A Torch in the Dark – Yi Jia International (Australia) Holds Bluti Charity Dinner

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Recently, Australia is suffering from a severe drought, which has caused catastrophic damages to farmers and herdsman. To help them get through the drought as quickly as possible, Yi Jia International held a charity sales of its best-selling product – 300 bottles of Bluti Blueberry Super Drink, and attended a Chinese drought-relieving fundraising dinner on August 24, 2018. During the dinner, Yi Jia International (Australia) made its contribution by giving away its world-renewed drink products for everybody to try. With the support of people at the dinner party, a total of 4,173 Australian dollars were raised and donated to the local charity Rural Aid to provide relief to those affected by the drought.


The fundraising event was highly welcomed and supported by people from all walks of life. Every member of Yi Jia International (Australia) was actively engaged in the event, calling for joint efforts of the society to weather the storm. On August 28, Yi Jia International donated 16,015 Australian dollars to the Australian Red Cross, hoping it will help the people affected restore to normal live soon. By far, Yi Jia International has donated a total of 20,188 Australian dollars from the charity sales to Australian charities.


Everyone who works for the good of the society should be encouraged and every philanthropic deed deserves to be praised. On August 30, 2018, Yi Jia International (Australia) attended the charity dinner to pay solute to those who have conducted charitable deeds and introduce the company’s charity donation policies. With a strong emotional resonance of love and care, those at the dinner party strengthened their beliefs to follow Yi Jia International’s path – making healthy and nourishing Bluti blueberry juice while earnestly pressing ahead its charitable cause and remaining true to its original aspiration.


Yi Jia International’s kind deed has been continuously covered and highly praised by local Australian media, which proves the strong presence and influential power that Yi Jia International (Australia) has in the Australian market and its wide recognition by people from all walks of life in Australia.

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