Joined With Love and Delivered Warmth——Yi Jia International Malaysia Visited Stepping Stones Living Center

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The science and technology were getting more and more advanced, but the society had become more and more indifferent. This situation was even more obvious in big cities. There was little connection and care between people amidst their hectic schedule and pursuit of materials. When we were after luxuries endlessly, maybe we had forgotten that there was a group of people who were struggling painfully in their life. They got no family warmth and comfort, which could be filled after the realization of society.

On January 18, 2017, Yi Jia International which were always engaged in public good launched a charity campaign named “Joined with love and changed the World” and led business partners and staffs to visit and donate funds to Stepping Stones Living Center in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia as Spring Festival was approaching. It was joined by 30 family members. All gave play to the charity spirit of “go forth with love”, gave a helping hand and delivered wishes and care to the disadvantaged group.

That day, the team of Yi Jia International was warmly welcomed by Pastor Johnson and the kids. The family members had more tender affection for kids in the hearts after visiting the shabby living center. They touched their heads, played games with them and gave wonderful performance. It showed again that Yi Jia was committed to charity regardless of nationality, race and skin colors of the needed.

However, we knew that greetings and care helped the needed spiritually only. When we went back to reality, the maintenance of family life could never be achieved without daily necessities. Therefore, family members had prepared lots of daily supplies and stationery for “Stepping Stones Living Center”. Yi Jia International South East Region Vice President, Liu Tao and Yi Jia International Group Malaysia Branch General Manager, Quah Sin Eng handed the red pockets to Pastor Johnson on behalf of family members and they also gave red pockets to every child on site. Thus, all could feel festive atmosphere together. Lastly, all family members had a birthday party for the kids who were born in January, which made them overjoyed. When we saw the kids laugh, we were more determined to devote ourselves to charity. We would surely join hands together in the process of delivering love.

Love had been delivered many times; contributions had been made many times and help had been offered many times. Yi Jia people had been always helping the disadvantaged people with dreams passionately. Maybe our individual power is very limited, but we could make the world a different place as long as we make contributions hand in hand.