Yi Jia International Successfully Organizes the Third Tour to Australia

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In the most beautiful autumn day in October when the air is filled with the joy of harvest, Yi Jia International launched the thrid six days and five nights trip to Australia as a reward to the elite marketing teams who have made profound contribution to Yi Jia International’s cause. During October 10-15, 2018, Yi Jia International’s staff and partners from all around the world embarked on their marvelous trip to Sydney, Australia, a pearl in the South Pacific Ocean.


The company carefully planned the trip to ensure everyone is well accomodated while enjoying the besutiful scenery and food along the journey. After arriving at the airport, the team was immediately greeted with warm hospitality by the local receptionists, which makes them feel at home.


Sydney is known not only for its breath-taking natural lanscape, but also for its rich history and culture that can be felt everywhere. With numerous delicous local delicacies and eye-catching scenery, Yi Jia International team had the most wonderful time that they have ever imagined. In Royal Botanic Garden Sydney that is home to various rare plants, the team marvelled at the fasinating beauty of the co-existence of plants from different terrain and seasons and the harmony between human and nature. The visit to the prestigious University of Sydney brought back their memory of youth. Rrambling around Blue Mountains, walking in local towns to soak up the artistic atmosphere, and experiencing the customs of indigenous people made every minute of their trip worthwhile. They immersed themselves in the leisured lifestyle in a exotic farm, enjoyed the peace of mind away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, appreciated the magnificent view of Sdyney Opera House against the blue sky and ocean, and indulged themselves in the glorious landscape of the city. The experience was so enjoyable that they were reluctant to leave.

Finally, amid smiles and laughters, the six days and five nights trip was concluded. The team waved goodbye to the amazing city and returned with unforgettable memories. The trip is a unique experience for them and will encourage them to work harder and achieve more. Let’s look forward to the next trip around the world!