Heroes Return - The 13th Yi Jia International Heroes Award Ceremony

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On June 3, 2017, the 13th Yi Jia International Heroes Award Ceremony was held at Kaohsiung Arena, Taiwan. More than 10,000 partners from around the world and hundreds of prize winners gathered in Taiwan to witness the historic moment and share the supreme glory of Yi Jia International.


13 years ago, we created a platform to help others realize their dreams. Led by Yi Jia International Founder & Board Chairman Mr. George Guo Bingting, we overcame mountains of obstacles and created numerous sales miracles thanks to the dedication of all partners. In the first stage of Yi Jia’s global expansion plan (2014-March 27, 2017), we have tapped into markets across 39 countries and territories, setting up 16 branches in 9 countries and territories, with business volume exceeding USD 400 million. The three years have also seen more than 1,000 households of partners with monthly income of USD 10,000, over 100 households with monthly income of USD 30,000 and more than 50 households with monthly income of over USD 100,000, as well as 16 households of Crown Ambassadors entitled to enjoy global dividends.

The award ceremony comprised three parts, namely, “Heroes Return”, “Go Forth with Love” and “Passing on the Torch”, which introduced the development path of Yi Jia International, outstanding achievements the heroes have made over the past year and the future development direction of the company respectively. Meanwhile, parallel sessions were set up in branch offices across the world to allow global partners to watch the glory and pride on live.

Heroes Return

The celebration was unveiled in the wonderful performance brought by Chio Tian Folk Drums & Arts Troupe. The powerful and sonorous drumbeats lit up aspiration for dream of every participant and unfolded a new chapter for Yi Jia International. Representatives from 39 countries and territories held up their flags and strode into the Arena when the song of victory sounded. The flying flags were the best demonstration of the fast expansion of Yi Jia International worldwide, witnessing the footprint of Yi Jia fellows to spread beauty and love across the world. Then heroes honored with titles of Pearl, Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald, Diamond and Crown walked into the Arena in cheers and applause.


The glory and honor of Yi Jia today are the result of dedication and perseverance of all Yi Jia fellows, as well as guidance of a great leader. As the elevating platform lifted in the center of the stage, Yi Jia International Founder & Board Chairman Mr. Guo Bingting and his wife Ms. Amy Xie showed up in thunderous applause.


Mr. Guo made an opening speech for the event:

Distinguished guests, dear partners,

Hello! Today we are here to celebrate the 13th anniversary of the founding of Yi Jia International and the 13th Heroes Award Ceremony. Today is an important festival for all Yi Jia fellows, who are all feeling thrilled, happy and proud. Today will also unfold a magnificent chapter in Yi Jia history. I’m deeply touched at the moment.First, I’m deeply grateful to friends who have been caring and supporting us all the time, particularly Mr. Li Lizhong and secretary-general Xu. Thanks for your support. Meanwhile, I want to express my gratitude to all the staff for their dedication to ensure the smooth holding of the meeting. Thanks! Third, I want to thank all my colleagues. Because of your hardwork and service for the market, partners can play their best and realize their dreams in our platform.I’m extremely grateful to our global partners, including those who are present and watching our live streaming in front of a TV set, especially the leaders to be rewarded today. Thank you! Because of your trust and support, our business can reach out to the whole world, and make a bigger presence worldwide. We are proud of you! You are the role model of all Yi Jia fellows! Yi Jia heroes,welcome home! I love you!

