Yi Jia International Delivery Loves And A Warm ChristmasTo Rumah Charis!

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On 19th December 2018, Yi Jia International Malaysia Branch held a charity event at Rumah Charis in Kuala Lumpur. The founder and chairman of Yi Jia International—— Mr George Guo has leaded partners to participate actively during this Christmas festive season so that they can spread the seeds of love, join hands and changes the world together by bringing benefits to society.


On the day of the event, Yi Jia International generously donated RM 10,000 and materials to the dean of Rumah Charis, including MIRIKEL Q10 the nutritional supplement for healthy growth of these future builders of the nation. On that day, all partners were actively donate to provide warmth for the children, to create a caring society, and to fulfill the concept of corporate public welfare. The crowd were enormously enthusiastic with donation number keep rising which filled with love and positive energy.


Love is the starting point of business. Yi Jia International has been actively involved in public welfare for many years and committed to create a peaceful and wonderful society. Through public welfare, the partners realized the happiness of helping others and power of loves; using their influence to achieve self value and fulfiled welfare spirit of “conduct good deeds in the name of loves”.


Other than received Christmas gifts and Christmas card from Mr George Guo, the children also sang “Grateful Heart” happily together as a appreciation for the loves of Yi Jia International. Besides, Mr George Guo and partners also helped December kids to celebrate their birthday, sharing cakes and an unforgettable lovely times to gether.


The event has came to an end with endless loves. Yi Jia members always use their passionate carings to light up the hopes of vulnerable groups. We believes that our contribution together will make the world become better!