Yi Jia People march in and realize their dream. Today, embarked on a dream stage that bloomed like a flower, many outstanding Yi Jia elites accepted the honor and congratulations of everyone on the scene, and shared with you his journey all along. Everyone is very grateful to the chairman for creating a dream platform, and an ordinary person who has a dream can bravely pursue his/her dream here thanks to the training of the company. Tonight, we cheer for our heroes!


During the ceremony, Belinda, a business partner from North American, also sang a beautiful song named "The Song of MAIONE" for everyone. She also shared her story with MAIONE and the changes that MAIONE brought to her with the family at the scene. She said that when she first used MAIONE, her skin was tightened in a short period of time, and it had a significant effect on smoothing all kinds of wrinkles. MAIONE not only makes her become young and beautiful, but also makes her become more confident.At the same time, she also shared her gain in her trip to Hawaii in North America. She is very grateful to Yi Jia International for her opportunity to travel to Hawaii with her family and enjoy life and have fun.


The ceremony was successfully concluded with a colorful and bright fireworks show. All the applause of today is echoing in our ears, and all the honors are etched in our memories, while all the blessings flow in the hearts of each of us. Fourteen years of development has won the eternal glory of Yi Jia International, and the pursuit in the past fourteen years has made the glory and dreams of Yi Jia members come true. In the future, we will set more records and create more miracles! Dear Yi Jia family, let us join hand in hand to fly higher without forgetting our original aspiration!