The past three years are the first stage of our global expansion, during which we went through numerous hardships and setbacks. However, we have been keeping our original intention and mission in mind and never stopped moving forward to pursue our dreams.Watching the video that records our struggles over the past 13 years, and thinking back the overseas expansion for the past three years, I’m deeply touched by the great achievements we have made and where we are today. Because of the pioneering spirit and dedication of the leaders to be rewarded soon, we have created countless sales miracles. Thanks again!After 13 years of development, we have tapped into markets across 39 countries and territories, setting up 16 branches in 9 countries and territories. Besides, we have helped countless partners achieve both personal and income growth. Over the past three years, we were successful, living up to ourselves, as well as our friends and family members.“For Beauty and for Youth! For Dream and for Success! And the most important is for LOVE!”2016 is a year from excellence to super-excellence for us, witnessing 16 households of Crown Ambassadors. We have made wonders! Besides, we never forget why we started up while achieving skyrocketing sales growth. As I said before, “For Beauty and for Youth! For Dream and for Success! And the most important is for LOVE!” We set out because of love and a sense of mission to help others.We were striving to push forward our charity cause while keeping high sales growth over the past three years. Last year, we set up the “Yi Jia Foundation”, rolling out a policy to distribute a certain amount of money to support local charity upon sales of a product. We did it not for fame, but out of willingness. As I often say, “we should be industrious and frugal while doing business, be sincere to our partners, and be generous while doing charity and keep in low profile”. It’s not difficult to do a good deed and keep doing it for a month or a year, but that’s not the case for maintaining the deeds throughout our life, which is in need of our spontaneous willingness. And that is how we promote our charity cause. My original intention to start the business is to do good turns and create a platform that help more people realize their dreams.After we accumulated certain wealth, it is time for us to pay back the society and help those in need. Only by doing this can we have continuous impetus and keep our cause in right direction. We are fulfilling what we advocate. All our leaders and partners sell products with love. We sell products, help partners and sow the good seed all around the world in the name of love.Since the “Yi Jia Foundation” was set up in 2016, we began to make greater efforts to promote the development of our charity cause in various places and have made remarkable achievements. Once again, I want to thank all our partners for their continuous participation and support. I often said that we should be precise in our operation budget, but for one budget I allow overspending, that is, charity. I believe that our charity cause will make a bigger presence worldwide as our business does.In the first stage of our global expansion, we submitted a satisfactory answer sheet thanks to the concerted efforts of all partners and colleagues. Now that we have entered Yi Jia New Era with our idea, business mode and system service all upgraded, we will lead our partners to a bigger stage and provide them with wider development space. Meanwhile, we are going to create a sustainable and hereditary cause so that all our partners can have a brighter future. I am convinced that with the efforts of all Yi Jia fellows and led by all the leaders today, we are going to make a difference in the new era! My dear partners, let’s join our hands, keep our minds and action in unison to build a bigger empire and create a better future!

The passionate speech inspired everyone at the Arena and strengthened their confidence in business.

Go Forth with Love

Love makes us start and is where we ends. It re-strikes hope and lights up the night. Keeping this original intention in mind, Yi Jia International runs business, sells products and sows the good seed to the world with a loving heart. In 2016, under the guidance of Mr. Guo, Yi Jia International put forward the “Go Forth with Love” program and set up “Yi Jia Lions Club”, sending care and love to vulnerable groups in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Canada. That day, Mr. Guo and his wife, as well as Yi Jia Charity Ambassadors Ms. Sun Jiajing, Ms. Xu Xiaoping, Ms. Liu Xinyu and Ms. Ma Yafang donated NTD 362,900 to Hsing Zhong Elementary School to provide children there with a better learning environment. Besides, they also handed over a NTD 840,000 cheque to Yi Jia Lions Club to send warmth and hope to more vulnerable groups. In addition, they donated NTD 5,020,126 to Huei-Ming Shcool for the Blind to care for the children there.


“To help others succeed by nurturing the spirit of entrepreneurship; leaving a legacy of success for the next generation, always standing together with love” - is the mission and management idea of Yi Jia International. We are convinced that the love of Yi Jia will deliver warmth and comfort to more groups in need.

Passing on the Torch

Over the years, Yi Jia fellows across the world have been fighting with the group to overcome numerous difficulties and create miracles one after another. The glorious achievements of Yi Jia International are the results of dedication and perseverance of all Yi Jia fellows, especially the partners to be rewarded today. They are the heroes to be remembered in Yi Jia history, and pride and role model for all Yi Jia fellows! More than 300 households of heroes with titles ranging from Sapphire to Crown Ambassador came on the stage to accept blessing from our fellows.


The cheers tonight are for them. They are the heroes and pride of our cause, as well as a role model for us to learn from. They made wonders!

From Hong Kong to Southeast Asia, the US and Canada, Yi Jia International has found a stronger footing thanks to the concerted efforts of all Yi Jia fellows. Dear fellows, let’s join our hands to step into the brand new era together, continuing to make greater achievements.