Spreading Love – YJ International in Action” Promotion Conference

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On November 28, 2015, “Spreading Love – YJ International In Action” promotion conference was held by YJ International Taiwan in Taichung Wagor International Conference Centre. YJ International Founder and Board Chairman Mr. George Guo Bing Ting led senior management, staff and more than 800 family members across Taiwan to take part in the charity activity “Spreading Love – YJ International In Action” with Taiwan Association of Direct-selling Marketing. They sowed the seeds of love in the beautiful island of Taiwan. A big family gathering full of laughter, passion and touching mood was kicked off amid much anticipation.


Taiwan Association of Multi-Level Marketing Secretary General Xu Guo Xuan attended and delivered an opening speech. It fully showed the association’s support for YJ International. Thanks to the care and trust of all circles in the society, YJ International enjoyed tremendous popularity and reputation all over the world. It achieved great business performance in different nations. However, we shoulder relevant social responsibilities while creating economic interest. YJ International forged an indissoluble bound with Taichung Hui Ming Blind School because of the responsibility and love culture of the company.


“That is the field of acres in my heart and the unawake dream in my heart……” there came the loud and clear singing from the Hui Ming Blind School students on the stage. “Field of Dreams”, a simple song which was dedicated by the kids with their pure and sincere voice has been filled with sentiments and strength. Although they were the angels with broken wings, we could still help them to reach the other shore of dreams. On the scene, Chairman Guo donated the cheque of NTD 2 Million to the headmaster of Hui Ming Blind School witnessed by the family members, hoping the love and support from YJ International could help address financial needs of the kids in Hui Ming Blind School for their costs of living, education and medical.


Next, the company brought good news for the partners on the scene. At the end of the year, there were nearly 40 partners who were qualified for the journey of dream and got an incentive trip to Thailand. Those who were qualified came onto the stage to receive the honour, accompanied with the applause and wishes from the family members. The persistence and efforts not only helped the partners to earn the money but also to win an incentive trip to Thailand. A capital of charm, Bangkok is awaiting to welcome the arrival of our partners.


Lastly, the Ruby and Emerald distributors shared their personal experience of running YJ career with the family members on the scene. It not only offered great confidence to the family members but also the power of wisdom. The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. More wealth, greater accomplishment and farther destination could only be achieved or reached by starting with the trust, determination and actions at the moment. Dear family members, let’s go all out and fight for the common goal!