Housewarming of Yi Jia International HK Branch Office

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On May 28, 2017, Yi Jia International Hong Kong Branch Office was relocated to Room 304-307A, Tower 3, Houston Centre, 63 Mody Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong, unfolding a new chapter for Yi Jia in the beautiful and modern city. In the morning that day, Yi Jia International Founder & Board Chairman Mr. George Guo Bingting attended the event to witness the historic moment with all Yi Jia fellows.


First, Chairman Guo and the guests held the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the housewarming of the Hong Kong Branch Office. The golden scissor has cut out the past and unfolded a glorious chapter for Yi Jia Hong Kong.


After the ribbon-cutting ceremony, Chairman Guo and Ms. Wu Shaoling, General Manager of Yi Jia International Hong Kong Branch Office drew eyes for the dancing lions. The magic drawing awakened the sleeping lions and indicated that Yi Jia HK will embrace a brighter future. The vigorous lions and drastic drumbeats excited everyone.


Then Chairman Guo presided over the opening ceremony for the Hong Kong Branch Office. As the shiny red curtain was opened and the gilding words of “Yi Jia” came into sight, Yi Jia Hong Kong was officially put into operation and steps into the Yi Jia New Era. Meanwhile, all HK partners will make greater efforts and follow the team to create a better future.


Then Chairman Guo gave an important speech:

The success of Hong Kong is the result of concerted efforts of all employees and partners in the city. The bigger and better working premise is only one of the numerous achievements, and more importantly, many partners have realized their dreams here. Today, I wish all the best to HK partners. It’s only a beginning, we will have even bigger and better office in the future as long as we join hands together. Creating miracles is the only thing that Yi Jia International strives to do, and what HK partners have done is beyond miracles!

Hong Kong market is No.1 in sales and talent growth among the global market; it is the first branch office to be included into the group’s IPO plan, and it will be the first batch of markets to share fruits of capital operation. I have faith in HK partners who will make greater achievements. HK market has seen the fastest growth and most partners with outstanding results. I hope all HK partners can maintain the momentum and help more partners realize their dreams. This is our mission and reason why I set up the company, as well as our corporate culture, impetus for us to advance and our development direction. The cause we are undertaking is sustainable and will pass on to the next generation.

The achievements you have made are not enough because we should work hard to be pride of our parents, model of our children and founder of a noble family, which are also our responsibilities. It is a good start for HK market, and we should endeavor to expand the market and help more people realize their dreams so that we could be real nobility. This is also my expectation to all HK partners. I hope that someday you can tell your friends that you are a respectable person, living a wonderful and rich life. This is our goal, impetus to drive us forward and development direction.

The inspiring speech was well received by the audience. Everyone is convinced that guided by Chairman Guo, the company will reach a higher level in Hong Kong.


Relocation means HK partners will have a warmer harbour and stronger support from the group, which will encourage all Yi Jia fellows to pursue their dreams fearlessly. Mencius’ mother moved thrice to choose a better learning environment for him, while Yi Jia Hong Kong relocates to seek a better business environment. With good timing, geographical convenience and good human relations, Yi Jia is sure to make greater achievements.