Yi Jia International “Never Forget Our Original Aspiration but Jointly Forging Ahead” Stars Concert

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On July 20, 2018, Yi Jia International spent a huge amount of money on holding a concert named “Never Forget Our Original Aspiration but Jointly Forging Ahead” in Hong Kong Asia-World Expo. Yi Jia families from all over the world gathered together with many well-known stars in Hong Kong and enjoyed the concert.


This star concert gathered many prestigious stars such as Huang Xiaohu, Yu Qiaoyin, Du Dewei, Li Guoling, Han Mali, Luo Yingyun, Yang Guang, Qin Qiwei etc.. They performed well-known songs for our dreams and glories which excited the whole audiences.


Not Falling Behind When Doing Good, Charity Sell of MAIONE Gift Box Limited Edition

Yi Jia International Group made special gift package limited edition for charity sell at the 14th Yi Jia International Heroes Award Ceremony and donated all money to AEMIHK. People at site were not willing to lag behind when doing good, so they were very active in contributing their own power to the society. The global Yi Jia people adhere to the mission of “To help others succeed by nurturing the spirit of entrepreneurship; leaving a legacy of success for the next generation, always standing together with love.”. We spread love to every corner of the world by supporting charity with real actions so as to help more people in need.


Diamond Lucky Draw spreading with surprises, Enjoyment Full of Happy Laughters and Cheerful Voices

At the same time, in order to praise the efforts our global partners have made to Yi Jia career. Yi Jia International has played diamond lucky draw full of surprises. 1 person was lucky to draw out a 3 karat diamond, 2 persons were lucky to draw out a 2 karat diamond and 6 persons were lucky to draw out 1 karat diamond. Happy Laughters and Cheerful Voices echoed at the event.


Yi Jia Career Pass Down from Generation to Generation and Creating Splendid Life

At last, “Never Forget Our Original Aspiration but Jointly Forging Ahead” Stars Concert was successfully completed. All partners embraced, encouraged each other warmly and agreed to never leave each other. The company also wished that the global partners add wings to their dreams and light the world with single fire by Yi Jia International. Let global Yi Jia Families create a homeland of love, build a bigger pattern, win a bigger future and enjoy a bigger future!