Spread the Love Campaign – Yi Jia International Shares Love with Children at Hui Ming Blind School

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(Yi Jia International group, led by chairman Mr. Guo Bingting, visited Hui Ming Blind School to share their love and support with the children.)

Yi Jia International has long been engaged in charitable activities. On August 6, 2018, the “Spread the Love to Hui Ming Blind School” campaign was held with the hope of calling on those around us to share love with kids at Hui Ming Blind School by spending time, interacting and sharing joy and happiness with them, because even the smallest act of caring can warm the hearts of these vulnerable groups.


(Children at Hui Ming Blind School welcomed all visitors with the most sincerely sang songs.)


(Children at Hui Ming Blind School delightfully interacted with visitors, wearing smile on their faces and bursting laughter.)

Help yourself by helping others and pass on the virtue from one generation to another; Forge ahead into future with love and never give up on each other;

The greatest joy comes from giving, and the kindest thing in the world is unconditional love! Yi Jia International has been caring for the vulnerable group in Hui Ming Blind School since long time ago. It has been calling on people from all sectors of the society to give out love by participating in charity work. It is determined to provide “financial, physical, and mental support” to the vulnerable groups in the society and has been actively engaged in all types of charitable activities. Mencius once said, “Extend your respect for your aged parents to all the aged, and extend your love for your own children to all children.” Upholding the principle, Yi Jia International has been earnestly devoting their passion and support to those in need, in hope of passing on the love through small deeds.


(By painting with handprints, Yi Jia International staff spread love and positive energy to everyone in a way that transcends the difference in language and the visual restrictions.)

Giving is more joyous than receiving; Let us walk hand in hand with love.

The central idea of the charitable event is to bring joy and spend time with all the children at Hui Ming Blind School, extend warmth to the children by singing a loving chorus, give away the healthy and nourishing Q10 Mirikel drink to the children, speak out the love to share passion and energy, and draw a painting of love that features everyone’s handprint. By participating in the activity, having body contact, singing songs together, and making efforts to care for each other, every participant gained new understanding of the meaning of life and the truth that giving is more joyous than receiving and offering help is the foundation of happiness. They came to more profound realization that life is more beautiful because of love. Let us pass on the love and spread it to every part of the world.


(Love will never end. Every participant showed their deepest passion for life, hoping the seeds of love can be spread to every part of the world.)

Even the smallest donation conveys infinite love. It is because of the will that the power of love can reach every corner in the world.

Mr. Guo Bingting, founder and chairman of the board of Yi Jia International, visited Hui Ming Blind School for the first time three years ago. During his visit, he was moved by the songs sang by those blind children with hearts and experienced for himself the difficulties facing those kids. Since this visit, Mr. Guo has been keeping in mind to help those children and therefore decided to the hold this event. Upholding the tenet of “Never forget why you started, and you can accomplish your mission”, Mr. Guo has accumulatively donated over TWD 6 million to Hui Ming Blind School over the years. During this event, he not only donated TWD 169,700 in cash, but also gave away 1,200 cartons of Q10 Mirikel to the school. The nutritious supplements will help the children and faculties maintain a healthy body. Seeing how the children who sang for Mr. Guo now have grew up, Mr. Guo felt deeply touched and grateful. He said that Yi Jia International had always been giving priority to charitable work and providing donations to countless vulnerary groups around the world, and his contributions to Taiwai’s charity work will never cease. For every bottle of drink sold in Taiwai, TWD 10 will be taken from the profit and deposited into the Company’s special charitable foundation, which will be donated to those in need in the future.


(Yi Jia International (Taiwan) General Manager Ms. Zhang Liangzhen, on behalf of the Company, donated a red envelope filled with cash and Q10 Mirikel to the school. The donations were received by the head of the school Ms. Mao Shufen on behalf of the school which in return presented Ms. Zhang a Donation Thank You Letter. )


(Mr. Guo Bingting (central), founder and chairman of the board of Yi Jia International donated additional 1,200 cartons of Q10 Mirikel to the children and faculties at the school with a hope that these supplements will help them maintain good body conditions.)


(Left: Chairman Mr. Guo kindly carried the blind child to make her handprint;Right: Participants vigorously gave donations to the school.

Chairman Mr. Guo’s Speech:

I remember when I first visited the school three years ago, the staff here passionately showed me the photographic works created by the children. I was deeply touched and moved, and asked how they created these beautiful works. They told me that they created them with their ears and hearts! Knowing that all children in the school are visually impaired, every one of us shed tears upon hearing the answer. It was the same group of children who performed a show for us back then. Some of them sang while others played piano and other instruments. I thought that we came here only to make donations, but instead, the children here offered us the most meaningful lesson that we had ever learned. Now looking back, I think we gained most from the trip, because what we saw and heard here will be a life-changing experience. Just like the song “Dream Field” that sang by the children, there is no darkness in life unless you believe so, and there is no give-up in life unless you call it so. As long as you hold on to the field of hope inside your heart, your life will be a bright one free of darkness. No matter you build a cause together with Yi Jia International or pursue your own dreams, as long as we stick to our field of hope, our life will always shine bright.Three years have passed and today we returned here to honor once again our promises. In the past three years, we donated a total of over TWD 6 million to Hui Ming Blind School! For us, charity work is not an end in itself. We believe that it is not hard to keep your charitable work going for one month, or even one year, but if you are to keep doing it for a long time, you must have a strong will.


(Chairman Mr. Guo passionately and earnestly shared love and joy with children at Hui Ming Blind School.)

The original purpose for building Yi Jia International is to perform good deeds. We have been adhering to the most important principle of “Never forget why you started, and you can accomplish your mission”. The funds and material resources we gave away are limited, but the kindness and love that we have been spreading are infinite. We planted one and another seed of love by carrying out charitable work. When the seeds produce buds, grow into blossom, and develop into fruits, the world will be full of love. It is such belief that drives us forward.Today, I came here not as a chairman of board, but as a volunteer who is keen to do kind deeds. When I made my handprint, I also gave my promise. It is like the “speak out the love” game. We shall share our love with our families, friends, or even strangers. When we make our handprints and give promises to love others, we ourselves are surrounded by love. When we have great love in our hearts, we are full of power. This is a well-planned and meaningful event. I am looking forward to more charitable activities like this. Great love is the original purpose of the founding of Yi Jia International and the driving force behind Yi Jia International’s continuous growth. Only love can keep growing by sharing. In the future, we will carry on with the “Spread the Love Campaign”. Only when we travel with love, will we travel far and fast.

Yi Jia International Fulfills Social Responsibilities Through Actual Deeds

Founded in 2004, Yi Jia International takes pride in its fulfillment of social responsibilities, integral operation, and pay-back to society. Over the years, it has been fulfilling its social responsibilities through actual deeds and keeping paying back the society. It has more than 30 subsidiaries worldwide with businesses spanning across over 50 countries and territories worldwide in a wide range of sectors, including cosmetics, jewelry, tourism, agricultural ecology and production, e-commerce, real estate, training and high-tech products, etc. While striving to run business and help others realize their dreams, Yi Jia International has been devoted to paying back the society. The company has donated a combined amount of over US$10 million in a number of countries and regions including China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Canada, Australia, the US, Thailand, Indonesia and Macao.